Breakout Kings Review: "Paid in Full"

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It was a killer episode of Breakout Kings as every character stepped up their game and there was more than one big reveal.

"Paid in Full" gave us one of the most chilling escapees since T-Bag.

Virgil Downing was a a man of few words. A very scary man. Like any hitman, he performed his job with cold, steady dedication. But having bad information and then killing the wrong man shook him, if only that it showed a lack of professionalism. 

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Everyone who knew about Virgil Downing was most upset not by the amount of people he'd murdered but that he once took a job to kill a dog. In this jaded world of cops and cons, killing the dog was what got their attention.

The episode started off with Shea learning that Ray was no longer a Marshal. I'd say that with Shea's paranoia, he was the most dangerous con to have that information and he couldn't let it go. 

He eventually confronted Ray, who had no choice but to come clean but not without immediately going on the defensive. 

As Erica called him out for looking down his nose at them when he's just another con himself, Ray quickly countered by rehashing all of their crimes. Ray seemed to feel that because he stole the money for his daughter, it somehow elevated him from the rest of the group. Honestly, I didn't agree.  I've always thought that stealing the money to buy his daughter a car was just plain dumb but his circumstances have given him power over the team just the same.

The second revelation of the night was when Ray divulged Lloyd's crime. He sold prescriptions to pay off his gambling debts and an 18 year old girl committed suicide using his pills. Lloyd got 25 years for his crime. 

I was impressed that Lloyd took responsibility for his actions and looked utterly ashamed when it was revealed. For all of Lloyd's weaknesses and flaws, I considered his admission a moment of substance.

And finally, Charlie told everyone about his congenital heart defect, thus proving that every member needs this team to work.  Everyone here wants a do over, albeit for different reasons. 

A frightening killer, a compelling story, and lots of character background made this one of the best Breakout Kings of the season.


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When Lloyd made a joke about organ recipients preferring Republican hearts (because they’ve never been used) I dismissed it as another boring jab at Republicans. Then Lloyd responded to Shea’s conspiratorial (but mostly correct) ideas about Ray not being a U.S. Marshall by making a crack about "The Man" creating AIDS, the crack epidemic, and fried chicken. This didn’t make sense to me. While I appreciate the mockery of the pernicious and hateful idea the crack epidemic was purposefully inflicted on black people, why would the producers risk alienating the audience they just appealed to with a joke about Republicans by making Lloyd borderline racist? Then Lloyd made his senseless comments about how so many people in Africa are royalty, and doubled down by asking “Where are they now� in response to the Julianne’s pat comment about it being the cradle of civilization, I knew something deeper was going on. Then it occurred to me: The writers had Lloyd make a crack about Republicans to give him the rhetorical space to make his racially tone-deaf comments. So why did Lloyd make the comments? To further develop his character—Lloyd has a habit of saying inappropriate things. If he would have made comments about fried chicken or Africa in a vacuum, this would suggest that that character is simply racist, but because he had already established due hostility to Republicans, he can’t be aligned with such evil forces. This says much about how the writers view the audience.


This show grows on you week after week and the main reason is the characters interaction and reaction to one another. Lloyd is not a racist, stuck up prick, it is how his brighter than normal mind sees things. While his intellect makes him valuable, his lack of emotional maturity makes him less than intuitive, so when he opens his mouth with some of his views, he comes across as a racist. I liked that Shea tried to protect him and I liked that he stepped up to what he did.


Great that we finally learned why Lloyd's in prison. These characters get better every week but I think Erica's getting shortchanged. I want to see more.


Ray is the character I like the least but Charlie was right to remind them all what they have to lose. And this whole team was Ray's idea, even if I don't think much of him. I thought both Shea and Lloyd did a great job this week. This show keeps getting better.


Good episode but I think Ray had the right to turn it around on the cons. They tried to make him out to be the same as them and although they are right and I understand why they felt he should have been honest with them, he really doesn't OWE them anything because they are CONS. Everything he said about them was true. His excuse for what he did may have been weak, but at the end of the day he paid his debt and is working towards getting reinstated. They all would be in jail serving their FULL sentences if it wasn't for his idea for the program. Hell they OWE him.
As for Lloyd, good for him for stepping up and taking responsibility for why he is in jail, although he is still a racist stuck up prick.


Yes, you right, two strong stories in one episode !

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Breakout Kings Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Shea: Why did she call you big Ray?
Ray: Because I got a big heart. What can I tell you.
Shea: Is that what you call it now?

Get your asses in you civvies in your nose in the case files.