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Combat Hospital Season Finale Review: "Do No Harm"

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Just as I really got into Combat Hospital, it's over. "Do No Harm" was the season finale and it left us with plenty of compelling storylines to consider.

As I watched this episode, I sincerely hoped this wouldn't be the last time I saw Luke Mably's Simon, as it's questionable whether the series will be picked up for a second season. I wasn't sure how much potential this character had when I viewed the pilot, but several weeks later, I only want more.

Combat Hospital Finale Scene

Simon was simply adorable as he tried to do the decent thing and not take advantage of a vulnerable Rebecca. Of course, it didn't take much convincing from her to push him over the edge. The snippet of a love scene that we got only whetted my appetite for the real thing.

And I couldn't believe Simon picked up a book and pretended to be reading when he opened the door for Graham. It was cute, ridiculous and very funny.

Rebecca and Simon were such complicated characters that any relationship between them couldn't help but be a bumpy and incredibly interesting ride. 

On the other hand, I ended up liking Bobby Trang a little less as the weeks went by. Not that I disliked him, but his attitude towards Susie kind of ticked me off.

And poor Susie. At least the girl went out fighting but how horrifying to watch someone so full of life be transformed into a corpse in mere seconds. Just another reminder that nothing is fair, especially in war.

Again, I was left wondering about the relationship between Marks and Grace. I'm not saying they were ever lovers but they have a closeness that belies a long term friendship and I'd love to know the history between the two.

I wondered how long it would take for Marks to figure out who his mystery patient was. When the CIA operative admitted that their patient was kidnapped while they were working with "overzealous contractors," I couldn't help but think how scary those two words were.

I was glad to see Rebecca's turmoil over treating the man she'd just shot. She told Marks she didn't think she was cut out to be a doctor and a soldier. I'd say the events of the day proved otherwise.

Elsewhere, Araf's story finally wrapped up. As much as I would have liked to have seen him adopted and to start a new life with people who loved him, I knew that the politics might make that impossible. I never realized that Will's wife would also be an obstacle but he was asking for a huge commitment from her and obviously it wasn't something she was ready for. 

That Simon played hero for Araf and his family wasn't surprising. Again, Simon was the character who I wanted to smack one moment and kiss the next. What more could you ask for?

As much as I thought the series started on shaky ground, it grew stronger with each episode and I find myself a fan. Whatever its future, I can say I've truly enjoyed Combat Hosptal.


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I bought it on DVD what I saw I really liked I want them to do more seasons they could do some more. I would of bought them on DVD I love anything with Luke Mably in please do some more seasons I love Combat Hospital.


I grew up in a medical family, so I love this kind of show. I really hope it keeps going. I would have thought that it would have caught on more with all that is going on with the various wars.


WHEN IS COMBAT HOSPITAL COMING BACK ON??? I so miss it!! :( That would really suck if ABC cancels it but it better still be on here...(in Canada!)


I loved this show, was my favorite. Forgot to add that if I knew ABC was going to take it off the air, I would have recorded all of the episodes. I have 3 episodes that I watch over and over again. If anyone knows where I can get a DVD of the episodes please let me know. God I hope ABC reconsiders, I've tried writing to them but haven't heard anything back.


Fantastic show, my husband is military and is now serving in Dubai, was in Kuwiat as well. We couldn't wait for this show each week. BIG mistake taking it off the air,, I am heart broken. It was a wonderful shows, and each and every actor deserves a gold star for their performances. My absolute favorite is Luke Malbey, Dr Simon.


wow Capt. Smith was right! this SUCKS!! what a joke


This show was so interesting! My husband and I could not wait till the next show would come up online. We found it funny and suspenseful. Please make a season 2! I have heard of so many people that quite enjoyed watching this show. Bring it back!!


Great show. Let's have a few more seasons!


I love this show from the first and want to see it returning. I DO NOT want to see it end; this is one of my favorites and I liked all of the actors. Simon grew on me but I think he is great also.

Combat Hospital Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Simon: So you don't want me to be a decent human being?
Rebecca: Of course I do. In about an hour and a half.

I am literally throwing myself at you and you choose this moment to be a decent human being.