Chuck Season Finale Round Table: "Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger"

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Sorry it's taken our Round Table panelists so long to gather back up to discuss the Chuck season finale, but there was so much to digest!  Sarah nearly dying, Morgan getting the Intersect, Chuck buying the Buy More, oh and a little WEDDING.

Now that we're finally here, let's do this!

1. Favorite Chuck quotes of the evening?

Dan F: Chuck: "My name is Chuck Bartowski and I'm here to see Vivian Volkoff." Receptionist: "And what is this in regards to?" Chuck: "She wants to kill me."

Dr. Toboggan: Can my favorite quote be that Morgan was the priest at their wedding?   If not I'll say... Hartley "Is he [Reagan] still in charge?" Casey: "If only."

Eric H: Yes, Doctor, you should have gone with Morgan as the priest and not stolen my favorite of the John Casey quotes from this evening.

Chuck RT New!

2. Come on, even for a second, did you ever think Sarah was going to die?

Dr. Toboggan: No, come on, it's Chuck.  There could have at least been a code blue or something it wasn't even climactic, I've seen people with the flu who look closer to death did than Sarah when she was taking her cold bath.

Dan F: Come on, even for a second, is that a serious question? No, Sarah was never close to dead.

Eric H: Seriously guys?  Neither of you got that eerie feeling that Sarah was dead and it was just a dream during the entire wedding sequence?  I know I sure did and got nervous when Morgan was both the priest and driver!  I guess that was just a dream come true... 

3.  Were you satisfied with the Volkhoff conclusion?

Dan F: Yes.  As I wrote in my review, I was pleased with the way it ended for the great Hartley Winterbottom.  It might have been a bit contrived how they got to the point, but once they did, I was glad that he got a happily ever after with his daughter.  Volkoff was a great bad guy, but there was always something about him that made him to sympathetic of a character not to have a good send off..

Dr. Toboggan: Yeah, sure, it was nice enough.  I guess it wrapped up the story line in typical happy Chuck fashion, plus is was really what the guy deserved and I agree there was always something likable about him even though he was constantly doing terrible things.  Plus his gift to Chuck and Sarah helped set up next season.

Eric H: It felt a little cheesy, but I guess since I loved Volkhoff so much as a villain I will forgive things and give him the happy ending.   Plus, he did completely switch things up for season 5!

4. Morgan with the Intersect!?  Awesome or Jumping the Shark?

Dan F: Awesome.  Knowing Chuck the way I do, I would not be surprised at all to see him lose it as the final season progresses, but for the time being it will be awesome.  On a related note, how easy is it to get an Intersect these days?  Just throw on a pair of shades?  You would think the CIA would be a little more careful than that!

Dr. Toboggan: Awesome.  And yes Dan I 't agree they really need to lock up their "one-of-a-kind" weapons a little better.  But Morgan is already comedic gold and giving him an intersect will only make things better..

Eric H: Jumping the Shark.  Come on, I remember at one point the Intersect took up a whole room and only certain brains could handle it.  Now Morgan can just pick up a pair of shades!?  He better lose it quickly next season...

5. Chuck's first move as the new owner of the Buy More?  His own spy agency?  As Sarah's husband?

Dan F: First move as the owner of the Buy More is to promote Jeff and Lester to Co-Mangers.  First move as owner of his own spy agency is to throw the intersect sunglasses on Sarah, Casey, and himself so that they have a team full of Intersects.  First move as Sarah's husband is to break in the new mattress I got them as a wedding present.

Dr. Toboggan: Dan's answer was perfect for all three parts of this question.  All I can add is towards the end I thought Chuck was going to be over and I wasn't all that upset the way I was in years past when I thought it would get canceled.  But now with the team as free lance spies, Morgan as an intersect and the possibility of the Buy More running wild, bring on next season I can't wait!

Eric H: Wow that's a tough act to follow, Dan.  But seriously weak, Doctor.  Buy More: New company policy is that Jeffster! music videos play on all televisions all day long.  Spy Agency: You damn well better poach the General from the CIA.  You have unlimited money and I can't imagine the show without Beckman after all she's done.  Sarah's Husband: A never ending honeymoon where he never leaves the honeymoon suite.


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To be honest, the number of comments on this board (less than 10) shows how Chuck has waned. It is more than Fringe, but not by much... and much less than Castle's followers. Chuck has been lucky it has a loyal fan base, but it is not that big and it has shrunk from season 1 (close to 9 million in Season 1, now at 5.5 million). A final send off with an additional 13 episodes is a gift, but I really credit the writers and Fedek for coming up with such an ending to season 4- that was an ending to a series if I ever saw one. They did leave a few loose ends (new villian in the government, Morgan with the intersect, and private eye detective agency) so the show can go on, but it seems like 13 more episodes to wrap up those three primary loose ends is more than enough to end the show once and for all. I like the show, Zack Levy, Yvonne in her breakout in America, and the rest of the cast but it is time to allow those two to go have careers elsewhere - I think they both proved that they have appeal in mainstream America, and with Zach's success with "Tangled" last year and Yvonne's upcoming thriller in the movies with Jason Straham, I am sure we will see much more of these two in the years to come in other media.


also with everyone with the inersect in their heads, mabye they can link up together like a bluetooth connection and share their inner visions to each other like video skype


need to bring the general back as a free lance merc


Dude, a Batman reference in the middle of the Chuck forum? I do like the cut of your Jib sir. I do indeed.


You know, it am not so sure whether or not Morgan as the new intersect would be such a great idea. But I think it's going to be a bit more interesting/weird if this intersect is like the one uploaded into Hartley's brain, turning him into someone else. =) However, that wouldn't be so fun because without Morgan, there's no Chuck. I hope they could pull this fifth season off in style so that the show could get extension.


i agree that morgan shouldn't have the intersect but at the same time morgan is one of the funnest charatcers on the show. i read online somewhee that if the ratings go uip by 3 or 4 million that they would extend it 9 more epsiodes


What ia bugging me is that why is if Chuck has such a wide fan base are they cancelling the show! I was jaw-dropping shcoked to find out that next season the show moves to Friday, will only be half a season (13 episodes) and then it is over. Accirdung to the press release they are cancelling it because the premise is done. Geek became A-list spy, and married the girl. Am I the only who thinks "so what!", the plpts of the show are awesome and I want to see how Sarah and Chuck handle spy world versus married world.


I agree with the idea that Morgan shouldn't be wired to withstand the intersect uploading. Chuck had been special and picked for the CIA before Bryce ever made him look like he was cheating. But there was a note under the glasses that said To: Chuck From: Beckman. I think she wanted him to have the glasses, and the intersect back. I only hope Morgan won't be too cheesy as the new intersect. But I do agree that all the cast should still be there in the final season.


I loved the season finale but agree with with Eric that Morgan shouldn't have the intersect. He's funny not super smart like Chuck. Also they tried it on others and it failed so maybe that's where they are headed with this otherwise its just ridiculous


With Team Bartowski now being a freelance spy team without government sanction, I think the way that they'll continue to have General Beckman involved in the story is for her to be the "Commissioner Gordon" to Team Bartowski's "Batman."

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