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Grey's Anatomy Photo Gallery: "I Will Survive"

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We've already seen photos of the (potential) adopted baby, and were of course introduced to adorable Zola last week on Grey's Anatomy's emotional double-wedding episode.

There's a lot else going on this week, though, and we've posted a full photo gallery for "I Will Survive" below. For one, the Chief Resident battle is finally nearing its end.

Meanwhile, Alex and Lucy's relationship reaches a crossroads, while all the personal and professional pressure Meredith has been under really starts to wear on her.

Click to enlarge the images below ...

  • Serious Der
  • 3rd Wheel
  • Mark and Der
  • Karev and Fields
  • Two Dads on Grey's
  • New Adoptive Parent
  • Charlie's Angel
  • Definitely in the Running
  • Attractive, Talented Wife
  • Gimme Some Loving
  • Chief Resident Contender
  • A-Squared
  • Chief Resident Lock
  • Arizona, Mer and Der
  • Stressed Out Parents
  • D-Shep: The Man
  • Cristina and Alex Pic
  • Owen, Cristina Kiss
  • Derek With a Baby
  • Adopting a Baby?
  • Derek at the Crib
  • It's McBaby Time!

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just because they have a disagreement, does not mean divorce....


At last Mer gets a chance to bond with Zola. I'm just very worried about What happens at the end of this episode to Meredith. Derek will have to remember his wedding vows of good and bad times, cos he's not going to be happy with his now offical wife

Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Our lives are built on our mistakes as much as our successes.


They say we can repress our memories. I wonder if we're just keeping them safe somewhere because no matter how painful they are, they are our most valuable possessions. They made us who we are.

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