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Danny: All of those that think that is a certifiedly demented idea please raise you hand (looks and Kaye)Please raise your hand!
Kaye: Im new i Didn't think I got a vote.
Steve McGarrett: You don't get a vote. And the rest of you are forgetting that the five o is not a democracy it is a benevolent dictatorship ! Got it.

McGarrett: Why don't you just ask her out?
Chin: Miss Hills?
McG: No, the Governor. Who do you think? Every time we see Laura she's sexting you with her eyes.

McGarrett: I'd take powered eggs over your eggs any day.
Danno: My eggs? You love my eggs.

Out of the top ten dopiest suggestions you have ever had this is number one with a bullet.


Danno: All those of you who think that is a certifiably demented idea please raise your hand. [Looks at Jenna Kaye] Please raise your hand.
Kaye: I'm new. I didn't think I got a vote.

Why are you dressed like a ninja?


Jenna Kaye: That's crazy.
Danno: Welcome to my world.
Jenna Kaye: I like it. What do we do now?

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