Supernatural First Look: Sam, Dean and the Old West

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Sam and Dean are channeling their inner John Wayne later this month.

On Supernatural's upcoming trip back to the Wild West, the two not only look great in those cowboy hats, they'll come face to face with the legendary Samuel Colt.

“Sam not only gets to meet Samuel Colt, but he also sees the original Colt [revolver],” Jared Padalecki tells TV Line. “We’ve been dancing around that since Season 1.

"It was nice to go back and have Samuel Winchester meet Samuel Colt.”

Supernatural: Old West Style

Supernatural returns April 15. The Old West trip, "Frontierland," airs April 22.

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l like sam and dean you are a good actor on the tv show can you say on the tv show becaues l like your guzs you are cute good looking are you marry or sing were do you live off the tv show l do not bobby on the show he is cute also.


Hahahahaha, looks interesting. Can't wait to see it! :D


cant wait 2 see it!!!!

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