Parks and Recreation Season Finale Review: R.I.P. Li'l Sebastian

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I really hope "The Bubble" phase of Ben and Leslie’s relationship isn’t over that quickly. For that matter, I wish I could spend just a little more time with my favorite Parks Department. But at least Parks will be back in the fall rather than midseason.

I’m still of the mind that Chris’ whole government-employees-caught-dating-will-be-fired rule is unnecessary. With Ben and Leslie being the types of people they are (incredibly dedicated) and Leslie’s potential run for office, the rule just doesn’t feel like it needs to be in place.

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It feels more like an obstacle created only to generate more friction. Granted, I do enjoy the sneaking around the two of them did in the episode in an attempt to keep it under wraps. But how sustainable of a plot device is that? It’s just a few episodes in and I’m already growing tired of it.

I can’t dwell too much on the office dating because the show does move at a relatively brisk clip with the characters and where they want to be. Especially, because, as I said before, the lengths Ben and Leslie are going to to keep their relationship a secret is very funny.

Between the butt dialing voicemail Leslie left Ron while she and Ben fooled around - “oh President Reagan, my blazer popped open” - and Leslie’s list of things her Mom likes, it was absolutely hysterical.

Before I finally move on from the Ben and Leslie relationship (I promise this time), I can’t help but wonder what kind of wrench Leslie’s (potential) political aspirations does to the machine. What kind of issues will this run draw out of Ben, who we all know had a rather unsuccessful term as mayor?

I was a little surprised at Ron deciding to go to bat for his team, especially since he loves any potential plan that can send the government to incapacitation.

It further deepens Ron’s character as a man who will take the punishment of the swivel chair and desk if it means he can make his people happy doing their jobs again. Something we all do know about him, but is nice to see every once in a while.

"Li'l Sebastian" was the better of the two episodes for Ron because I got to witness the epicness that is this man without eyebrows. Ron Swanson without eyebrows is something I would like to see one more time before I die.

Not much can be said about Tom this week. Being exiled to the fourth floor was funny, but it didn’t do much for me. His obnoxiousness was raised to much higher levels in finale when he was around Jean-Ralphio.

His resignation to work with Jean-Ralphio in their new entertainment “conglomerate” doesn’t seem to have much of a traction past the first five minutes of next season.

Other thoughts:

  • I was hoping Donna’s “space keyboard” would fly away at some point.
  • The return of Tammy 2, who’s scared shitless of Tammy 1. Awesome.
  • RIP Li’l Sebastian, I’ll miss you small horse.

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Li'l Sebastian Review

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