Who Will Die on The Vampire Diaries THIS WEEK?

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A shocking death takes place on The Vampire Diaries - tomorrow night.

It's unclear if Isobel's incineration last week counts toward the three major deaths we've been told will happen by the end of Season Two, but according to TV Guide, this week's episode, "The Last Dance," includes one of them. So who is it?

The list of potential candidates is not short.

A Couple in Crisis

Who's the grim reaper coming for? Will this be the week Bonnie sacrifices herself?

Will Jeremy, or one of the parents on the show, be collateral damage? Is Matt going to cross the wrong vampire(s) just one week after he became interesting?

You tell us. Vote in our Vampire Diaries poll and leave a comment explaining why ...

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Kill Tylers Mom off.. She is so boring.. Sheriff Forbs is awsome.. Tylers mom is a needy controll freak. also, have the sheriff become mayor and Matt sheriff. Give the guy a break,




Alaric dying would be to obvious.


If we watch the stills for upcoming episodes we know it's not alaric, caroline's mom or matt. I don't know why but i have a feeling it's jeremy..


It's definitely going to be Alaric. They said that Damon was going to do something that no one liked... and its going to be killing Alaric


Bye Bye...Alaric Go gently into that good night, or in a ball of witch fire.


I think it'll be Alaric. Klaus possessing him may be to much for his body to handle once Klaus' 'spirit' (do vampires have spirits??) leaves Alarics. Plus when the others find out the Klaus is possessing him they'll have no choice but to try and kill him.


I think it´s going to be between Caroline´s mom,Alaric and Matt!
Alaric cause off Klaus!
The other two know too much.but it´s probably going to be the sherff so its comming a new sheriff in season 3!


God I hope it's not Alaric


Ok, I reread it and it says 3 major deaths. I dont know if Andie would be considered a mojor character. But I would totally be ok if she was one of the 3.

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