Bones Season Finale Spoilers: Booth and Brennan Will ...

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... start a relationship? ... decide it's not gonna happen? ... something in between?

We know that the Bones season six finale promises a change in the game. Heck, it's even called "The Change in the Game." The implication there is that on May 19, finally, the relationship of Booth and Brennan will reach a turning point.

Fan expectations have certainly been raised. But will the show deliver?

A Bones Moment

Referencing a classic show in which two characters finally gave in to their feelings, and in doing so erased the palpable sexual tension fans loved, one member of the Bones brain trust admits it's been a very fine line to walk with Booth and Brennan.

“We wanted to try to have their relationship evolve in a realistic way while making sure the show still had the same tension that has made it appealing for six years,” executive producer Stephen Nathan says. “That said, we know we can’t repeat ourselves."

"We will switch it up. It will change the show in a fundamental way - but it will stay the same. We are not going to embrace the
Moonlighting curse."

"I can say that unequivocally. You know, half the [fans] are saying ‘get them together, get them together.’ Others say, ‘You cannot get them together. Once you get them together, it’s going to suck. It’s the Moonlighting curse and the show will end.’"

"Well, hopefully, both groups of people will be pleased.”

“We’re excited about where the show will be going. It’s a place that we haven’t seem any show go before. I’m not saying we’re reinventing the wheel or anything, but it’s not where anyone expects it to go,” Nathan promises.

What do you make of those comments, Bones fans, and where do you want to see B-squared's relationship go? Sound off in the comments below!

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I have just started watching Bones recently and I have only caught up to Season 4. The show is amazing. I find each episode has its own pull factor. Since I am catching up, I try to skip the boring episodes but it is hard to do that as I find each episode interesting. I just love the dynamics between Booth and Bones. My favourite couple used to be Will and Alicia of The Good Wife. Now definitely Booth and Brennan. Just cant wait to watch when they finally hooked up.


I love this show, and I have been waiting six long seasons for this and now I`m so excited to see what happens!!!


I have been watching this show since the beginning, after my husband and I broke up. Six years later we remarried and now we have spent the past year watching all the past episodes so he could get caught up! He enjoys them as much as I do and we can't wait to see what you do with B&B. The possibilities are endless!


I agree with Greta (5/17). The characters and their camaraderie and the story lines are terrific! We've seen multiple changes with Angela and Hodgins...I suspect the upcoming episodes will provide the same fun with Booth and Brennan. Just keep the shows coming!


All I could do after she told Booth whe was pregnant was staring at the TV and say 'what?' and 5 minutes later I jumped trough the house. I was so happy.


oh my gosh shes pregnant!! She got pregnant the night she stayed at Booth's house when Vincent was shot. I cannot wait until the next episode!!! This episode is my favorite so far and I have been watching since the show has started!


In what episode did Booth and Brennan have a night of passion for Brennean to get pregnant? Ive been a fan sincce the beginning and do not recall missing any episodes this season but may have missed 4-5 mininutes in paticular episodes. So someone please clue me in as i don't believe it was part of a Brennan dream when she blurts out to Booth she is pregnant with his baby.


I LOVE THIS SHOW! I have been waiting for this relationship and such between bones and booth for 6 long seasons! AND FINALLY it is here! I AM SO EXCITED! THIS SHOW IS THE BEST, AND WILL ALWAYS BE MY FAVORITE!


When did they get together for her to get pregnant? What did I miss? I didn't think I missed any shows!


I stopped watching Bones ages go but I was going to watch but not anymore. I think that they have wrecked they show by making her pregnant. If I have read what HH said then they won't be together in the next season. They just has a one night stand which got Bones pregnant. They will prob just raise the baby together. They have just lost one viewet forever.

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Bones Quotes

Sometimes the best things in life happen against the odds.


Booth: I worked really, really hard on my vows, but you know, now that we're here, look, um, hey. Do you remember the last time that we were here? Standing right around in this spot? It was right in the beginning before we really knew each other. I was trying to get away from you because you were irritating me and, uh, you chased me down, and you caught up to me and I said to you 'listen, I just have to get all my ducks in a row' and you said to me--
Brennan: I can be a duck.
Booth: Yeah. You know we had been chasing each other for a long time. Chasing each other through wars and serial killers and ghosts and snakes. And now chasing you has been the smartest thing that I have ever done in my life. And being chased by you has been my greatest joy. But now, we, uh, we don't have to chase each other anymore because we caught each other.

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