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God save the Queen. Queen Kurt, of course.

Best prom ever? The votes are still being tallied, but I thought it definitely should be ranked as one of the best high school dance episodes in television history. "Prom Queen" was right up there with the Spring Dance in season one of Beverly Hills 90210 where Brenda lost her virginity, and the prom in season two of Saved by the Bell where Kelly's dad lost his job.

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Sue was back and wearing Spanx. Who knew? Loved how she told "Butt Chin" that the club should apologize to America for their rendition of "Run Joey Run." Great way for the writers to poke fun at themselves and address their critics at the same time.

Jesse totally outshined Rachel on "Rolling in the Deep," but it was a great scene either way. I'm not so sure how psyched I am to have him back on the show, however. He's nothing but trouble, as we saw in the scenes for next week's episode.  

Did anyone else find it hard to believe it took that many shoves before Finn took a swing at him? 

A brief but good scene with Burt and the boys before the big night. His line about how he wanted Kurt to be himself but practical at the same time was well meant. Finn's line about Kurt's suit looking like gay Braveheart was epic. 

Karofsky's apology was as amazing as Quinn's dress. It was very touching how he was adamant about Kurt waiting for him after class so he could protect him. 

I thought the music at prom was second to none. As was the face Santana made when she saw another girl wearing the same dress as her. What was with the guy wearing the Bluetooth in his ear, though? 

My heart sank when I realized Kurt's nomination wasn't done in good spirits, but when Blaine asked him to dance after Karofsky bailed, my fists went up in triumph. Full chills. 

There were a ton of memorable quotes on this night to remember, but the king's crown had to go to Puck for "Torah Torah Torah, it's go time!" As for Queen of the Quotes, I thought Santana had a number of contenders but the one about bailing in New York to live in a lesbian colony - or Tribeca - clinched it. 

Only two episodes left this season. I can't believe it. 


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Watched it a second time, it sits better on a second viewing (still stand by what I said though). Favourite line was Santanas "Just because I hate everybody doesn't mean they have to hate me too!" (that and the lesbian colony gag).


I really enjoyed the episode. I think they did a great job with all the songs although "Jar of Hearts" was a little sad. Rachel and Finn need to get back together already and that Jesse character I can do without! They even made that "Friday" song fun. Much better than the original singer.I didn't like that Rachel accepted Quinn's apology that quickly. She didn't deserve to be slapped. And the quotes were fantastic, one funnier than the next! "Eat your heart out Kate Middleton!"

Leigh r

And by prom, I meant Spring Dance

Leigh r

When Lea Michele started singing "Rolling in the Deep" I had chills, the rest of the music was eh, especially that Friday song. I for one am happy Jesse is back, he makes things a little more exciting. Sue isn't that funny anymore. Artie breaks my heart and I really love love love his friendship with Puck. Finn is just a moron who has feelings for two girls, but I do like how he supports Kurt. Kurt Hummel MVP. And Santana, always hilarious.
O'Hara- love the mention of Brenda Walsh getting her V swiped after prom. Classic throwback!!!


Clearly, Jesse's presence serves as nothing more than a plot device which will bring Finn and Rachel back together.


I found the episode rather anticlimactic. It was so hyped after the Twitter drama and then the "shocking" promo (hyping up Quinn slapping Rachel) that the episode ended up falling flat, which is what usually happens when something is over-hyped...
Sam was very sweet but I don't see a Sam-Mercedes pair ever working out.
Finn makes no sense at all. One second he tells Rachel he still cares about her. The next, he's all oogly-eyed over Quinn, "the most beautiful girl he's ever seen in his life." Then you have the slow-dancing staredown while Rachel sings, followed by Finn and Jesse having a ridiculous shove fest... Finn just needs to be single for a while.
The Quinn/Rachel slap scene was such a letdown!! First she apologized right away, then Rachel acted all happy that she got slapped. It makes sense that Quinn would be sorry - she's not pure evil - but I didn't want her to regret the action that quickly. I didn't really want Rachel to run off and "tattle" on Quinn by whining to the whole world that Quinn slapped her, but if Rachel had run out of the bathroom with an obvious mark on her face, it might have allowed for some of the Glee kids to stick up for her/show concern for her.
Overall, not the greatest episode, although the music was fabulous (except maybe "Friday," though it was tolerable...) I LOVED "Rolling in the Deep" (though Adele still wins) and "Jar of Hearts."


As I said on another thread,
Principle Figgins is a d***, why read out the name when it was clearly going to humilate Kurt?
Why did Rachel NOT get mad and instead seem pleased Quinn slapped her (were we supposed to feel sorry for Quinn, cos her apologising didn't make me feel bad for her at all, she's a spoilt brat who should have grown up by now the bad things that have happened to her and that she herself has caused) and why did the school cheer Kurt after they humiliated him (thought it was only the football team who hated him anyway, incidently when did Kurt leave the team wasn't he in the team for a while?)?
And what was with Rachel picking such sad songs to sing at Prom?! Adele's song (and music in general) is wicked but it's a bit of a downer, not even mentioning the one she actually sang which was depressing as hell (I know I'm a Brit but aren't proms meant to be for dancing?).
I enjoyed Jesse's return, not because I think he's a nice character, he's an absolute sleaze but I love that about him. He rubs Finn up the wrong way and that pleases me ;).
Saving grace for this episode was Santana, which is amazing as she's usually one of my least favourite characters, her bitchy lines and warped silly Lesbian stereotype comments made me chuckle (she's becoming funnier than Sue which is a shame). Samcedes was cute too, wonder if they'll go any further with that?
I wanted to enjoy Artie and Sue reenacting that infamous scene from 'Marathon Man' but find it hard to suspend belief with Sue scenes, she has become ridiculous and simply a cartoon character and it's making her annoying.
I had to press mute when they started singing 'Friday', didn't want my ears to bleed (no excuse or reason to justify them singing that, so many better songs they could have sung instead).
I swear I'm close to giving up on Glee, the writing is becoming idiotic (Lea Michele, Kevin McHale and Amber Rileys voices are close to the only things keeping me watching). When it started it was like the anti-High School Musical, black humour and edgy subjects with wonderful songs that made you search out old music you loved and had kind of forgotten, and now it's becoming so damn saccharine and cutsy, pianos appear in school yards and people burst into song left right and centre and serious issues are resolved with hugs, crying and everyone telling everyone they love each other *bleurgh*.
That said I loved 'Dancing Queen' ;), but then I adore ABBA.


This episode was EPIC!

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