Army Wives Review: Welcome Home, 23rd Division!

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The scene when they showed the planes flying in and the families readying their homes for the return of their loved ones, made me feel so humble. It amazes me that we actually have people who are still willing not only to fight for our own country, but to assist others in their own fights for freedom.

That the whole post gathers to greet the troops is even more touching. I'm so glad we have a program on television that shows the other side of serving our country.

I say the other side, since so much of our entertainment focuses on the negative. So, yes, I cried. Darn this show and it's tear jerking capabilities!

Countermeasures Picture

When I think of the cast taking time out of their real lives to visit bases, it makes it even more emotional.

Denise really stepped up to the plate in not only going to greet the returning soldiers, but in taking special care to welcome those who didn't have someone there to greet them already.

That she held it together while talking with the troops who served with Jeremy showed how much strength she has. The love in Frank's eyes as he watched her made me tear up all over again.

Am I the only one who thought that Claudia Joy might have been having reciprocal feelings toward Chandler? More likely I was putting my own feeling onto the character, because I don't know how I could deal with being a soldier's wife and still have to face all of the difficulties life throws your way, but without your partner.

It was so romantic that Michael wanted to skip lamb chops and head upstairs with his wife when he got home. Now that they're an empty nest, they can have a lot more romantic scenes together. It's an exciting proposition.

It's great how well Denise knows Claudia Joy, and even though she said she wouldn't tell Michael about the kiss, Denise knew she would anyway. When she went ahead and did it, I wanted to scream.

It had to happen right after his first good conversation with Grant. Michael never trusted him to begin with, but he does trust his wife. I was glad they took a route I wouldn't have, because it made for better television. Michael is a force to be reckoned with, and it made him quite attractive.

I was so angry at Roxy for letting down Whit and his crew. They've been working their butts off on her behalf, and because she was too afraid to tell Trevor of her plans, they're out of work.

It's too bad the troubles between Roxy and Trevor have continued. Normally, they would have been acting like bunnies when he got home, but even that wasn't on the table for them. It didn't even take him knowing about Whit to be unhappy to be home.

Trevor was way out of line when he punched Whit, but I wasn't surprised. To say that finding Whit only added fuel to the fire would be an understatement. Theirs is a marriage being consumed by flames.

It seems we won't have to watch Joan and Roland make silly videos in the hopes a teenage girl will want to bestow her child upon them. It seemed rather convenient when one of Roland's addict patients failed her drug test and overdosed.

Lucky for Roland, her son Bobby looks to him as a father figure, even drawing him a picture of them on a boat together. I really thought he would be the new addition to the Burton family, but fighting the system for a chance to be Bobby's foster parents was, by all accounts, not worth the effort. 

Even Claudia Joy didn't have good news for them. Would I be remiss in guessing that the mother might grant them custody, anyway? In the meantime, they saw a whole playground of children just waiting for someone to step in to love them. The Burtons will not be a one child household for much longer.

"Countermeasures" set the stage for the rest of the season. I look forward to seeing if any of my predictions come true. Will the LeBlanc marriage survive? Will the Burtons soon be foster parents? Are we in for more romantic scenes between Claudia Joy and Michael? What are your thoughts?

As always, I look forward to hearing from you in the comments.


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For the record, when next week's preview was shown where Trevor said that "he hasn't been happy in a long time", (1) how was Roxy supposed to know that when he wouldn't take the time to talk to her without yelling at her or cutting her off on the phone and (2) would that really have changed anything between her and Whit and getting the truck stop finished on time, but more importantly, her and Whit's past together? like it or not, Trevor needed to understand that Whit will always be a part of Finn's life(whether he's there in person or not) and that Roxy married him and not Whit. there needs to be a talk or some sort of convo taking place where both Roxy and Trevor both place their cards on the table. if Trevor says that he hasn't been happy in a long time, there has to be a reason why ( and her being "Roxy" or being around Whit these past few episodes isn't it). if Roxy says that he isn't being supportive of her dream of finishing the truck stop, (1)why did she feel so strongly about choosing Whit to do the job in the first place and (2) why was she so anxious in getting rid of him when she knew that Trevor was coming home (and she knew this almost two episodes ago right after Jeremy was killed)? There has to be some reason for all this infighting. It sounds like Trevor doesn't have any faith in Roxy and her decisions for improving the family's life in any way and he doesn't trust her. (Where has this sudden lack of trust came from?) And Roxy feels like her voice isn't heard and that she feels constantly belittled under his shadow.(What would make Roxy feel this way?) Two words: Marriage. Counseling.


i agree. Trevor really didn't give Roxy a chance to explain that what she was doing was to benefit her family. how could she have had the chance to say something when all he did was cut her off? for the last few seasons, Roxy has always been supportive of Trevor and what he set out to do with his life (from adopting T.J. and Finn to taking the recruiting job and then re-enlisting after his shoulder injury/drug addiction), so why couldn't he be supportive of Roxy and her dreams for a change?


I have not seen the episode yet but question whether or not Claudia Joy is going to tell Michael about the mass that was found and her surgery...


Lucky, I'm not supposed to comment on the previews in my reviews, but I did see them. When I said I was angry with Roxy for letting go of Whit, it was said with she and Trevor's on mind from the entire season. Something is wrong with Trevor, and I'm sure we will find out in due time. the irony is that it was his emotional absence from her life that made her move on the truck stop in the first place. She's been feeling him slip away for some time. Jeremy's death drove home that she couldn't count on him forever. It's just so sad.


Ive never seen your site until tonight. I have to say i agree with everything you wrote except the trevor and roxy issue. In roxy's defense treavor never really did give her a chance to tell him. roxy being roxy wanted to tell him over the phone and not through email but he never gave her a chance. he kept hanging up on her. My issue with Trevor is he fell in love with and married Roxy because she is strong and independant...but in this case he does not like her being her! I am not okay with that!!! The preveiws when Trevor said he hasnt been happy for awhile???? really? cause I thought everything was great before he left. Wasnt Roxy right there and supportive with his DRUG issue and now hes going to leave her because she is trying to provide something secure for her family? what are your thoughts on that?

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Army Wives Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Roxy: Trevor's coming home, the truck stop isn't finished, and Whit's still here.
Pamela: You really are screwed.

Denise: He made a mistake, you made him take responsibility for it. Now that everything's out in the open, you've got some ground rules.
Claudia Joy: That's true.
Denise: In fact, you probably have more control over the situation than you did before.