Derek at the Crib
See what we did there?

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I hope they adopt baby Zola but I also hope Meredith will get pregnant, too :)


Seariously this adoption thing doesn't fit for MerDer. They started telling to us from the 5th season (5-14 in partcular) how cute their babys would be, cute baby surgeons, and they quit on us now!!! I mean they've been trying to get pregnant for so long and we do not want to see them as a couple of quiters... Whether they adopt Zola or not, we want to see a biologicly,cute, MerDer, baby in season 8. That's just the way it is. The lesbian couple anf the best friend got a baby why can't they?


the best picture! made my day;-)

Priyam srivastav

Aw! that's the cutest thing I've seen. made my day. :)


Or him I suppose... Is it a boy or a girl? I thought from the hair that it was a girl but really it's not that long and the blue blanket and green shirt now have me leaning toward boy maybe...


I really hope they keep her!!


just when I thought he couldn't get anymore dreamier


agreeedd. he loooks even HOTTER with a babby


Best picture ever! :)

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Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 21 Quotes

Owen: I don't understand.
Cristina: It's two words - no sex.
Owen: I'm sure there should be more words.
Cristina: Look if you're going to choose chief resident, you have to be impartial.
Owen: Come on this - now?
Cristina: Sex with me, however hot and excellent, could cloud your judgment.

We've all heard the saying. It's one of those things you learn in seventh grade science class. Adapt or die. Adapting isn't easy though. You have to fight your competition and off their attacks. And sometimes, you have to kill. You do what you need to do to survive.