Nikita Review: "Betrayals"

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"Betrayals" couldn’t have been a more fitting title for this episode of Nikita.

It took me a while to reflect on everything that happened before I could write this review. In fact, all of my past reviews seem like they were all fake, thanks to Percy.

None of the victories Michael and Nikita attained were real; they were all rigged by Percy. Xander Berkeley really stole the show tonight, as Percy doesn’t get much screen time usually.

Percy Picture

I think its better that way though, because it made this reveal that much more shocking and unexpected. I wonder what went down in the room with Michael and Percy though.

When they left the scene in Percy’s office, Michael had a gun pointed towards him, and then the next we saw of him was talking to Amanda. Great stuff between Melinda, Lyndsy and Xander this week.

I’m still not over the shock of Alex shooting Nikita, although she did set out to kill the murderer of her family. Next week, it looks like she’s gone on an all out shooting spree.

I didn’t see Nikita in next week's promo, but I can’t see Nikita dying. The show is based on her point of view.

Side notes:

  • There was great continuity with Nikita and Michael being in the same outfits they left in. This show has been impressive with connecting episodes from one end to another beginning.
  • We also got to see Birkhoff kick some butt, although the poor guy can’t even use the toilet alone.

What did you think TV Fanatics? Are you excited for the finale? Sound off below and don’t forget to check out the Nikita quotes I picked out from tonight’s episode!


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i think alex kinda already new that nikita was the one that killed her father because her father died then nikita got her out right after that and if it was a different agent that shot her father then they would killed her to so alex probably already kind of suspected it.


Im really not buying that Alex didnt know that Nikita was the agent that killed her father. I mean, as a viewer one could see that it was her from the first flashback... the close up on the boots/legs of the shooter was a dead giveaway that it was a woman. I think Nikita told her already and we will see it as a flashback from the earlier days Alex was with Nikita, because Nikita most have known that if Percy ever found out about Alex*s real identity he would use that to turn Alex against her. It must all be part of their plan. ... i hope :) Great episode, nonetheless !! Cant wait till thursday!


Alex: You think this is a game?
Percy: It is a game, chess to be exact. Haha! Owen would be a rook? I doubt Alex will work for Division or Gogol and she's not going to run away, which leaves Nikita. I suppose she could play a quadruple-agent but I don't think for long.


I can't wait to see next weeks episode! I want to know how Alex told Nikita what was going on so they could fake her death. I thought it was kind of random how they ended up in an open building. I mean did they ever really explain that? I really liked the episode overall though.

Tracy betts

You know it's exceptional writing when you feel completely manipulated and the villain makes some really good points! ;)


I actually think this was the best episode and that you should never underestimate Percy. I get the feeling that if this picks up a second season then Birkhoff and Amanda will begin to betray Percy.


I actually hated the convulated plots surrounding Percy. It was like the show was going the dreadfully awful route of "oh, you think that? well...we WANTED you to think that!" I mean, come on! And Alex? Obviously she didn't really kill Nikita. Either she & Nikita were "in" on the whole thing together. Or Alex is having hallucinations again like back in the drug-withdrawal episode. Perhaps Amanda, since last week's ep, has Alex under drugs & trying to mess w/ Alex's psyche. Melinda Clark said something about that in an interview at EW. I hope next week's ep gives an awesome explanation to this week's, because as a stand alone, this week's was lame, imo.


A couple of things-- I keep wondering if there really is a kill-chip in Alex's head. Just the fear of it would be enough to keep Alex doing what Percy wants (at least enough to convince him she's doing his bidding). Percy as the master manipulator is reminiscent of the great spy novels of Robert Ludlum--the earlier ones where there was always a global organization or individual pulling the strings that made the world's economies and powers dance.


Best episode of the series. I can't wait for the finale. I loved seeing the twists unfold. Great acting from the whole cast and even Ryan wasn't so bad this time around. It breaks my heart to see a possible Alex v. Nikita story. Their relationship is the best one on the show. Hopefully things don't get too crazy between them. A few favorite parts: "We just sleep together" and the voice changer were hilarious. Nikita and Michael truly make a good couple. I liked the "Tom Cruise on a harness couldn't get in" bit because MQ was in Mission Impossible 3 with him. I wouldn't mind if a character like Marshall was around to stay. Hopefully in Season 2 (yes, I'm confident), Nikita and her team can come back strong. Any thoughts on Oversight?


wow those twists rival those of TVD! amazing episode! never have seen that coming.

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Michael, if we succeed Percy goes down and you're free to go wherever you want. Like here, for example.


Nikita: Operation Sparrow. Honestly, where does he come up with these names?
Michael: The more innocuous they sound, the more lethal they are.