Hawaii Five-O Season Finale Review: Who Died?

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"Oia'i'o," the season finale of Hawaii Five-O, left a lot of things hanging.

The fate of Kono and McGarrett is really up in the air, for example. Also, Chin has made another tough personal decision; and, of course, Danno is going to have to make some major choices in the near future.

Overall, there were a lot of thrilling and unexpected moments, but there were some things that were slightly predictable.

Hawaii Five-O Finale Scene

From the start, events a were not going the way the Five-O expected or wanted. The first hint of that came with the H.P.D. discovering the charred remains of the money the Five-O had stolen from the police forfeiture locker. They had used that money to ransom Chin's life.

I knew that money was going to come back and haunt the team sooner or later. I am a bit skeptical that Wo Fat or the governor seemed to have someone waiting out in the bushes to collect the burnt remains, though. It would make more sense that someone tipped I.A. off to look closely at the serial numbers on the money currently in the locker. After all, it was the serial numbers that forced Chin to come clean about the money his uncle had stolen.

Kono was identified in a police lineup as a suspect in the theft. As a young officer, that's something that will forever tarnish her career, just as it did for her cousin. She has the unfortunate position of actually having stolen the money, however.

Chin went back to the H.P.D. as soon as McGarrett went rogue. It's very important to note his actions there and compare them to what he did for his uncle. The Five-O are in hot water, and Chin knows that they'll need help from inside the department. It'll take a while before some of his teammates realize what he's trying to do. Danno immediately misunderstood when Chin arrested McGarrett for killing the governor, but after the long years of covering for his uncle's crime, it's clear that Chin never chooses the easy road. 

Danno had a surprise from Rachel. She's pregnant, and because she's divorcing Stan she's moving back to Newark. Danno is going to have make a tough choice between staying in Hawaii to help McGarrett or reuniting with Rachel and his daughter. I think it's fair to say that Danno will probably stay in Hawaii or else there wouldn't be much of a show.

Well, okay, some of the viewers out there would probably tune in to watch an hour of McGarrett removing his shirt, but let's be a little reasonable. The show can't be all eye candy and beautiful scenery.

Speaking of which, I loved those shots of McGarrett driving the old Mercury Marquis towards vengeance.

Governor Jameson turned out to be just another crooked politician. Though I really do have to wonder about her motives. If she wanted to give McGarrett a chance to find his parents' killers I'm sure she could have done it without giving him full immunity and a special task force to run. I'm trying to figure out why she thought McGarrett would put aside whatever his father was trying to investigate.

Wo Fat is a tidy villain with the way he set up McGarrett and then murdered the governor. His ninja skills must be superior to McGarrett's to have been able to sneak up on him so easily with that taser. Even under the stress of the situation McGarrett is a trained S.E.A.L., but he didn't even catch the attack coming out of the corner of his eye.

Why is that none of the security details or police seem to be advised in advanced about McGarrett's training? I suppose you can only ask for so much with hired help. Minions do give the bad guys the extra time they need.

It'll be an interesting wait for next season. I'm curious how the Five-O are going to get out of their current predicaments. It definitely won't be an easy journey for any of them, and hopefully it'll be worth the wait.


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I love how they tied in the old Hawaii 5-0 with new series! Love the show!


Great ending!!! McGarret may be a trained SEAL however he was in the middle of learning the depth that the Governor's betrayal in regards to his family and that is the ONLY reason he did not see Wo Fat coming behind him.
I laughed out loud when they were voting about Steve breaking into the mansion and he pointed out it was not a democracy but a benevelant dicatorship! Best line of the night!


I strongly encourage the producers to keep Scott & strongly encourage Scott to stay with the show. All four of the main characters are great. Same for the supporting characters. http://bit.ly/lqu5Oo


Why does everyone think that Rachel will be living in Newark. Nothing against Newark but she said there is a red eye to Newark...which means she is taking a late flight to Newark liberty airport. She meant she is going back to New Jersey, which city we don't know.


One thing I noticed was when the govenor went to erase the recording that Steve was making she hit delete but all phones or electrical devices I have require me to verify that I really want to erase it. So maybe it didn't get erased and that will be discovered as the investigation goes forward.


The original Hawaii Five-O was so much better. It is a classic. I do not like the remake at all.


I am now a very pi**ed off englishman. Have been d-loading the episodes as they ran in the States and have just found out I have to wait a whole year for the next season. ARRRRRRRGH What am I gonna do now. Have loved this show since episode 1, there have only been 2 weak episodes out of the 24, which, in my eyes is awesome. Love it and cannot wait for the next season. HURRY UP.


McGarrett is a trained S.E.A.L. but he's no Jack Bauer! And that's why he was taken down by the Iron Chef (host)! WTH! They killed off Kelly Hu! I was hoping for a Park & Hu combo show! :(


The season finale was amazing. I wanted to cry in the end when Steve's mugshots were being taken and Kono was getting booked. It was incredibly sad. The expression on Steve's face when he was with the Governer...Oh My God!! He totally lost control and looked freaked out, it showed his human side, really loved it!!
I cannot wait for September, I am going to miss my Steve/Danno fix terribly!
Alex rocked this episode big time - Great job on Season 1!!


Good finale. I thought the new girl was involved with the envelopes or Wo Fat. I loved her reaction to the revelation about the asset forfeiture money theft. McGarrett was predictable. Next season no more Grace? :( (cause she'll be in NJ with her Mom) Next season McGarrett in the same prison as San Meng (sp?) would be funny.

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