NCIS Season Finale Preview: What Next?!

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After what many feel was one of the most intense, thought-provoking and dark episodes in NCIS history, it's hard to believe there's still one more left this season.

How will TV's #1 drama follow up Mike Franks' "Swan Song"?

The May 17 season finale will bring the team face-to-face with the Port-to-Port Killer at last, with significant and lasting consequences for the NCIS team.

Executive producer Gary Glasberg offered some hints at what's to come Tuesday, as well as how the controversial P2P arc came about. Excerpts below ...

Grab Your Gear

On the episode's title, “Pyramid”: "It’s a reference to where the weight and the power fall. It speaks to how decisions are made, where decisions are made, and where the threat is felt."

"It gets directly spoken to in the finale, so it will be explained."

On the finale's surprises: "Throughout the finale there are a number of “a-ha” moments. It’s very multi-layered and not only wraps up the Port-to-Port story but also a lot of other loose ends that have come up. People will hopefully be excited by it."

On the list of guest stars: "We have a lot of people coming back - Franks, Kort, Ray Cruz (Enrique Murciano). We’re putting together a really strong team of people to go after this Port-to-Port Killer, and it manifests itself in some interesting ways."

On Kerr Smith's performance as Navy Lt. Jonas Cobb: "The whole group has had a fantastic time working with him. Honestly, the emotional resonance of his performance has been wonderful, so I’m really excited to see how people react to it."

On the re-use of references and characters from years past: "That’s the [series creator Don] Bellisario Way! It’s been fascinating for me to learn that, and it presents tremendous freedom to call back to characters, things, lines of dialogue that have come up, and then build entire storylines around ancillary moments."

On crafting the serial killer arc: "In looking at the finale we had last season, and other finales the show has done, we really just wanted to present an adversary that was formidable, one we could really dig into - and yet do it in an NCIS manner."

"The challenge was doing it in a way that was commensurate with this show, and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

On the final body count: "I won’t give numbers, but there is a significant loss that happens for the team – and there is probably more than one. What happened in this week’s episode and the finale will absolutely rock the world of NCIS."

"There is tremendous emotional resonance that happens from the losses they experience, and that resonance will be felt well into next season. I have no doubt."

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why is Kort having CI Ray met him in Tel Avis ASAP for does that have anything to do with DiNozzo file.
what did EJ pull out of that guy's arm after he died. I hate season finals because I have to wait all summer.


I thought that was sad that Gibbs gave the little girl the flag. I wonder whats in Tony's file I think something to do with CIRay. happy Palmer got out of it alive. I hope we don't see EJ next year unless if it is in handcuffs. I wonder if Kort and CIRay have anything to do with Ziva dad. I can't wait for September to see what going on with DiNozzo and how the team will react with his undercover work again


Why the need to kill of Mike Franks?

Josie leeds

WHY can't writers leave well enough alone??!!! IT AIN'T BROKE--QUIT TRYING TO FIX IT! EJ et al, Dir. Vance, etc--these are ancillary characters, wil not be missed and must not be allowed to screw up the ensemble. This show is a long-running success because the characters are well played, fine tuned and much beloved by the fans. It survived losing one cast member and Ziva has filled the slot nicely. Writers: If you feel you need more challenge, go play with another show--just leave THIS one alone!


Hi Editor yeah I know stupid EJ be gone tonight hope shes the one who dies. I agree with everything you said.


Don't you fret Tiva...that stupid ej will be gone tonight!!! Not soon enough for me either!!! Her and her circus team! I don't think that the powers that be thought the fans would 'hate' her soooo much..but they were wrong!!! also, I don't think that the powers that be thought that the elevator scene was going to be so beloved either !! They were wrong!! Guess we showed them eh ? We will not be seeing that dumb Team in Season 9 - I'm willing to bet. It will be nice to get back to OUR Team and not have to look over the hedge at anyone else just standing there posing for Tony..yuck!!! I don't think that Ziva is really hurt and is pretending so she can try and catch the P2P killer and she will be OK. I know Tony is anxiously looking for her, but chances are that she saves him on this finale instead of last time in Somalia when she was so badly hurt...not much longer now...can't wait !!!


I only heard one or two people who like EJ and that's it nobody else likes EJ. I wish EJ would be killed off. I don't think EJ will save Tony or Ziva either Ziva can defend herself and she can protect Tony all on her own. I can't wait until Tonight so I can watch and see what happens with who dies and the cliffhanger ending making us wait all summer I love this show and the whole cast.


Hi right about YOU-KNOW-WHO...not saying his name 'cause am taking your advise about him just wanting to stir the pot...what a goof! I can not wait for tonights show to see what happens. Between you and I - I hope that 'she' shows her true colours by like commenting on Mike Franks or Gibbs again. Tony is just sooo watchful of Gibbs right now - I could see him just dropping her like the cold fish she is...I'm wanting to see that soooo badly..hope it happens. In any case - I am not worried because I know she will not be back - no one but idiot here wants her!!! Wondering what is gonna happen with CIRay too ??? Lots of unknown unknowns eh ?


only michael can write a comment that no one understands but him.


I don't see Vance going anywhere soon or EJ because the real fans like her so I hope she stays I do hope they tune superziva down some more she really almost made the last season unwactable, I can't wait for next season I already have storyline in mind

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