Private Practice Review: "God Bless the Child"

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Talk about opening a can of worms – and right before the season finale no less. Last night’s "God Bless the Child" was excellent and brought back little Betsey, finally gave Amelia a storyline, and as always, put all of our Oceanside doctors at odds.

I am really glad that Private Practice revisited Betsey.

I always felt like her story was left unfinished. Poor Betsey, though. When she said she didn’t want to be in the hospital because that’s where her parents and everyone died, my heart nearly dropped. Hasn’t this child suffered enough?

Tough Spot For Addy

As I am not Violet’s biggest fan, I kind of enjoyed Betsey telling Violet that she did not want to see her after asking her why she never visited. Cooper was right in saying that Violet should not blame Pete for not previously adopting Betsey.

As always, Violet has a tendency to be self-absorbed.

It made sense when Sam brought up how all members of the practice made the decision not to help Betsey long ago. Everyone certainly struggled with this as they decided to launch an investigation into her new foster family.

However, I thought it was predictable that Betsey’s new brother, Marshall, was the one who was abusing her and not her foster parents.

I get why Betsey wouldn’t come clean at first about the abuse from Marshall. She probably knew she was more than likely to lose yet another family and home.

Let’s not forget that sadness is all she’s ever known. From losing her parents to being abandoned by her aunt, Betsey really couldn’t ever catch a break.

Fortunately, Betsey will finally have a home and family with Naomi. I couldn’t have imagined a better and more perfect happy ending for Betsey and for Naomi as she exits stage left. Yet, with Fife out of the picture and heading back to D.C., I wonder how Naomi will leave Private Practice.

Can we say FINALLY about the writers giving Amelia a storyline?!

Although we’ve only seen her as a rock star in the OR, a maid of honor, and an AddiSam supporter, it was different seeing her in a vulnerable state. I have a feeling this is going to just be the beginning for a very difficult journey for Amelia. I am definitely looking forward to seeing Amelia fight her demons.

Nevertheless, I’m a little confused about her struggling sobriety storyline.

When Amelia confessed to Charlotte that she accidentally took a sip of what she thought was ginger ale but actually wasn’t at the wedding, I couldn’t help but recall the numerous times we saw her drinking wine with Addison.

What’s up with that? Are we supposed to believe that the slip up at the wedding was the first time she’s had a drink since she became sober? Regardless, she’s got Charlotte on her side. I love the dynamic of both Charlotte and Amelia and how close they’ve gotten.

I appreciated that Addison stuck by her patient who wanted an abortion. Addison was willing to support her patient no matter what her decision was.

It was obviously not an easy task for Addison. Although I am glad that Addison and Naomi hashed it out, it was nice to see that Naomi was there for her best friend in the end when she needed her most. That’s what real friends are for, right?

One more thing, wasn’t it kind of funny when Sheldon was playing with Olivia and making those silly noises? I really like Sheldon. Now that Amelia has a storyline, I’m waiting for Sheldon to get his own storyline as well.

Overall, this was a strong installment of Private Practice. Get ready for next week’s season finale! What did you think of “God Bless the Child”?

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@Valentina I think part of the reason why Addison is not shown supporting Amelia is because this isn't really something that she understands. They probably highlight Amelia's relationship with Charlotte because they experience the same things as recovering addicts. Addison values her relationship with Amelia but this is just not an aspect of her life that she can understand as much as Charlotte can. As for all those offended by abortion, I understand where you're coming from cause I'm a Catholic who's strongly against it. But I think we just need to be a understanding of what the writers did here. It wasn't about pushing a political agenda or proving that partial abortion is right. I think what they wanted to show here is that there are a lack of abortion clinics in America despite it being legalized. The show is not out to prove this right but to inform. It's understandable why others would boycott this show because they found that storyline offensive but I hope you don't. Private Practice is a very informative show and that's what sets it apart from others.


Like Gaby Jaguaribe I'd rather not speak about the whole abortion subject. However I will say the following, Betsy nearly made me cry when she said the thing about everyone she loved dying in the hospital.
Loved the hug between Charlotte and Amelia near the end, and the fact that we all kjow Charlotte is not exactly the best people person I could feel the emotion behind it and I could genuinely see the caring friendly relationship they have developed, although I do hate the way that Addison is NEVER there for Amelia yet Amelia treats Addison like a sister!


The story line of this episode was disgusting. Justifying partial birth abortion because good abortion doctors are intimated was ridiculous. I will no longer be recording this program. I hope this is its last season.


I was so offended by the show that I am done with it. I will not be preached to about abortion rights - especially something so awful as partial birth abortion - it is just plain wrong. Just because you have the right to do something does not mean it's the right thing to do. I don't need a TV show telling me I should support someone who choses to do it. That's not the type of person I choose to support. And that Addison doing the abortion brings Naomi back to her...seriously???


I loved this episode! First off, with the Betsey story, I thought every aspect of it was done perfectly. Her first lines about both her parents dying in the hospital just broke my heart right there. It was great to see every member of the practice care about her and see them struggle through the regret of the decision that they made earlier in the season. I liked how Cooper felt the need to do something once he thought Betsey was in trouble and although he acted on compulsion, we saw him find a balance when he agreed to letting the social worker come back. I really liked how Betsey was initially not interested in speaking with Violet because that carries so much weight to the over-all story of Betsey. There was a sense of abandonment there and it was something she had the right to be upset about. I didn’t really like Violet’s attitude throughout the entire episode in the sense that she blamed others, such as Pete and Naomi, for the situation Betsey was in when what she was upset about was Violet’s lack of communication after she was put in the system. Violet made her own choice in episode four so she doesn’t get to place blame on the others. I appreciate though how she realized this in the end of episode when she apologized and made her promises to Betsey. As for Naomi being the one to take in Betsey, I think it fits perfectly with the development of the story as well as the exit of Audra McDonald. Since earlier episodes she was the one that made a relationship with Betsey and she was the only one that wasn’t there when the need to take Betsey in was happening. In the end it’s good to know that even if we may not see Betsey again in the near future, we know that she’s in a good place and there’s a good reason for not seeing her. As for the storyline of Addison, Naomi, and Patty, no matter what, abortion will always be a sticky subject to tackle. A lot of opinions were said throughout the episode and although it might upset viewers, Private Practice did something like this in order to really educate people. This is what they want to do anyway. They have tackled a lot of moral issues and an abortion like this is something they haven’t. They’re not trying to push any form of political agenda but rather keep people informed while consequently respecting the opinions of both sides of the issue. I really liked the way this story was handled although I don’t agree with what Naomi did. As a doctor, it was not her right to persuade a patient out of doing something because it’s just up to them to inform. It was good to see the vulnerability of Addison through a topic like this one because it connects strongly to her desire to have a child. And in the end, I like how this brought Addison and Naomi back together. Thank God Amelia has a storyline! I loved the friendship that we saw between Charlotte and Amelia this week. It was good last week but it was even better this time around. That hug that Charlotte gave her towards the end of the episode – that just speaks volumes. I like the genuine care that they have for one another because they know what the other is feeling. I think that it’s good for the show to tackle something like this because there are a lot of recovering addicts out there. It’ll be good to show that even such successful individuals can find themselves vulnerable to it but what they need to do is resist the urge to back to that place. But when they’re not able to, I think that’s something that we’ll see as Amelia continues her journey and struggle with sobriety.


I understand that the abortion storyline was a difficult one, but I find that one reason I like to watch this show is because of the realism and real issues it covers. Like in season 2 when Violet had to take on a pedophile as a client. These are real issues. You can't ignore them.


Seriously, I used to love private practice, but I am done with it. I do not find it enjoyable to be preached to about abortion. I was hoping Addison would help the girl out financially and then end up keeping the baby. That would have been a nice story. That was just too sad to me. I am not enjoying the show any more. I removed it from my DVR.


So offensive and unnecessarily controversial. The show didn't need to cross the line of partial-birth abortion. This is a show for entertainment, not a political forum. What an inappropriate place to insert an agenda like that. I'm deeply disappointed with a show that used to impress me. Why can't viewers have a short break To unwind from the drama, arguments, and loaded issues that are all over our tvs, computers, and newspapers every day?!


I rather not say a thing about abortion. But Betsy made me cry. I can't believe that's what happens to kids in the system all the time. It makes me sad.


One of the biggest line's one show could cross. The practice is losing viewers, credibility, and respect. Late term abortions kills the "fetus" after it is fully developed. It's brain, nervous system, everything that makes him or her human. If birthed, the "fetus" could live outside the mothers womb. There are literally thousands of woman that cannot have children, and would love to be able to have a baby.

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Private Practice Season 4 Episode 21 Quotes

When it comes to abortion, everybody has an opinion. Everybody is going to want to tell you what to do. If this were 1972, it would have been a back alley and not my elevator that you collapsed in. Because back then, you didn't have a choice and now you do. But, it's still hard. And even after you make the most difficult, personal decision that there is, it's still unsafe. Because you have some fanatic who claims to value life who can walk into an abortion clinic and can blow it up. Pattie, you are the only who knows if you can have a child. Everyone else's opinion is just background noise. So, if you want to keep this baby, I'll support you. If you want to give up for an adoption, I'll help. If you want to have an abortion, I'll do it. I'm not here to judge you. I just need you to know any decision you make is for you. Not for me, not for Dr. Bennet... for you.


Charlotte: My mom always says God doesn't give with both hands. You're young, beautiful, brilliant. There has to be something you can't have.
Amelia: Some days I'd give that all up.
Charlotte: That's just the craving talking. The longer you go without a drink...
Amelia: I drank at your wedding. I thought it was ginger ale. I spit it out.
Charlotte: OK, since then?
Amelia: Nothing, but I can't stop thinking about it.
Charlotte: It was an accident. Don't let a slip turn into a fall. Get your butt to a meeting.