Combat Hospital: Coming to ABC!

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What happens when Off the Map meets Army Wives? You get Combat Hospital.

The series premieres on ABC on June 21 and is set in 2006 at a hospital in Southern Afghanistan. It stars Elias Koteas, Michelle Borth, Luke Mably, Deborah Kara Unger, Terry Chen and Arnold Pinnock as a team of doctors and nurses.

Viewers will watch them work in the harshest of circumstances, but in Shonda Rhimes-esque fashion, as the following trailer teases, there will be room for romance as well:

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As a viewer and a veteran I would normally say give the show a chance!
But since I did see the first episode I can assure everyone that it treats its subject with all the respect it deserves. It is NOT M.A.S.H. in Afghanistan by any means. Nothing is played for laughs. It is trying to depict what really goes on from working without sleep under combat conditions to dealing with macho GIs who won't admit that they are injured.


This show should not be allowed to be on the air!! It is too close to home for everyone! The war is still going on and real people are dying! This is nothing to make a tv show about! My brother actually worked at the field hospital in Kandahar, Afghanistan and he died there. I think it is in the utmost poor taste to make a show on such a harsh subject. I hope no one watches it!


I'm not even going to bother, it's going to get cancelled.


Off the Map gets a second chance!


Combat Hospital Quotes

Rebecca: I know what a combat landing is. I read the manual.
Flight crew: Did the manual say many of our passengers throw up?

Rebecca: You were right. Nothing prepared me for this place.
Marks: What can I say. Welcome to Kandahar.