Supernatural Spoilers: Dean to Face Finale Fears

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Everything is about to come full circle for Dean Winchester. Full, bloody circle, that is.

On the two-hour, May 20 season finale of Supernatural, producer Sera Gamble tells Entertainment Weekly that the first half of the episode will focus on Dean and his journey.

Dean Scene

“He started this season completely out of the hunting life, and he has a lot of fears about the worst version of himself in that situation - who he could turn into and the bad he could do to other people," she says, adding:

"There’s a reason he has so few people in his life, and it’s because he has a lot of fears about what he could bring into their lives, what he could do to them. He has to face that in this episode... We look at those issues through a Supernatural lens, which is fun because then they get really bloody."

And that's why we keep coming back for more, isn't it, fans?


I would like to see more outtakes at the end of the episodes, like "Yellow Fever" episode. Love the show and the boys!


You wrote, "The new ones " I haven't seen any new episodes. I have seen the same episodes over and over and they never show the end only get towards the later episodes and then start at the beginning again, it's driving me nutts! When will they play any more episodes or just continue the series. Also, I think they should show more out takes atteh end of each one like the episode titled, "Yellow Fever" thats my favor it because of how great Dean was in it. Please tell us when will they show us more or at the least, the last episodes or finale!


Hmm I wonder what it means come full circle??


Awwwwwww shiiiiii-. Sounds good.


I follow supernatural on tnt. And have begun recording the new ones on my dvr. Unfortuanatly, my dvr is breaking and I am going to have to get anoter one. Oh well, I enjoy the show. It's entertaining and creepy.

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