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It's McBaby Time!
Is it? It looks like it.

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Alex seems to have a load of shot glasses lined up on the bar, is he drinking cos he and Lucy have split up??


Adorable baby! & They both look so happy. I really want for them to have a baby, so maybe they'll get that chance through adoption. =]


That baby is so breathtakingly beautiful and seeing Derek holding her gets me all baby-moody:-D Why is there a problem? "That is just not a MerDer baby" Because of the skin color alone? What a ridiculous line. The Grey's producers has used the blind casting tecnique when hiring people since the birth of the show and I just love how many different ethnicities are being represented. Although I have(as some others) always pictured McBaby being fair-skinned with amazing blue eyes and Derek's dark, luscious hair I don't really care how the baby turns out to look like anymore. I'm not obsessed with the thought of Meredith being pregnant. On one condition: as long as they get their own baby:-D

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