Parks and Recreation Casting Call: Who Should Play Tammy the First?

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For a sitcom, the Parks and Recreation season finale sure dropped a few bombshells.

One of the most outrageous moments involved a coif-singed, eyebrowless Ron Swanson being confronted by his ex-wife, Tammy Number-Two (played hilariously, as usual, by Nick Offerman's real life wife, Megan Mullaly), and then simultaneously being blindsided by the appearance of first ex-wife, Tammy Number-One, who we only partially saw through a window.

Ron and Tammy

Just the mere mention of her name was enough to terrify Tammy Number-Two and send her into an expletive-laced, expedited  departure. Who could possibly be so awful that she would scare the bejeezus out of the woman that Ron claims resides within "Satan's butt-hole?"

Better yet, what actress would you love to see cast in the role? (Debra Messing, anyone?)

Fortunately, we won't have too terribly long to wait, as Parks and Recreation will return in the fall rather than making us suffer once again through a wait until midseason.

In the meantime, toss out your casting suggestions now. Who should play the first Tammy?

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What about the actress who played Maryann in TRUE BLOOD? she was clearly a bitch


OMG. The moment when Tammy 2 got scared shitless and ran away was HILARIOUS. Debra Messing would be fine, but she seems so nice that I don't really see her being Ron's first bitchy wife.

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Leslie: Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?
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