Saffron Burrows Leaving The Finder; Character Being Recast

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The female lead on The Finder is currently being recast, with Saffron Burrows leaving the Bones spinoff that will debut in midseason next year, according to EW.

The former Law & Order: Criminal Intent actress played Geoff Stults’ sidekick in the show’s quasi-pilot, an April episode of Bones fittingly titled "The Finder."

Her character, Ike, was a tough bar owner and helicopter pilot with a very pronounced English accent, but the network has decided to re-conceive the role.

Having a Brewski

A recasting such as this is common this time of year after networks analyze their pilots and try to figure out how to make the shows better before they debut for real.

Normally this all happens behind the scenes, but in the case of The Finder, the pilot already aired nationally with Burrows starring as part of an episode of Bones.

One similar example? Private Practice's pilot debuted as an episode of Grey's Anatomy, with Merrin Dungey as Naomi, who was then played by Audra McDonald in the fall.

Geoff Stults and Michael Clarke Duncan are still signed on for The Finder. It's unclear if Ike will be played by a different actress or the character scrapped altogether.

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I won't watch without Ike, I tried and it was boring without her. Why would they get rid of her? It's crazy.


I Won't Watch this show until they bring saffron back ! I call for Boycott !


No Saffron, no me. She's the reason I watched the 1 season of LO:CI with Jeff Goldblum who i also liked. Never watched it before or since or any other L&O series. Too bad, I was sort of looking forward to it.


hmm how strange, she's a great actress, but tO have to say as she had a horrible forced accent in the 'pilot', nothing like her normal accent which would have worked and stood out as being English.. The director/producers clearly told her to lay it on thick and it may have cost her the part as it was truly appaling(im from London so know what im talking about, no one talks that badly even if they have a similar accent).


i couldn't care anyless about it!

Sue ann

They would be better off to scrap the whole show, rather than just the one character, but if they intend to keep the show, it will be better without that ridiculous bartending pilot. It is still ludicrous; the basic premise is nuts.


Saffron's so gorgeous and I love her accent. Why the hell did they have to recast??I'm not watching anymore!


Well I suppose they looking for a bimbo now !


Yes, I like her as an actress but the accent they had her use in the backdoor pilot was the only turnoff to the series, I am glad they are recasting.


They should have just let her be herself. She's great, but they made her look like a stooge.

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