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Principal Figgins asks New Directions to perform for the prom, but the coronation provides the real show stopping moment as Karofsky and Kurt are crowned King and Queen. Artie tries to win back Brittany while Mercedes gets her Cinderella moment thanks to Sam. Jesse St. James returns and tempers reach a fever pitch between him and Finn. 

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Principle Figgins is a d***, why read out the name when it was clearly going to humilate Kurt? Why did Rachel not get mad and instead seem pleased Quinn slapped her and why did the school cheer Kurt after they humiliated him (thought it was only the football team who hated him anyway, incidently when did Kurt leave the team wasn't he in the team for a while?)? I swear I'm close to giving up on Glee, the writing is becoming idiotic (Lea Michele, Kevin McHale and Amber Rileys voices are close to the only things keeping me watching). When it started it was like the anti-High School Musical, black humour and edgy subjects with wonderful songs that made you search out old music you loved and had kind of forgotten, and now it's becoming so damn saccharine and cutsy, pianos appear in school yards and people burst into song left right and centre and serious issues are resolved with hugs and everyone telling everyone they love each other *bleurgh*.
That said I loved 'Dancing Queen' ;)


like wthh
uuhhm people can like friggin characters if they wantttt, seriously, we didnt ask for ur opinion


Oh wow, why Quinn slaps Rachel. I so want to see the episode. Can't wait


Obviously, Jelly89, you care enough about Glee to check up on the show. You're ignorant to post such a hateful comment to a person who obviously meant that they love Blaine and Kurt's relationship and the two characters and want them to progress and be focused on more (who doesn't; I love them too!). That's the point of a TV show: to have wishful thinking and make predictions on what's to come. Stop being an idiot! Kthanks! =)


It's a TV show, fuckface! How the hell do you love people that don't even exist? Kurt and Blaine are NOT real. Go get your head checked; cause you're psycho.


couldn't it be a little more time for Kurt and Blaine? I love them so so so much.

Glee Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Prom is like our Oscars.


Where does Lauren keep your balls?