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God save the Queen. Queen Kurt, of course.

Best prom ever? The votes are still being tallied, but I thought it definitely should be ranked as one of the best high school dance episodes in television history. "Prom Queen" was right up there with the Spring Dance in season one of Beverly Hills 90210 where Brenda lost her virginity, and the prom in season two of Saved by the Bell where Kelly's dad lost his job.

Prom Queen Picture

Sue was back and wearing Spanx. Who knew? Loved how she told "Butt Chin" that the club should apologize to America for their rendition of "Run Joey Run." Great way for the writers to poke fun at themselves and address their critics at the same time.

Jesse totally outshined Rachel on "Rolling in the Deep," but it was a great scene either way. I'm not so sure how psyched I am to have him back on the show, however. He's nothing but trouble, as we saw in the scenes for next week's episode.  

Did anyone else find it hard to believe it took that many shoves before Finn took a swing at him? 

A brief but good scene with Burt and the boys before the big night. His line about how he wanted Kurt to be himself but practical at the same time was well meant. Finn's line about Kurt's suit looking like gay Braveheart was epic. 

Karofsky's apology was as amazing as Quinn's dress. It was very touching how he was adamant about Kurt waiting for him after class so he could protect him. 

I thought the music at prom was second to none. As was the face Santana made when she saw another girl wearing the same dress as her. What was with the guy wearing the Bluetooth in his ear, though? 

My heart sank when I realized Kurt's nomination wasn't done in good spirits, but when Blaine asked him to dance after Karofsky bailed, my fists went up in triumph. Full chills. 

There were a ton of memorable quotes on this night to remember, but the king's crown had to go to Puck for "Torah Torah Torah, it's go time!" As for Queen of the Quotes, I thought Santana had a number of contenders but the one about bailing in New York to live in a lesbian colony - or Tribeca - clinched it. 

Only two episodes left this season. I can't believe it. 


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Leigh r

I think the Torah Torah Torah line by Puck was really meant as him expressing his Judaism. Puck always loves to sneak in comments about his hot jewness and this was just him messing around. I don't think Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, as brilliant as they are, would be referring to a WWII movie. A lot of times there are references to things that probably go over young viewers heads, ie: Santana talking about Hells Angels at the Rolling Stones concert. I think we have to remember that Glee actually has a broad audience as I know a lot of adults who watch it as well. I guess they're going for universal appeal, which is probably wise in terms of viewership and ratings. and FYI to the person who called this review "lame" why don't you submit a review to us and show us what you think would be more appropriate. please remember that a lot of us don't get to these until late at night after the show airs! we try our best for you guys!!!


LOL! A Torah is what gets brought out of an ark at Shabbat services in a synagogue! What Puck said was "Tora tora tora," as in the famous movie based on WWII. I love it when references in TV shows like Glee go *way* over reviewers' heads.


No, I don´t want to use the word Epic to describe how much I like this EP, I use a German word G-R-O-S-S-A-R-T-I-G, wich means about the same, but it has not been used so often, epic is so worn out and this ep deserves it´s own word to praise it. Yes, we all know that students can not come and interrupt class because they want to sing for their girlfriend (I read that here) c´mon, it´s a movie.
Artie, I do have a soft spot in my heart for you. And you looked like a lost puppy when you sang to Brittney. I don´t know how she grew some extra brain cells so fast - but in this ep she did not sound that stupid. Well, the egg, I know, but what she said to Santana later was not stupid at all.
Anyway, she had the right to snub Artie, he deserved it. But for one week I was hoping they don´t break up. Like I said before, a soft spot in me. So was I happy to see her wiggle her finger and they had their photo taken together? Awww, I love them. Kurt is Kurt and I love him to pieces. Chris Colfer´s way to portrait this character is, may I repeat myself, "Grossartig". I did not expect him to break down when he heard they voted him Queen. Well done screenplay writers.
And if Blaine would have comforted MOI like that I would be pregnant today. Sorry, my fantasy goes gaga. Anyway, I loved Kurt´s attire. Compliments to the dresser.
I also did like Lauren´s dress and she did look delicious when she tried on that yellow dress. :) The songs, all was said about that by my fellow review writers. My fav: "I´m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance". Surprised?
Dancing Queen? Too clear that they would use the song. ABBA is great, so never miss a chance to use one of their songs :) I wish I would have been there, a Prom the way a Prom should be. Sue, I wish I will see more of you in the last 2 eps to air this season. And let me ask 2 questions.
Why was that guy wearing a bluetooth device in his ear, how important can you be when you are a High School kid going to the prom that you need that?
and second: How many bottles of hairspray did they need to make Artie´s hair stay in place like that?


They did it i never thought they could pull it off but they did it... they sang the worst song ever and made it aceptable.
But those lyrics have no salvation what so ever, i'm twelve and even i think the lyrics of Friday are way to childish (and Rebecca Black's "kitten in the garbage disposal being turtured" voice doesn't make it any easier for me to hear.
Never thought they would do Dancing queen at the end, it was my favourite song of the episode


It broke my heart when Kurt was nominated... Poor Kurt!! But he was as awesome as always and his line of "eat your heart out, Kate Middleton" was just epic... And he and Blaine are one of the cutest couples in tv!!
Can't believe that Jesse is back... I totally agree, he just cause troubles!
And what game is Finn playing?? Rachel-Quinn, Quinn-Rachel... Stop playing!! Btw, Quinn was stunning!! Amazing dress!!


Lea and Jonathan are awesome. I love when they sing together even if I feel like they just don't seem to go together as a couple. When I watched the part when Finn tells Quinn she is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen in his life, I could hear all the Finchel fans gasp just a bit. But what I liked about it was that if Finn really wants to be with Rachel again, it just shows you that beauty isn't everything. The heart wants what the heart wants. I was glad you see the Finchel feelings start during last week's Rumours so that it is not just about the jealousy thing again.


Kurt is awesome!! It broke my heart when Kurt was nominated


Okay, first of all: am i the only one who thinks the whole gay prom queen fiasco has been done before? It was in Ugly Betty with that Betty's gay nephew and they both handled it the same way too - Second of all, im sick of hearing ppl hating Quinn! Are you all serious? She's a fantastic character and i can never understand why anyone would hate the villain (which she's not to my opinion, just a very driven girl). Well played antagonists are the salt and pepper to every good dramas! I don't know, i've always liked pretty, bitchy girls which probably explains my favorite characters being Quinn and Santana and my favorite movie being Mean Girls. Which also brings me to this point. Why's rachel always playing the victim? And i really dont understand that if the writers are trying to make Quinn a Queen Bitch why they gotta do it so half-assed? All she's done are so mediocre and not all that mean, more like understandable. Its like all her actions have reasons behind it. The only time i remember her doing something truly mean for no reason at all was episode one when she insulted Rachel on Myspace.


Regarding Finn's wishy-washiness about Rachel and Quinn: That's actually one of the more realistic touches of this show. That's what teenagers DO (among other things).


Faculty advisors are involved in everything. Some teacher would have seen who was elected king and queen and thrown out the winner. I only played football through 10th grade (JV) and went to different schools in 9th and 10th grades, but in one of them all of the football players got to vote for homecoming queen and the votes were tallied right there in the locker room. Somebody voted for a guy who was called "a fag," and who wasn't gay -- and the head coach flipped out, grabbed the ballot and crumpled it and yelled at all of us about being "men" and "grow up". I think that even if the faculty advisor wasn't sure if the votes for Kurt were sincere, they would have automatically and arbitrarily (I suppose) decided the queen would be female and the king would be male. I liked the episode overall, though. Slap scene didn't make a lot of sense, however. Quinn is being interpreted as more complex than the dialogue indicates (like, for instance, at the piano when she's telling Rachel she's leaving and Quinn and Finn are going to be married etc., she's rather cruel and cold ... but her voice breaks when she says Rachel doesn't belong here). And when she slaps Rachel, she says, "You did this to me," but how so? Quinn's plans and goals don't come to fruition so she's frustrated and angry and Rachel is always there with that damned concerned looking expression on her face when things don't work out for Quinn. Is that it?

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