How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Scoop: Explosive Barney Episodes Ahead!

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Wait... Barney is getting married?!? That was the reaction most How I Met Your Mother fans shared following Monday's surprising season finale.

What does the future hold for Neil Patrick Harris' perpetual bachelor? Producer Craig Thomas tells TV Line his show will revisit Barney's past with Robin in “complicated and juicy” fashion next year, while reminding viewers this wedding simply takes place at some point in the future.

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"How does Barney get to that place??" Thomas asks. "What changes him? What makes him want to do this? Who’s he marrying? How did they get there? What’s going on on that wedding day? Is he happy? Is he nervous? Is this going to go forward? Is it going to be a disaster?... I will tease that in November sweeps of Season 7, where there will be four huge episodes for Barney. It will involve Robin, and there will be some very explosive relationship stuff happening."

The producer also offered up two other spoilers:

  1. The season seven premiere will be "wedding-themed" and take us back to those future nuptials.
  2. Marshall and Lily will be "joyous and happy" as they embark on parenthood.
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He is senile, tells the story completely wrong and out of order and ends up with Robin.


Ted has to marry Barney's sister who we dont meet because she is at college. And the mother was in that economics class he accidently taught, and was the room mate of the college girl he dated. They meet at Barney's wedding, of course she was there, probably playing bass in the cover band (like the girls room mate that is the mother) Plus we see in one flash forward that it rains. Yellow umbrella people.


well by now we all know its Barney and Robin's wedding Im 99% sure its Carly (barneys half sister) because Barney and Robin get married theyre literally the kids' uncle and aunt, plus im pretty sure most ppl have heard of parents havin their children call their best friend(s) uncle/aunt - on numerous occasions he says that he, marshall and lily have been best friends since college


Ok look,, on the episode "The Best Man" we know that barney is the guy getting married... the bride cant be nora because after that episode they dont really talk about the wedding and barney and nora are not married because they break up, so "The Best Man" is way ahead of the other episodes, lily tells ted that "the bride" wants to see him,, it cant be nora because they dont realy talk that much troughout the episodes, also BARNEY IS GETTING MARRIED!!!! His best friends would be there to support him and only lily, marshall and ted are ther, where is robin? ...... SHE IS THE BRIDE!!!!!!


uh.. I hope Barney will marry Karma, they are beautiful match. and I don't think I will forget ever what Barney showed romactic magic trick for Karma. Is this that I can trying to? who know that a shop that sell this magic tricks?


hey guys, It's exclusively clue that baney's sister is the Mother who has finded by us. baney's father mentioned he have a daughter. but she don't has been showed for us. that's why?


I agree with audi! i have been thinking that since i first saw that episode!


Wow, that was... Creepily accurate. I have to admit I squealed out loud when they showed robin as the bride :)


One of the kids' drawings showed Aunt Robin alone with them


Ted wont end up with Robin...he always refers to her to the kids as "Aunt Robin"

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Whatever you do in this life, it's not legendary, unless your friends are there to see it.


You will be shocked kids, when you discover how easy it is in life to part ways with people forever. That's why, when you find someone you want to keep around, you do something about it.