Smallville Finale Review: The End of an Epic Journey

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It’s not often one gets to witness a series finale as epic as that of Smallville.

Going into the Finale, even I wasn’t expecting something so special. Especially with all of my worries from last week about certain plot elements that weren’t wrapped up yet. Yet what Smallville pulled off was nothing short of brilliant. It put to rest its roots in a satisfying and believable way, launching its characters into the ongoing mythology.

Lex Luthor and Clark

Thinking back to watching the pilot, I'm amazed at just how much Clark (and Tom Welling as an actor) have grown. A boy who slowly gone from wanting a normal life, feeling burdened by his powers, and a bit of an outsider to a man accepting who he is, embracing his destiny, finding the love of his life, and becoming a symbol of hope and a leader.

All of that came together in the finale, but not before Clark received a few more life lessons from those he cares about. It was always one of the smaller moments of the series, the bits of advice Clark would receive from those around him. But it held up the theme of the show and brought a lot of weight to some of the show’s more iconic moments.

I’m glad that it was something that was touched upon even in the finale. I’ve always felt those moments were what helped defined
Smallville in the beginning.

The advice? There’s no reason to not embrace everything that makes Clark who he is. He is Kryptonian and he is human. By accepting both, he was able to finally, finally take flight and save the day.

Lois was who I was most worried about coming into this finale because the reasons of how and why she was pushed into this predicament of cold feet didn’t feel real. I was very happy to see her realize that although all of her fears were logical, they didn’t really make much sense considering the relationship she shares with Clark. She is not a burden, she is his greatest supporter and ally.

I was happy to finally see Lois cement herself in history by figuring out the army was going to nuke what they thought was a meteor and could kill millions of innocent people. In the process, she got the scoop of the century on board Air Force One.

Tess is a character I could never quite figure out. For all of the redemption she sought, there was always that thin strand of darkness that seemed to creep back into her life. All we learned of her and her past, eventually finding out she was a Luthor, culminated last night into the figurative noose around her neck.

In the kill or be killed world of Luthor, Tess eventually lost to Lex, but not before we finally witnessed which side she ultimately chose. As Lex stabbed her, she implanted a neurotoxin on him and erased his memory.

But for all of the characters we’ve grown to love watching Smallville, last night was all about Clark Kent.

At the Altar

Part of Clark and his destiny is Lex Luthor. I was unsure how Lex was to be handled and I was happy to see the “Smallville Way” prevail one last time. Lex was willing to wait for their epic story to begin while Clark defeated Darkseid once and for all.

The finale was book-ended by Chloe reading a story to her son seven years into the future. She was reading to him a Smallville comic, the story of how Clark Kent became Superman. At the end, we saw a bow and arrow before flashing to the Daily Planet one last time.

I couldn’t have asked for a better ending than those seven years in the future. We see Lois and Clark fully enmeshed in who they are and still trying to get married. We see Jimmy one last time. We hear Perry White complaining with Lois and Jimmy gauging just how bad it is.

And we watch Clark run up to the roof at the first sign of trouble and rip open his shirt to see the “S” one last time while John William’s iconic score plays in the background. This is the scene I always imagined Smallville could end with. How fitting.

To see this kind of resolution in a finale was breath taking, but to see how well the show sent me off into the future with the characters I’ve grown up with made it much more satisfying.

Other thoughts:

  • Oliver didn’t get much of storyline. I was glad to see he ended up with Chloe and was able to overcome the darkness he’s been battling inside.
  • The scene when Lois entered the chapel but couldn’t find Clark was a bit heart wrenching. Then, watching as he showed up and walked her down the aisle, I had tears welling up in my eyes. It was a beautiful scene.
  • Martha and Jonathan were much bigger parts of the finale than I thought they would be (something I’m very happy about).
  •  I loved the Smallville montages and allusions to past Superman films.
  • Lois calling Clark “Smallville” one last time.
  • “And now the series finale of Smallville.” It’s like a dagger to my heart.


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the only thing that could have made the finally better is if we saw lana, somewhere in the world, looking up and see clark destroy the apocalypse.. saying something like:well done clark..
just a small moment.. she was a big part of the show.. for the rest it was perfect!


Ok now, Smallville the Movie... Please!


@themanabout His BIo on the History channel said the only Superman his only successful movie


I really liked the finale,i guess it also shows that smallville wasn't only about defeating bad guys,but also about family,friends, and decisions that have to be made in life!!
Altough the Darkseid plot is a bit rushed I don't mind,since he isn't dead and if there were more seasons,he'd surely make a return,i hope so!!!!


Personnaly, I loved it! We saw flashbacks, Martha, and Jonathan had a big part, Lex was there but, there's some things that I didn't like :
- Chloe didn't have enough screen time and I would've liked a scene with just her and Clark.
- I would've liked Lana to be there, but not to confuse Clark about his feelings or anything, just to help the gang against Darkseid.
- I hated the fact that they didn't acknowledge Tess's death. This character was so good and I woul've liked her death to be more significant, but overall, great end for her character!
that's just little comments but it think it was a sucess !


Any chnace for a spin off? especial one with Green Arrow and/or Brainiac i fee like those 2 are most likely to be able to carry the series.


I am not happy with the ending about the battle between darkside and clarke it should of been more highlighted... But overall was happy the way the show embrace all the mythology scene that would make clarke the man of steel


Words can't be said about how happy & exciting that finale was. It touched bases with everything! - Perry White's "Great Ceasar's Ghost!" was awesome to hear. - Oliver didn't have a lot to do with the end but I'm okay with that. With so much they wanted to bring back for the finale (characters, storylines) there wasn't room for everyone. Even though Michael Rosenbaum did get a huge amount of screentime I didn't expect that. - Can't say enough for the two main actors, Clark & Lois. Great acting, I believed their vows were to each other. I imagine the Vancouver/Langley area will definitely miss them and the cast. - Jimmy Olsen 2! Awesome cameo by his 'brother'. Very memorable way too, showing he still can't take a good action picture of Clark. - The ending scene of Clark being so clumsy, he's got that down to a T. Favourite show, loved the ending totally will miss the series!




themanabout it underperformed at the box office meaning it flopped according to Studio's expectations...most cult classics normally aren't appreciated when they first come out as critics found the movie overly romantic. Also unless you are talking about Saturn Awards which he wasn't even nominated for Reeves did not win any awards for this like GG or Oscars. The film was nominated for an oscar for costume design.
I don't recall Deathtrap getting any award nods other than a Razzies for Cannon's performance. However Deathtrap did okay but critics was divided for over it though which is my point. You made it seem as if Rear Window was a on the big screen, but it was wasn't but the only award you are right is the one he got for Rear Window which is a SAG. You need to point out what nods (like if it was a SAG or GG) he got as the two you have listed for his two big screen films are not true.

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