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-Virgil Downings, a hitman, attacks a guard and escapes from prison. He then begins killing the people involved in the rape of Genevieve Krause.

-The team suspects Genevieve's father, a prison guard of arranging the breakout but he denies it. Genevieve is arrested for hiring Virgil as leverage against her father.

-Genevieve believes Virgil is going to kill her ex-boyfriend Justin who abandoned her the night she was attacked. The team captures Virgil before he can kill Justin.

-Shea overhears that Ray isn't a US Marshall. He confronts Ray and Ray admits his crime.

-Lloyd was convicted of selling prescriptions to pay his gambling debts. An 18 year old girl committed suicide by overdosing on his pills.

-Charlie reminds the team that they need to get over each other's baggage to reap the benefits of their current arrangement. Then he admits he has a congenital heart defect which could be fatal.

Breakout Kings
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Breakout Kings Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Shea: Why did she call you big Ray?
Ray: Because I got a big heart. What can I tell you.
Shea: Is that what you call it now?

Get your asses in you civvies in your nose in the case files.