The Big Bang Theory Review: "The Zarnecki Incursion"

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First, I have to proclaim that I’ve never played World of Warcraft.

I’ve wanted to play, but it seems very complex. To be honest, I can barely play Lego Batman. Despite my video game challenges, I found "The Zarnecki Incursion” quite funny - especially with the dueling situations of the guys (and Priya) in one apartment, while the girls were in the other.

I know that not everyone likes the addition of Bernadette and Amy as regulars on the show, but I find that they provide a nice counterbalance to Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj.

Nerds on a Mission

Now, Priya... she can go. She’s there simply as a barrier to a Leonard/Penny relationship and, I hope, to be the impetus that gets them back together. In that regard, I don’t mind her, but I’ve had enough and I’m ready to see her leave California. Unlike Penny, Priya doesn’t understand the world in which the guys live. This distinction was clear by their short encounter in the hall after Penny dropped off the day-old pie to Sheldon.

The quest to get Sheldon’s World of Warcraft stuff back was a little weak to me, as it seemed like it had been done before. The confrontation at the door reminded me of when Leonard and the guys went to Penny’s ex-boyfriend Kurt’s to get the money he owed her in “
The Financial Permeability” and failed.

Moreover, the scenes in the car weren’t that much better. I’m pretty sure they have done the broken down car thing before; if not, it is still an overused plot device. That said, there were a few funny moments. I loved that the “Beyonce’s Bootylicious Dance Mix” turned out to be Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries." And Sheldon bringing his collector Klingon bat’leth to the door was so Sheldon.

Overall, I was happy with the quest, despite Penny’s actions and Leonard’s lie to Priya making it pretty clear that they belong together. My favorite scene of the whole show was that slow, awkward, silent walk up the stairs that Penny and Priya had to endure. Torturous for them, hilarious to me.

Relive a few of the best Big Bang Theory quotes from a solid half hour below:

Penny: Today's the day a girl's finally going to touch you in your little special place. | permalink
Leonard: Oh, geez, I - I don't know if I can ditch Priya two nights in a row.
Raj: Oh, come on, man. Bros before... my sister. | permalink
Raj [to Priya on the phone]: Look, if you want your relationship with Leonard to continue you're going to have to believe whatever wild-eyed cockamamie excuse the white devil has the nerve to offer you. | permalink
Sheldon: Three thousand hours, three thousand hours clicking on that mouse, collecting weapons and gold. It's almost as if it was a huge waste of time. | permalink


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Dr toboggan

what are you his agent?


Raj gets funnier lines than Leonard and Howard combined yet Kunnar the actor who plays him is paid a considerate amount less than the others. Why does Howard's actor get paid the same 6-digit salary as the Sheldon and Leonard's actors while the fourth member gets about a quarter of that salary?


I love it when the show exploits the true social akwardness of these guys because we all have a bit of that in us.
Seeing the 4 of them ready to head home without Sheldon's points until Penny steps -or should I say kicks- in ,was the kind of storyline that made me start watching TBBT in the first place.
I like all the girls except Priya,you'd think having grown up with Raj would make her understand what makes these guys tick but instead she is the most clueless character ever to be on that show.They were on the right track when they had Sheldon's sister on but this girl is badly written.If she needs to date an ordinary guy you think she'd avoid her brother's genius pals.

Neon glo

I like the girls. They give us a little breather. The guys might otherwise get repetitive (as they are, a bit) and boring. Amy as girl-Sheldon keeps the nerd theme going, and even Bernadette adds a needed perspective: nerds deserve love, too. I just wish we saw more of the awesome Leslie Winkle.


It's always a good show when Penny... Penny... Penny save the day !


Penny has one hell of a Punt. and i mean. ONE. HELL. OF. A. PUNT.


Thought as a former TBBT reviewer and recovering WOW addict, I'd pop in for a little nerd perspective: Loved how they show how much Penny understands their world, while the boring Priya does not. But, I'm surprised no reference to Penny's previous addiction to Age of Conan was mentioned. The girl not only understands them, but has even entered! A little lame for a show that usually shows such good continuity. Eh, Penny did kick a nerd it the balls so... forgiven. Besides, it was fun to see the white devil, Leonard lying to Priya about their "quest." Heck, any guy who's dated a girl during his WoW addiction can relate. That stupid game ruined more than one relationship of mine. It was great to have some of the stronger nerd-driven plotlines back in the show, even if it was a little rehashed from previous episodes. Nerd storylines are what make this sitcom different from any other on television! P.S. Welcome to the staff, Carla, and great review!

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The Big Bang Theory Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

Three thousand hours, three thousand hours clicking on that mouse, collecting weapons and gold. It's almost as if it was a huge waste of time.


Leonard: You called the police because someone hacked your World of Warcraft account?
Sheldon: What choice did I have? The mighty Sheldor, level 85 blood elf, hero of the Eastern kingdoms has been picked clean, like a carcass in the desert sun. Plus, the FBI hung up on me.