Private Practice Review: "The Hardest Part"

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This week's episode of Private Practice, "The Hardest Part," was all about learning to forgive one another and expressing love during tough times. Focused deeply on Pete’s family, it was definitely a tearjerker.

I needed a tissue when Pete finally decided to introduce Lucas to his mother, Francis. Pete has always been relatively stubborn, but I was glad to see that Violet was able to talk him into at least hearing his mother out.

Pete Smiles

In life, it seems like missed opportunities easily become regrettable. Luckily, Pete was able to say goodbye to his mom before it was too late. I then needed a few more tissues when Francis died, and Pete’s brother, Adam, broke down.

Although we haven’t seen Francis or Adam in quite some time, it was obvious that Adam loved his mother very much. This was such an incredibly heartbreaking scene.

Meanwhile, Violet’s book became a bit problematic, as it was too revealing for her patients. I foresee this issue potentially reprising again. To complicate things even more for Violet, she finds out about Sheldon’s relationship with Marla.

I wanted to high-five Sheldon when he asked Violet: "Does the entire world need to be in love with you? Are you really that insecure?"

I don’t exactly get why Violet is still upset about the single critical review, but more importantly, why does Sheldon really care what Violet thinks? I’m still not quite sure yet if I like Sheldon and Marla together, but Sheldon does deserve to be happy. I don’t like that Violet is standing in his way.

Elsewhere, Amelia was a rock star once again. Both Amelia and Cooper made an excellent team in saving their young prodigy patient.

A Musical Embrace

By the way, I needed a few more tissues when Patrick’s grandfather entered the operation room and finally said what his grandson needed him to say all along: that he loved him.

As for Charlotte and Cooper, I can’t wait for their upcoming wedding.

They have come so far together, and their bond is evidently only growing stronger. I loved when Charlotte told Cooper: "You can’t give up on the things you love – not ever."

Although Addison was away at Seattle Grace and Sam played a small role this week, our other Oceanside doctors’ held up just fine with stories of experiencing death and love.

Overall, this was a strong Private Practice episode. What did you think? Discuss!


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Does anyone know the name of the piano concerto played in this episode?


I love "Lucas", he's so damn adorable!


I REALLY wish they would give Amelia a good story line, she has such amazing talent, and she is such a quirky character


I completely agree with Aries93, this dragging out is making it almost not worth watching. People want to see Addison and Sam happy. I for one, would love to see Addison and Sam do the happily ever after bit with the baby and the road that takes. I'm so glad Naomi is leaving because she's been bringing Addison down. I am worried that Benjamin Bratt will only come and stir things up for Addison and Sam and frankly I can't stand seeing this character be unhappy after everything. The AddiSam story came together so great it would be down right ridiculous to screw it up. While I have become an outright believer in Shonda Rimes, I have to say I'm not digging whats happened.


thanks Meme


Amelia obviously rocked this episode. I can't wait for them to give her more screen-time.
Charlotte and Cooper were cute as well but other than that I just really missed Addie.
The rest of the characters are either awful or just lame and boring.
Once again I vote for sending Addie, Amelia and Charlotte to Seattle. Especially now that Naomie is leaving, these three are the only reason I watch!


I dont like the show when Addison isn´t there. I love Charlotte and Cooper, but that´s all. Violet is SOOOOOO bored, I hate her so much!
And Pete was one of my favourites, but now he is indiferent to me.


thats who the granfather was he was on the Waltons. it was pretty good would been better with Addison


I thought this episode was really good. It would've been better if Addison were in it though. I understand that she was in SGH-MW for Callie but they've had a lot of crossover events wherein the characters get to be in both episodes of the week. Regardless of Addison's absence though, this was a good one. I've never been a fan of the Violet-Pete relationship but I think I actually appreciated them in this one. I'm still not completely sold that they have something deep and strong going on but this was the best I've ever seen them. Pete was especially good in this episode. I liked how his character developed throughout those 40+ minutes. He really exhibited a lot of raw emotion through forgiving his mother and allowing himself to feel the grief of her death. I like how Sheldon is finally getting a story of his own but I'm frustrated at how he's screwing it up for himself. I understood his initial need to defend Violet against Marla but to constantly bring it up? He ruined that himself. Marla was right in saying that Violet was a professional opinion while he was a personal one. I actually don't understand where he was emotionally because he defended his relationship with Marla to Violet but still defended Violet against Marla. Whatever the case, I hope he does something to right this wrong cause it's actually nice to see him with someone that's solely his. Of course, I adored the Charlotte and Cooper scenes of this episode. I really liked how Charlotte asked why Cooper stopped playing because it was a scene about them getting to know one another better. When Charlotte surprised him with a piano, it was just beautiful. It really showed how much she loves him because she wanted to remind him how he special he really was. And I also loved her saying "You can't give up on the things you love -- not ever" and giving him such an endearing look. These two are just so great for each other that I can't wait for their wedding.


Tom Bower played Patrick's grandfather, he played Mary Ellen Walton's husband (Dr. Curtis Willard) on The Waltons.

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