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Bones Season Finale Spoilers: Booth and Brennan Will ...

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... start a relationship? ... decide it's not gonna happen? ... something in between?

We know that the Bones season six finale promises a change in the game. Heck, it's even called "The Change in the Game." The implication there is that on May 19, finally, the relationship of Booth and Brennan will reach a turning point.

Fan expectations have certainly been raised. But will the show deliver?

A Bones Moment

Referencing a classic show in which two characters finally gave in to their feelings, and in doing so erased the palpable sexual tension fans loved, one member of the Bones brain trust admits it's been a very fine line to walk with Booth and Brennan.

“We wanted to try to have their relationship evolve in a realistic way while making sure the show still had the same tension that has made it appealing for six years,” executive producer Stephen Nathan says. “That said, we know we can’t repeat ourselves."

"We will switch it up. It will change the show in a fundamental way - but it will stay the same. We are not going to embrace the Moonlighting curse."

"I can say that unequivocally. You know, half the [fans] are saying ‘get them together, get them together.’ Others say, ‘You cannot get them together. Once you get them together, it’s going to suck. It’s the Moonlighting curse and the show will end.’"

"Well, hopefully, both groups of people will be pleased.”

“We’re excited about where the show will be going. It’s a place that we haven’t seem any show go before. I’m not saying we’re reinventing the wheel or anything, but it’s not where anyone expects it to go,” Nathan promises.

What do you make of those comments, Bones fans, and where do you want to see B-squared's relationship go? Sound off in the comments below!

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I just watched it and Brennan is apparently pregnant by booth, she tells him at the end.


i think that if they get them together the show would be over way to fast even if they kept there love a secert for a while mabey have them sleep together and then have them lie to everyone about it that would make the show more interesting


I say go for it! I love the actors, all of them, & the relationships you've built among them are strong/unequaled. Your fans will follow you, and will revel in the continued crimesolving and comedy that you so amazingly have developed and cultivated in your cast.


they could have them get together and keep the tension by having them keep their relationship a secret from their superiors and anyone who would be obligated to report them (i.e. sweets and cam), since obviously they wouldn't be allowed to be partners if they were together. Plus, an ignorant Sweets would make from some really funny scenes where he gets completely confused by how they're interacting each other and starts psychoanalyzing their relationship and keeps trying to figure out what's up. All in all, it really just comes down to the writers: good writing is good writing and they'll make it work...the show would not have lasted this long if it only depended on sexual tension


My prediction: B&B get together romantically but the FBI splits up their partnership; Agent Shaw becomes Booth's new partner. So, they are together but not together - something for everyone.


I think that they will get together but I will be in the early stages. But you won't see much of the relationship and they will primarily focus on crime like the normally do. This should make both fans happy, as they are both in a relationship but you won't see much of it making others happy as well.


It does not take SIX years to "realistically" develope a relationship. And now this whole Mulder/Scully twist is ridculous. They really need to give some answers in the finale next week. I SOOO agree with Carment....Moonlighting? Seriously? People are still talking about that?? Boy I sure hope there are some more original storylines out there by now. Because honestly, the actors could TOTALLY pull it's all about the writers after they get together. I mean, Chuck did it, and I think they have done an EXCELLENT job since Chuck and Sarah got together. It can be done, and after all this NEEDS to be done.


I am one of those people who says that they need to get together, but they cannot, for it will ruin the show. I fully believe in the moonlighting curse, for that has held true for every show I have ever watched. The show will fall apart if they get together. They should just keep Bones and Booth having sexual tension, but hardly acting on it. I bet they will have a one-night-stand, and Bones will get pregnant, considering that Emily is already pregnant. I just hope if this happens that it doesn't ruin the show...


Be leary...they tried Huddy, Cuddy + House and House fell this season from an 18 share to an 8 share in the ratings...


I agree with most of the previous posters: the BB relationship has got to get to the next level; a night of togetherness could result in a Bones pregnancy with resulting story arch should BB marry or not; it could be incorporated into next fall's story line. This series writers have proven to be some of the best in network TV. Choices made now will determine how much longer the Bones series stays in production.