How I Met Your Mother Review: "Landmarks"

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Ted will have to wait a little longer to convince a woman to name their children after the spawn of Darth Vader as we saw the departure of Zoey in this week's episode "Landmarks."

No tears here though as Ted said his goodbyes, especially not after that stunt Zoey pulled with the tape. Do you think they ever made a sex tape? Maybe Ted will go all Ray J, but only so long as it doesn't vault Zoey into a reality TV fortune. Either way, Ted was right on the money with his comment about sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for something better. 

Come on Ted

Gladly Barney's career remained intact though. Interesting how none of his friends actually knew what his job at GNB entailed. I couldn't help but be reminded of Chandler Bing. 

Not the best episode for Robin. Her Angry Birds story came off forced and not even the appearance of a ninja could save her. 

What did save the episode though, were Marshall's "sweet sweet rhymes", Ted's dream featuring Barney and his sudden light change, and Arthur's adorable little facsimile.

I thought Ted would somehow give the lion head to Zoey but seeing it mounted above Barney's bed was a great and perfect ending I did not foresee. Nice throwback to him not knowing how to use a screwdriver as well. I liked the court room themed bar idea, but I also thought the Lion's Head Tavern had a nice ring to it until I remembered there already is one here in New York City. Bartenders in sexy judge robes it is! 

I think that's about it for me. A pretty mediocre episode, but ding dong Zoey's dead. Gone i mean, she's just gone.

Looking forward to what you all thought.

We're done here. 


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Thank god he broke up with zooey


I used to love jennifer more when she had bronw hair. I think she looked better that way...


Robin's ninja-slap was hilarious
i didn't get the "lady bits" joke though


I don't think we've seen the last of Zoey... I can't help but remember Ted's future self saying to Wendy (?) the bartender in the airport. "Zoey? No, that did not end well" in a pretty ominous tone. Methinks she'll get more revenge.


It was an okay episode. I'm glad to see Zoey leave because they were bound to continue having a dysfunctional relationship. Robin and Lily said it right by stating that there will always be resentments between them. Aside from the amusing rhymes and Barney's letter in the beginning, humor was lacking in this episode.


Yeess!! Finally Zoey's gone!! *barney's evil laugh* muahahahahaha!! Such a bitch with the tape...


Well I loved it. The evil, dr horrible laugh, the letter from
Barney, the magic lady bits, the way they broke the 2 of them up. I thought it was pretty good.


The episode was a big disappointment for me contrary to what I think of last week's episode, The Perfect Cocktail. The jokes are flat and boring especially Robin's angry birds and ninja scenario and the lady bits aren't that much funny. But I do love Barney's evil laugh and Marshall's rhyme time. Finally Zoey's gone. But I read in an article she'll back for the finale.


ted and marshall are kind of douchey- they would let barney get fired for this? i can't believe that all ted cares about is robin. i would never purposefully allow my friend to lose their job; i would probably lose that friend.
i don't want you're talking about, it was so funny! the callback to the bar, barney's evil laugh, and marshall's wrecking ball; i nearly died from laughter. also, i'm using ciao for now


I agree. It was average. I was sure, halfway through, that they were going to give the Lionhead to Zoey. Good for them for not going that way. I was totally in line with the head board member in the open....I was only half listening to Ted....what I really wanted to get was rhymed with "beckancall" I don't care what kind of screws you're using. That concrete head's gotta weigh 250 pounds easy. Greg Brady almost got killed by a wood Tiki head. The lionhead'd turn your head to jelly. all in all.... meh.

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Sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for better things...we're done here.


That's how you do an evil laugh! Ciao for now.