The Good Wife Round Table: "Wrongful Termination"

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Another week, another edition of The Good Wife Round Table.

Opinions are split on whether or not "Wrongful Termination" was a solid episode, and our critics Jeff Kirkpatrick, Christine Orlando and Carissa Pavlica weigh in on a few points. As always, we welcome your input in the comments.


The obligatory question: What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Christine: Childs on the talking lion speaker phone was so comical and unexpected.  Having it at Mr. Mom's house made it plausible.  Add the look on Cary's face…I loved it.

Carissa: Yep, I agree. The talking lion.

Jeffrey: This was tough, because for me there were two. When Cary spoke to Kalinda about the big secret, the emotion in his eyes and face were so apparent. It's always been clear he cares for Kalinda, but in that moment I really sensed a level of empathy from him I hadn't seen before. He's shown a tender heart when dealing with downtrodden clients in the past, but this is someone he cares deeply for, and it shows.

Secondly, Eli losing it over the DCC screw up. For a minute, I wondered if he might go into cardiac arrest, but the ferocity in his delivery was a little shocking, though very impressive.

Does Will really want to settle down with Tammy or is he just afraid of being alone?

Christine: He's afraid of being alone. Stern's death shook him. The thought of dying in his office and having no one even realize it struck a little too close to home for Will. He wants a real relationship but the woman he loves is unattainable.  I think he honestly cares about Tammy but the fact that she is looking for more from him makes her the convenient choice.

Carissa: Seconded. He is afraid of being alone, and with all people in the world he has chosen one of my least favorite ever to grace a television show. Goody for me! I hated seeing him grovel to keep her in town. Painful.

Jeffrey: I think it's obvious by now if he had his choice it would be Alicia. Tammy is a band-aid, something to cover up his wounds and to keep him from being lonely. Stern's death took its toll on Will more than anyone, and I have to say it's nice to see Will feel his mortality. He always walks around with seemingly bulletproof; it was refreshing to which him shaken by something as intangible as death.
Is Stern a recurring character you will miss?

Christine: Not particularly but I appreciated his growing respect for Alicia and that he noticed how much she's changed since coming on board L&G.

Carissa: He wasn't on enough to really miss, but I did like the relationship he and Alicia had when he would pop his head in. I liked that he trusted her and she had the inside track on his world.

Jeffrey: You know, every time he showed up he threw L&G for an unpredictable loop. I kind of liked that about him, as well as his interactions with Alicia.

Why is Cary putting his position at the State's Attorney's office in jeopardy in order to protect Kalinda?

Christine: He's always been attracted to Kalinda but I think he also really cares about her, even if it's just as a friend.  He also sees that this is a personal issue, not a criminal one.  Cary's smart enough to realize how many lives will be ruined if this comes out.  I'm not sure how far he'll continue to go to protect Kalinda but he's already stuck his neck out there by keeping her informed.  And as much as he wants to crush Alicia in the courtroom, I don't think he has any desire to trash her personal life either. 

Carissa: Because he has feelings for Kalinda. And because he knows that the other guy made a pact with Peter to keep his job, and since Cary's own job will be in jeopardy no matter who wins the race, he might as well stick up for his friend and use his heart instead of looking out for himself.

Jeffrey: I'm calling this the "no-brainer" question, partly because I came up with it, and partly because Cary's concern for Kalinda is so obvious. I've always felt that Cary's protective instincts and "never let them see you sweat" attitude would kick in any time he was faced with a situation that would jeopardize his career, but with Kalinda I think we've found Cary's kryptonite. I do agree, though, Cary's not a bad person, and he doesn't want Alicia's world to be rocked (again) and more than he does Kalinda's.

Have I said lately that Cary's my favorite character?

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As a season veteran of life as a women I can see through the best at what the writers are trying to say, they are showing the ups and downs of life in general. There is no real story line to what could really happen from real life. A real woman would weigh the pros and cons of what she has and find out why this happened, nine times out of ten it starts with herself. If you keep running your life into the ground it will drag everyone with you, this is the start of what could happen. In the show Alicia started the same way until everything hit the fan, deep down she still has that love for her marriage. The Will BS is all a school fantasy there is no real chemistry there and never will. She will see in the end she made the right decision and made the right moves with her family and job, the family comes first and job second don't ever change that or you will die a slow death.


1/ I like the Lion scene, and also the one with Eli and the DCC guy (as most of you). 2/ I didn't like at all the last scene. I guess it is normal to have it. I think Will doesn't love Tammy, but he can end up in a situation where he will have s serious relationship with her. So what. When Alicia will consider that she might not stay with Peter (he cheated on her before the beginning of this show but he lied since this same beginning, so can she trust him ... not sure), Will will not be available. I miss the flirting between Will and Alicia. 3/ I don't think I will miss Stern, but it was nice to have him around for a while (kind of a little crazy guy). Don't know if I would like too much of Canning. 4/ Cary gets more and more interesting. Hope we will know more about his motives (Kalinda, moral value, ...)


Does anyone recognize the home Stern's home, the one in which his family was sitting shiva? Is it in Chicago; if yes, what area?


1. I think I enjoyed the scene where Eli's trying to strangle the DCC guy the most. Mostly because Eli's often so smug about his ability to manage and manipulate others that it's refreshing to see him so thoroughly lose his cool. I do admit the talking lion is cute though. 2. I think it's so obvious that Will's just using Tammy that I was surprised that Tammy - an intelligent, successful woman didn't see it herself. Yes, I do think that Will likes Tammy. But from what I've seen of their relationship I very much doubt that Will's even in love with her. The chemistry's just not there. 3. I didn't really like Stern's character because he really didn't bring anything different to the table. He wasn't a great lawyer like Daniel Golden. He wasn't seeingly fresh like Wendy Scott-Carr. He wasn't even manipulative like Nancy Crozier. There was nothing special about Stern, so there's really nothing to miss. And since Stern's exit means an opportunity to bring in Canning more often, I find myself truly supporting this plot change. If given a choice between Stern and Canning, I would choose Canning every time. He's just more interesting. 4. At the beginning, I think Cary stuck his neck out for Kalinda because he truly adores her in some manner. But I think once Cary realized that it's more of a political matter than a criminal one, his true motive for helping to cover the Kalinda/Peter affair up is because of his morals. I think that Cary, although he might not be actively fond of Alicia right now, doesn't really wish her ill. I think he realizes that Alicia is the innocent in all of this, and I think he realizes precisely how Glenn Childs would use the information should he gets his hands on it. Yes, Cary originally stuck his neck out for Kalinda and their friendship/relationship, but I think his continued interference is just a case of Cary being a good person.


Lol. Where can I get the talking lion? I can't wait until we see the last of Tammy. She's Will's filler until Alicia becomes available. I never thought of Kalinda as Cary's kryptonite. I hope she isn't the weakness that takes him down.


You know I didn't love Cary in season one but the changes he's gone through in season two are great. He's become one of my favorite characters too.

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