Bones Season Finale Preview: Can it Match the Hype?

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Will Bones' sixth season finale live up to the increasing hype? After last night's episode and the week before set the table so brilliantly, one can certainly hope so.

When you call an episode "The Change in the Game," you have to be aware of the expectations you're setting for a fan base yearning for a particular change. Right?

So will they or won't they? The producers have been coy regarding the million-dollar question, and were admittedly torn themselves. Next Thursday, we'll find out.

No matter what happens on the Booth-Brennan front, it's GO time for Angela and Hodgins, while Temperance sports a LOL-tastic mullet while bowling undercover.

Check out the promo and share your predictions below ...

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Greatest season finale ever!


OMG it's about time they hooked up. I can't wait to see how this runs for next season.


Just watched the finale and Brennan is knocked up by Booth. She told him at the end of the episode


I think the FBI gives Booth a new partner: Agent Shaw. So B&B are together as a couple but can no longer work together.


Is Zack coming back? If so i'll be more than happy i do miss him. And Brennan without make up like in season one i watched a rerun the other day and didn't even remembered how she used to look like.


THAT'S MY MUFFIN AT WORK!! that cracked me up!!


Clearly they've been setting up a return of Zach Addy for the whole season by change-up uses of all of his replacements, culminating in Vincent's death. Zach will definitely be back with the team.


Love Breannan's hair!! LOL after all the comments below i think i should do a fan page XD
and daddy bones is back... wow love that man so much!! and sweets saying ''but i think he promised not to do that anymore'' was hilarious!
c'mon angie you can!! we're with u!
can't wait to see next ep!!


What did Angela said? All i heard was "Shut up you sound like a ... duck1"


hahaha rolplaying, i looove to see them together :)

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Angela: Are you actually afraid of Brennan?
Hodgins: Yeah.
Angela: More than you're afraid of me?

Worthy of a manger.


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