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Glee paid tribute to Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" this week and it was the truth.

The only cheese in this week's episode "Rumours" was in Brittany's fondue pot. Brittany and Lord Tubbington were a great kick off to the episode. Did anyone notice the photos on the wall behind her though? They didn't look like they were shots of her or were they? Maybe I was the stupid one Artie, either way Brittany was completely dope all episode long.

Sue did seem a bit unhinged but she did paranoid well and made for a hilarious Ann Coulter.

Rumours Picture

April was good in her return even if she looked a little like Magda from There's Something About Mary as she sipped her drink in Sue's office. Loved her line about drinking her dinner these days while having the straw in the wine glass to boot. The woman can sing that is for certain. Anyone else catch her sneaking a peak at Will's rear end after the performance of "Dreams?"

I felt bad for Artie, but after he called Britt "stupid" I knew it was time for "Brintana" to emerge.

Artie really belted out that "been down one time, been down two times" line from "Never Going Back Again." I bet people would pay a lot of money to have Puck just follow them around with his guitar. In the end, Artie will be ok.

There are new levels for Angry Birds Rio due out this month. 

Speaking of birds, Santana soared as she sang "Songbird" for Brittany. After that performance I think I love her "like never before", but I really wanted her to tell the others because they would have seen it in her eyes that it's right and the songbirds would sing as if they knew the score. 

Emma looked great, maybe the best she ever has. Keep up with the meds Ginger and remember the words of Lloyd Christmas, "pills are good, pills are good!"

With Puck on guitar, Finn on drums and her with her bedazzled microphone, Rachel's version of "Go Your Own Way" was pure fire and vintage Glee!

I've always loved when the other group members join in and sing along on the choruses. It's just a sign of how much they all love classic music and while I have liked the contemporary stuff this throw back tribute was really something special and long over due. 

Touching stuff with Sam and his family. Didn't feel too bad for his little brother though as he got to dance with Quinn, lucky little bugger. All in all it was a nice follow up to such a hyped episode last week. With a number of big questions still looming I'm very much looking forward to Prom and to all your comments.

Don't forget to check out our Glee quotes section from this week, I'm gonna go see if I can still squeeze into my old tuxedo. 


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Sez, thank you very much. You've said it all. I think Finn was unjustified for breaking up with Rachel but it's clear the boy's a mess. He took Quinn away from Sam because he didn't want to be cheated on anymore. He wanted to do the stealing this time. But clearly he still loves Rachel. He's confused about why he loves her when Quinn, the hot Queen Bee, is around. Obviously, the issue of beauty is going to come up again. Quinn is so consumed by it and Finn will see that. Finn had his head played with last year, its probably best for him to just take a break from relationships. As for the flirty song, Rachel hated what Quinn did to Finn. She's expressing how she feels. She's the only one on this show that isn't a liar. Although she did lie about losing her virginity, she eventually fessed up. And for what? So the rest of the Glee Club could laugh in her face about Satanna nabbing Finn's virginity when he promised they'd go through that together? Rachel wanted to hurt Finn the way he had hurt her, although they weren't together. And she owned up to it. Something Quinn has yet to do. Quinn is a bully. She bullies everyone around. She has no true friends. And she's not remorseful for anything she's done because she thinks being beautiful justifies it. I'm glad she loses Prom Queen. And I hope she has to honestly atone for her selfish and cruel ways. Slapping Rachel is disgusting behavior, I don't care how devastated she is about losing a plastic crown.


@Sez Thanks for taking the time. Well Said! @Debbie662 I never thought about Finn's mother, but she would have an opinion -- and you nailed it!


I would really like to see Rachel shine on her own! She definitively don't need find, I think his character reduces Rachel's, while she's so awesome when she doesn't think about Finn and is her Diva-self.
Apart from that, for once I would like to say a word about Artie. I really didn't feel him calling Brit "stupid" in the same way everybody does. I hope you understand what I mean xD They were having a quite serious conversation, and I felt like he called her stupid in the same way he could have done with another person in the same situation. Not in a I-believe-in-Green-face-Santa way stupid.


I think that Finn is a great guy and just has had bad things happen in his relationships but lets be real every high school relationship is based on status and others opinions. I personally am a Rachel fan and hate when Quinn and Finn are together. The only time Quinn has every been actually happy and not cruel and mean is when she is not with Finn. Finn and Rachel do belong together you can see it in the way they are with each other. They care about each other and always will there is no shame in always being there for someone you care about. Trying to steal a boyfriend just out of jealousy is wrong but when you are trying to look out for the others well being because you care if they get hurt is a different story. Rachel sees that Quinn isn't good for him and is trying to show him the same thing. I feel bad for Sam. High school can be cruel and no one needs to go through what he is going through at that age. Poor guy. Santana needs to just come out with it and tell everyone otherwise she will lose Brittany for good.


Somebody has been paying attention. One other detail I would like to say that has always bothered me besides the ones Sez mentioned is why is Finn's Mom Carol not concerned that her son is dating Quinn again and taking her to the prom. I would like to see the picture taking session go something like the this:
Carol: Oh hi Quinn. By the way, what ever happened to the baby you said my son was the father of even though you never slept together?
Quinn: She's fine, Finn's ex-girlfriend Rachel's Mom is raising her.


@Kreeto Rachel never slept with Puck! You're mistaking her for Quinn. Rachel kissed Puck.
Let's go chronologically into the relationships and see who's to blame for what;
Quinn and the Cheerios (and others) are repulsive to RAchel for no reason other than she is talented and knows it
Quinn and Finn date, she is vile to him and cheats on him with Puck (resulting in her getting pregnant)
Finn and Rachel kiss but he tells her he can't be with her
Finn continues to date Quinn and she continues to belittle him and bully Rachel
Finn kisses Rachel while still with Quinn to get her to come back to NDs(who still has yet to reveal she is pregnant or even that she's cheated) but ends it before it even starts because he is with Quinn
Finn finds out Quinn is pregnant and she lies and says it is his (Puck also concealing he played any part in this)
It is revealed that Quinn is pregnant and all the NDs, including Rachel (who gives her underwear to that creep Jacob in an effort to help!), support her and Finn
Puck and Rachel briefly date but break up as both want other people (Finn/Quinn)
Puck hits out at Finn for not providing for HIS baby, Quinn continues to be nasty to Finn. Puck sells drug laced food to make money and Quinn now says she's impressed (?!) but will only take money from Finn
Finn's mother discovers the pregnancy and supports her son, while Finn tells Quinn's parents of the pregnancy who consequently kick her out and she moves in with Finn and his mum (how rude to Finn's mum!!!)
Puck tells Mercedes that he is the father and Mercedes tells him to keep quiet (only thing I've ever hated Mercedes doing!)
Quinn reconsiders her choice and questions whether she should raise the baby with Puck until she ntices him sexting Santana
Rachel discovers Puck is the father and immediately tells Finn (nice friendship fellow NDs, none of them thought to do this earlier!!) who consequently dumps Quinn
Rachel and Finn date
Finn goes on a date with Brittany and Santana and dumps Rachel
Rachel starts dating Jesse, even when Finn asks her to come back
Finn and Rachel flirt a bit but Rachel stays loyal to Jesse and doesn't cheat
Jesse wants to sleep with Rachel but she's not ready and Santana tells Finn he's crap cos he's a virgin resulting in Finn sleeping with Santana and Rachel almost sleeping with Jesse (though each tells the other the opposite of what they actually did)
Rachel wanting to be edgy in her music video enlists Puck, jesse and Finn as co-stars (NOTHING more!), consequently Jesse dumps her and the other lads are upset (never understood this!)
Finn tries to get back together with Rachel but she tells him to move on as she still likes Jesse
Rachel and Jesse get back together (and it's like nothing happened!), turns out Jesse is a spy but he says (and did he actually mean it) he still really likes Rachel
Puck tries to get involved with Quinn and the baby again, she agrees to his choice of name for it
For no apparant reason Jesse suddenly seems to hate Rachel, dumping her and switching schools, he also eggs her (even though she's vegan), she (and the rest of the audience) is baffled, Finn (and the rest of NDs) supports her
Rachel kisses Finn and they become a couple (although Finn still refuses to stick up for her when the NDs continue to bully her, preferring to tell her he's on her side only whe they are alone)
Santana, being nasty, reveals she slept with Finn after Rachel had admitted she lied about sleeping with Jesse. Rachel is heartbroken at having been lied to so kissed Puck, Puck decides he can't do it to Finn again so stops it
Finn dumps Rachel and tells her he can't forgive her for cheating (?!)
Quinn starts dating Sam
Quinn and Finn start dating behind Sam's back
Sam dumps Quinn on disocvering what a liar she is
Quinn and Finn start dating again. In summation they are ALL snogging each other, have ALL cheated but only two people actually slept with anyone and lied about it and they are Finn and Quinn. And the fact that Quinn had been bullying Rachel for goodness knows how long (along with everyone else) makes it even more annoying. Rachel never bullied anyone, the harshest things she's ever done was say Santana will be a stripper and making sure Sandy was fired (which he needed to be). Flirting is not a crime. All this crap about 'you'll always forgive anything of your first love' is utter BS, if I met my first love again I'd knee him in the ballsack!


@aja Yeah totally. Which also means that Finn has been a douchebag all along. Apart from the obvious "cheating", as in kissing, Finn and Rachel have always had things going on behind Quinn even when Finn and Quinn are together. I know this may sound radical but I think that's totally inappropriate. And only in this episode Quinn finally brought that up, after the most inappropriate flirting between Finn and Rachel during the Go On Your Way. (That song was amazing by the way, Lea Michele totally nailed it)
Finn went all puzzled yelling "What?" when Quinn forbids him from singing duet with Rachel. Finn knew Rachel is flirting with him. And Finn is dating Quinn. But he got mad when Quinn forbids him from getting together with Rachel. Should he got mad? Is Quinn wrong?
Despite all these Rachel would definitely end up playing the victim, that's for sure. How charming. =)


@Derek - Finn cheated on Quinn with Rachel in S01 E02.. It was just a kiss, but as far as I know - that's cheating..


@Debbie662: Finn never cheated ON anyone. He got cheated ON twice, by Rachel and Quinn. And Quinn tried to trick him into fathering Puck's child that she was pregnant with after she banged Puck, having refused to sleep with HIM through their whole relationship. On the bad side, he lied to Rachel about sleeping with Santana while they weren't even together and she was with Jesse (which really should not, and then got Rachel to cheat on Sam with him (that last one is as bad as cheating, as far as I'm concerned.) Either way, as far as Quinn goes, of course he's freaking out about the idea of being cheated on by her. She's already done it to him before... and got knocked up by his ex-best friend.


I totally agree with Debbie662!
Plus, being a Quinn's fan actually makes me hate Rachel even more (Because from the beginning I've already hated Rachel). That's the tricky part about Finn and Rachel. They both deserve each other (not in a good way though) and I don't give a damn when they are together. But the problem is when they separated, they tended to hurt the others namely Quinn, Sam, and Quinn-Sam relationship. Thanks to Rachel (for sleeping with Puck over something that Finn did thousands of years ago), Finn broke up with her, and flirted and made out with Quinn, causing Sam to dump Quinn. You may put the blame on Santana about this, but the fact is, Finn and Rachel both lied to each other and that was the real problem.
Also, it's so disgusting that Rachel is now openly flirting with Finn (with the duet project, whatever). Just because she's the main character in the show and Finn is seemingly dating the biggest bitch of all time, that doesn't make it right to steal someone's boyfriend. If Finn doesn't want to be with Quinn, why don't he just man up and tell her the truth? It's becoming clearer to me that what this show is doing. To make Rachel look good, they would make Quinn look bad. Evidently in the Original Song episode. To make Rachel look pretty, they would make Quinn's beauty artificial as shown in the Born this way episode.

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