Supernatural Promo: Who Shoots First?

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Time travel. Now that's a reasonable plan?

Reasonable, it may not be. But it is THE plan this Friday on Supernatural as Dean and Sam travel back to the Old West in an all-new episode, "Frontierland."

What takes place once they get there, and more importantly, who shoots first? Check out the CW's promo and a sneak peek from Supernatural below to see:

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I know what you mean, he was born in the wrong century, not that I'm complaining. This week's ep will be fantastic!!


This looks like it is going to have some really classic Dean Winchester. This ep was pretty much a wish fulfilment for Jensen Ackles and I think it shows. :) Of course Ackles shines in almost anything but this is great because the old west and Dean Winchester just seem like such a fit.

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Let me guess, Rog. You were framed?