Smallville Review: Zone Defense

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This being Justin Hartley's debut as a director just begs the question: why in the world did they wait so long to get him behind the camera?

Granted, the story and dialogue belong mostly to the writers, but I thoroughly enjoyed how each moment of "Dominion" played out.

Dominion Pic

I was not particularly a fan of Callum Blue's excessively smug Zod when he was part of the cast last season. There is such a thing as too much grandstanding, I think. Here, though, the dialogue-heavy scenes between he and Clark and he and Oliver seemed to work better, and felt a bit closer to the iconic portrayal Terrence Stamp set forth in the original films years ago.

I have to think Hartley had a lot to do with keeping Blue's smarm in check and giving me a reason to finally get on board with
Smallville's incarnation of Zod.

I knew there was no way Oliver would ever betray Clark, but that didn't keep the fierce battle scene between them from eliciting gasps of shock.  The slow motion interspersions aren't anything we haven't seen before, but I thought they worked quite well for the circumstance and added a little something to the brutality of the moment.

In fact, I thought everything related to the Phantom Zone plot worked well, and I especially liked how it tied so neatly into the Darkseid saga. (Seriously, though, if we don't get some actual Darkseid action soon my dark side is gonna come unglued.)

The only thing I couldn't quite reconcile was why in the world Oliver would show up, fully aware of the situation, and enter the Zone with Clark without his archery gear? Still scratching my head over that one.

Oliver going off in search of the weapon to destroy Darkseid has terrible idea written all over it (something tells me Darkseid is already aware of it's existence on Earth) but at least it will give us a Green Arrow/Supergirl team up next week, to which I'm looking forward.

Is it too much to hope that she'll don the costume before Clark? Probably so.

Lois may have played the selfish card in forcing the League to keep the Zone gate opened, putting the lives of everyone on earth at risk in the process, but with the mix of passion and desperation in her eyes, I dare to say not one of those Leaguers would want to go up against that. Forget what they say about a woman scorned…don't mess with a woman in love!

I take solace in the fact that Lois had already seen a glimpse of a phantom-free future and therefore had to know that Clark would return; it was just a question of when.

Maybe it's because I know the end is near, but the closer we get to the big finale, the more powerful the impact of the scenes between Clark and Lois. I was not initially on board with the idea of them getting together prior to his emergence as Superman (much less engaged to be married!), but now you can call it my kryptonite, because I go weak in the knees watching these two in every heartfelt scene they share.

Go ahead, call me a CLois shipper in the comments if you want to, but I continue to be mesmerized by the chemistry between these two and probably will be till the final frame fades to black. In just two weeks!?!


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When Clark steps on the glass, the earth will rumble


Great review yet again!


@Michael: I myself discovered my love for Superman thanks to Terri Hatcher's Loïs Lane. I think she will remain my favorite Loïs but Erica's is probably my second choice. They both are great to me! At the beggining of Smallville, I was longing to see their Loïs (after many years of suffering watching Lana...) and she never disappointed me!


These lois is ok but Terri will always be the perfect lois for us comic book fans


Nice review. I agree with a lot of your points. When Callum Blue first came on the scene last took me some time to warm up to him. By the time he exited in "Salvation"---I was sold. I think he's one of the best and most compelling villians that we have ever had on the show. Does he chew the scenery? Yes. (Still nowhere near as much as John Glover did though.) But underneath the bravado he always manages to portray a sense of true menace and cruelty. I've never doubted for a second that he would hesitate to kill someone in cold blood. His longer scene particularly with Clark last night was very compelling. I loved seeing Clark's steely defiance. Clark was having none of it. Nice to see Tom and Callum together again like that after the dramatic ending of last season. The Lois and Clark of Smallville is, to me, the best version of the relationship PERIOD at this point. The show has taken a very famous love story---a love story that has been portrayed by some incredible actors in the past---a love story with over 70 years of history and they have made it their own in new and amazing ways. I saw some comics fans over at DC saying a few days ago that Clark/Lois was going to be one of the greatest legacies of Smallville in years to come. (Particularly when you consider how crappy the writing for Superman has been in the comics in recent years.) I agree. The Superman comics could take a lesson from Smallville in how to write Lois and Clark.


Thanks JK for this Smallville review! And thank you for finally acknowledging TW and ED's great chemistry between their characters Clark and Lois! I'm savoring each and every Clois scenes in this last season and thankfully their dialogue, hugs and shared looks almost make up for what seems to be missing in probably 85 percent of their interaction with one another this season--kisses! I mean these are two almost perfect specimens, physically well-endowed, in love with one another, engaged to be married, one has not seen the other in 3 weeks while the other literally just came from hell with the possibility of never ever coming back... and they only had one short but meaningful hug!! O.M.G.!! Is it so wrong of me to expect another Salvation kiss, a well-lighted one this time? In Prophecy, maybe?


For some reason, I get the feeling that the Darkseid issue will not be fully resolved by the time the finale rolls around. Similar to the Superman saga just beginning while "Smallville" ends, I think the Darkseid act will get the similar treatment: just as Superman accepts his destiny, so too will Darkseid and Lex Luthor as being two of the biggest baddies in Superman's rogues' gallery. At least that's what I think will happen. I'd prefer this scenario to the half-baked and not-so-great non-battle/little-action scenes Clark had with Doomsday at the end of Season 8. (He's another one who's very likely going to come back and kick Clark's ass once he's in the costume. Too bad it'll just be in the stuff of "Smallville" fan fiction and not onscreen.)


THEY DIDN'T KISS. argh frustrating

Gaby ee

The Clark-Lois moments are very heart warmning, as always :) I loved how she was so willing to fight for Clark, no matter the cost. They truly make an amazing couple.


um, you DON'T like zod? crazy

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