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"Those that created him must now pay." - Ducky

The hunt for the Port-to-Port Killer reaches an epic conclusion next week on NCIS' eight season finale. But what will the cost be for a team that just lost one of its own?

In "Pyramid," the killer continues the assault on Gibbs' and Barrett's teams, who are still reeling from Franks' death. It looks like Ziva specifically is attacked by the killer.

David Dayan Fisher guest stars again as Kort, while Muse Watson also returns as Franks. Hopefully Gibbs' fallen mentor can guide him through one last case.

Watch the NCIS season finale promo and comment below:

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I would like to see Ziva and Tony together as McGee and Abby. NCIS needs to add some love to give more emotion.


i like ziva and tony so much... live the elevator scene too. GET LOST EJ..i think EJ is the mastermind of the killing of those marines... trying to change his status as special agent she video her own scene of capturing the assassin.. HATE IT!!! trying to look good in front of the others.... duh... your a damn bullshit girl... i really don't get why tony lie her in fact she is very mysterious looking together with her team they are all mysterious looking... if i were tony i would definitely fall in love to ziva the great... she is totally beautiful. i hope it was EJ who was killed rather than mike.. gibbs lost a trustworthy friend... and mcgee and abby are so cute... palmer and dr ducky they are great partners... i thin gibbs and abby in CGIS will be a great partners too. o please in the nexy season let ziva and tony grow the love they felt with each other.. and let gibbs understand it. GOD BLESS NCIS.... THE BEST!!!!!


Hi Maralyn..don't know if I can satisfy your curiosity about Mike Franks, but I can tell you why I liked him all these years. I am a bit like Ziva and I think why she was so affected by Mike's death, in that I like whoever Gibbs likes (and on the other side of the coin, whoever he does not like -'that stupid ej for instance) I trust Gibbs 'gut' and as Mike was the one that told Gibbs his family had been killed and then was his first boss to Gibbs "probie" I have a soft spot for Mike. He actually taught Gibbs a lot of those rules that Gibbs lives by now. Mike certainly was a 'character' that is for sure, but lovable and he always seemed to be "on call" and grabbed the red eye if Gibbs needed him or the time that Jenny needed him he was 'right there'..Gibbs memory loss in Hiatus..Mike was 'right there'..his almost daughter-in-law and granddaughter, Mike took them in and has protected them and had them with him for a few years now..that is Mike..ruff, tuff cream puff !!I am sorry he is gone. He was one of Gibbs oldest friends - Abby loved him and I have to say I loved him as well. I will miss Mike - his humour and his gruffness alike. I recall the time he opened the door to Tony one time and said to Tony "why didn't you call?" I called, but you didn't pick up..Mike says "why would I pick up - I'm a fugitive - and nice to see you Lady Ziva". Mike made me laugh while all those bodies were dropping around the Team. He really lived by his own rules - but I am sad sad sad that we will not see him again for the remainder of NCIS!!!


I hope EJ and her team goes, she's ruining the dynamics. Also, would someone PLEASE explain the attraction everyone seems to have for Mike Franks?
I don't like his being a 'recurring' character at all and was glad he got killed off. Now if only he's stay gone!


I really hated that they killed off Mike. I do like that his ghost visits Gibbs. That is one way that we can see him again, maybe we will see others that way too. I know that we have seen flashbacks of his wife and daughter that way. I am really looking forward to the last episode. I still hope EJ is one of the ones who die, but I still think that she is involved. Her team members were only wounded not killed. She was down but not out at the end. He is not dead because something happens to Ziva this week. Unlike some of you I like Ziva. She is not all gushy and girly, she is not suppose to be she has been a killer and other horrible things. She has been changing and growing according to the scripts. Give the writers that. Tony is still just a big kid in a man's body, but a lovable kid never the less. Gibbs is a man that has been hurt once to often and tries not to show it, McGee is a nerd. But together they are team Gibbs and we need them all, Ducky and Palmer as well.
Kort is good to have as that evil presence, Vance is there for a reason not sure why,Fornell is a friend of Gibbs and Gibbs needs all the friends he can get. So get rid of Kort, or Vance, not Fornell. Ray can go even though it might hurt Ziva she will get over it. Really get rid of EJ.


Great show enjoyed the Swan Song hated that it took that to bring the team together though. EJ cannot be related to P2P killer but maybe related to SecNav. Loved the elevator scene just wish was part of that too. Hopefully Mike will be back in form of flashbacks or something. Loved Ziva reactions, mostly because when Gibbs was hurt she didn't react so nice to see the change. Don't like the new team too much so I will not be sorry to see them go. Looking forward to Tuesday.

Aura z

I think Ray joins the Gibbs' team to search for Ziva. In the photo of Gibbs, Tony and McGee enter a barn, he's behind Gibbs. At least I think it's CIRay. Also shown in extended promo.


Can not wait. Where is Ray though and what does he have to do with this. The fact that Gibbs distrusted EJ from the beginning tells me she was bad or incompetent.


Fran loved what you said everything you said is true.


Fran...loved everything you said. You are totally right and Janet, you are right. I am never gonna get all upset about that fool M again....oh Janet, if it turns out that Barrett is somehow related to SecNav, who it seems is calling all the shots over and above Director Vance...that would be soooooo good...I can see Tony just dropping Barrett in a New York minute if she has put Ziva in danger...Ziva hasn't been herself - little ninja - of late but then she hasn't been herself since she came back from Somalia has she ??? I repeat once again - I totally loved the elevator scene and I think for one of the first times Tony saw Ziva as she truly is..I hope they carry that over to Season 9 for a few episodes. I fear though that Ziva is entering CIRays place and that is how she gets captured. I think CIRay is the next to go and he is somehow involved....ah..I miss Mike Franks already, but look he is back next week already.

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Tony: One other question, I know you're an expert in English history. And I was just wondering, have you ever heard of Archibald Drummond, the 17th Earl of Trent?
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