How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Scoop: Explosive Barney Episodes Ahead!

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Wait... Barney is getting married?!? That was the reaction most How I Met Your Mother fans shared following Monday's surprising season finale.

What does the future hold for Neil Patrick Harris' perpetual bachelor? Producer Craig Thomas tells TV Line his show will revisit Barney's past with Robin in “complicated and juicy” fashion next year, while reminding viewers this wedding simply takes place at some point in the future.

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"How does Barney get to that place??" Thomas asks. "What changes him? What makes him want to do this? Who’s he marrying? How did they get there? What’s going on on that wedding day? Is he happy? Is he nervous? Is this going to go forward? Is it going to be a disaster?... I will tease that in November sweeps of Season 7, where there will be four huge episodes for Barney. It will involve Robin, and there will be some very explosive relationship stuff happening."

The producer also offered up two other spoilers:

  1. The season seven premiere will be "wedding-themed" and take us back to those future nuptials.
  2. Marshall and Lily will be "joyous and happy" as they embark on parenthood.

IT IS BARNEY'S WEDDING. And I think that no matter what will Robin and Barney end up together.
I think that either is it Barney and Robin's wedding, or else it is Barney and Nora's wedding, but Robin will come and crash the wedding in the end if it's Barney and Nora's wedding.


Firstly, let me say that the finale of season 6 is of Barney's wedding and not punchy's. Punchy's wedding is going to be the start of season 7 according to HIMYM's executive producers/showrunners Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. Plus Lily will give birth by the end of this year plus we would know the person who Barney is marrying by the end of season 7. Secondly, Robin cannot be the mother as she was not the roommate of Ted's ex-GF (Whose ankle was shown).. at that time Robin was Ted's roommate. Barney's half-sister Carly's possibility runs high of being the mother.


ted refers robin has aunt robin because he never finished the story yet and if he had told that robin was the mother what is fun in that and the story begins with robin and ends with robin and in between is how robin turned in to what ted always wanted


robin is the mother because there is some unfinished things between them and watch (s3e9,s4e5,s4e7,s4e10,s4e12,s4e17,s5e4,s5e9,s5e21,s5e24,s6e21)in all this episode you could see the connection between them


To jen: I think that ted will marry somebody and not barney's sister first ted said that her wife to be was in the st. patricks day party and second she was cindy's (Rachel Bilson) roomate. I agree with you with the punchy thing and we have the same theory and its legendary indeed :) I hope barney ends up with robin XD


Fuck me! NO ONE knows who the mother is so stop guessing


Now I think some of you have had some great theories and some just have no idea what they're talking about. Here's what I think: 1) The mother is DEFINITELY not Robin. Robin and Ted have a history but at this point they are nothing but extremely close friends.
2) Robin and Barney are called aunt and uncle the same way as Lily and Marshall. So this does not mean they are actually related to the kids. HOWEVER;
3) I think it's perfectly possible Ted's future wife is Barney's sister. But it is not written anywhere so anything can still happen.
4) The mother has NOT been on the show earlier if you don't count the glimpse of her ankle.
5) It was not directly pointed who was the groom so I also think it's possible the wedding is Punchy's rather than Barney's but then again I think it would be great if Barney got married. It would not make the show boring at all, it would just bring something new to it. I even think Barney almost has to get married cause the writers propably don't want him to end up alone cause in the end he is kinda miserable that way. Barney's character has really gotten depth during the show and I hope it will continue that way. Also, I recall reading somewhere that there is a wedding theme in season 7 premiere so that could be Punchy's wedding then?
6) The odds of Barney marrying Robin are bigger than him marrying Nora. Assuming Ted's future wife is Barney's sister that would explain why the show started with Ted meeting Robin. And in my book Barney-Robin would be in one word AWESOME. They are a different kind of couple, powerful and dynamic. I think Nora is hot and really sweet and Barney honestly likes her but Robin is the one who really holds his heart and he's gonna realize it at some point.
7) There is no way Marshall and Lily are divorcing. They are just gonna focus on their future baby boy and do something really funny. Story lines focusing on pregnancy and parenting are totally not boring, remember Friends?
8) Robin is going to date the guy from Hopeless and Barney is going to date Nora around the same time but they are eventually going to see they were not meant to be with anyone but each other.
9) I think Barney can be awesome with Robin in a real relationship on their second try. Robin is cool and she loves Barney despite the casanova act. But I don't think he can really be the same person with Nora. Also, the look on Robin's face in season 6 finale was so heartbreaking I think it can't be ignored in the future seasons.
10) The first encounter between Ted and the mother is gonna be a killer one. Can't wait to see it.


barney is getting married with katy perry lol

Avatar it is Barneys wedding.... but not Robbins


i predicted it to be barney's wedding from the begging and i was correct, but i think that as much as i want the wedding to be nora and barney's it will be robin's because they will not want to bring a whole extra character into the mix!

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