Lisa Edelstein Not Returning to House!

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Lisa Edelstein will not be returning for the eighth and final season of House.

Aside from Hugh Laurie, a number of series regulars have been operating under expiring contracts this year, but Omar Epps and Robert Sean Leonard both signed new deals last week.

House v. Cuddy

It's been assumed Edelstein would follow suit and Cuddy would play a major role on the show's concluding run, but the actress released a statement this afternoon that reads:

“After much consideration, I am moving onward with a combination of disappointment at leaving behind a character I have loved playing for seven years and excitement of the new opportunities in acting and producing that lie ahead.”

Will Monday's finale set the stage for Edelstein's departure? It seems unlikely, though this preview makes it clear that something goes terribly wrong between Cuddy and her ex.

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The last seven seasons of House have been filled with many ups and downs for me. I am quite happy with the way this season ended. House finally seems to have some sort of closure with the Cuddy issue. He believes life is just one major disappointment, and that happiness is only fictional. That being said, he feels like every bad thing is his life is his fault. So he punishes himself. I feel that in season 8, we'll see a happier House, and that will be one of the best ways to let him go. I'm saddened a show I've come to love will be ending, however, as long as they do the characters we all know justice, I'll be satisfied. Here's looking forward to season 8.


Is it possible that she didn't sign it because she knew her character was getting more or less relegated to a secondary role (moreso than it is now)? I know it's unlikely, but if that was the case, her leaving would not be too big a deal...but who knows.


Lisa knew that the show was going downhill fast and decided to jump ship. House should have ended with this season, not next season. I don't see any reason for their to be anything to look forward to in Season 8. All the characters are miserable, the cases aren't interesting anymore, it all just blends together. I'll end up watching it, though, just because I've sunk so much time into getting to know these characters, it would be a total waste not to see how it ends. I have no doubt I'll be disappointed again, but that's American TV these days.


I don't understand. If eighth season is the final, why don't she make threw just one more year. It's just stupid. I really love her caracter, and House's interaction with her, and I want to say it again. Really stupid, Lisa Edelstein.


Eventually she will be sorry. It is not wise to leave a successful show. She is not good enough to do much else, but guess she thinks she is.


I really don't care... she's not one of my favorites




Why?!! NOOOOOOOO!! what are they going to do with house now?? No girl, no boss... How the storyline will be??


I think its great! RIP Huddy and lotsa luck Lisa!


What the hell, i already knew this for 2 weeks! It was on this site, and now its tt on twitter?! So stupid

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