The Chicago Code Review: "Bathhouse and Hinky Dink"

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In what had to be the best rollercoaster ride episode to date "Bathhouse and Hinky Dink" finally gave Colvin and Wysocki a break in their campaign to bring down Gibbons.

If there ever was a “Liam Episode,” this was it.

Shawn Ryan did such a stellar job of continually guiding Liam in to situations where you think he is going to be discovered, killed, or both. But, he didn’t stop there; he continued to build up the tension to the point I was holding my breath, gritting my teeth, and my palms got sweaty.

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Then miraculously Liam is fine. However, a few minutes later the ride started all over again and I loved every terrifying minute of it!

Did anyone else spend majority of this episode thinking for sure at any moment Liam was going to end up like Antonio (Colvin’s first driver) and be shot unexpectedly? I suspected everyone, first his buddy at the bar, and then from Killian, hell, I even thought Killian sent his daughter to kill him when she showed up at the bar! 

I think that is the genius of this episode; I spent more time believing Liam was in more trouble than he ever really was. My hat is off to Shawn Ryan and his team; had they put anymore tension in this episode I might have had passed out! 

I also have a new loathing for Gibbons. After getting a phone call (presumably about Killian being in trouble) he trashed his desk and then called his assistant in and looking at her panties calmed him down enough that he told her to lock the door. There is not enough “ewwwww” in the world to describe how icky that scene made me feel.  I hope Colvin and Wysocki know the full depth of the man they just declared war on. 

On the flipside of the Killian/Liam/Gibbons plot, we got to see more of Vonda and Isaac in their relationship debating going public or not. As ex-military person, the bottom line for me is that even if there are no rules about dating your partner (which I am sure there is,) Both Vonda and Issac know it is unacceptable to do so. 

For those who think "love conquers all", consider it this way, just because I can sing 99 Bottles of Beer like Ethel Merman while riding on the subway to work doesn’t mean it is acceptable behavior. Same goes for Vonda and Isaac.

Vonda and Isaac need to decide, do you want to be partners on the force or in bed? If you want to be in a relationship, go to your commander and get new assignments so you can be together at home without feeling the fear of Jarek Wysocki eating Isaac’s eyeballs or feeling like the department pariahs. If you want to be partners, well since you can't put the genie back in the bottle, that ship has sailed, go see your commander!  

Honestly, their entire “love story” is boring me to tears. It feels like a completely different writer (with no imagination) is writing their romance. I had believed that Ryan would do something new and different when he first had them climb into the sack together. But, so far, I have been supremely underwhelmed with the results.

This is one of those storylines that looked good on paper but doesn’t work on the screen. Move along people, move along, nothing to see here. 

With three episodes left this season, it will be a photo finish for sure for Wysocki, Evers, and Colvin in their battle against Gibbons. 

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let us know below!


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Caught the Chicago Code teaser last night following the season finale of 'Fringe' - which has been renewed. The news is not good: "Watch the last three episodes of Chicago Code (period)." Not the last three episodes OF THE SEASON. Since both of these shows have been on the bubble, stands to reason.
(Of course, in the alternate universe, Fringe-wise, the reverse could be happening. . .)


Does anyone know if The Chicago Code is being renewed for next year? I love this show.


IF I'm going to have a rendezvous with my informer, I want to make sure I'm out by (the aquarium? Isn't that where it is?) - in full view of the city. Very secret- uh-huh. That, and Vonda/Issac were the only distractions for me on this otherwise crackling episode. Liam's passage into darkness was amazing, as each time he was threatened, he managed to up his cred instead. His motivation is pretty clear at this point: He has blood on his hands, and the only way to make that right is to take off the head of the snake. Shawn Ryan: Way to really up the stakes here. I agree with the reviewer here that Vonda and Issac have to choose. . . but before that, I haven't seen a character - I'm talking about you, Issac - wear the "Deadman" badge with such obvious intent since Anthony Edwards' "Goose" in Top-Gun, that is, if he doesn't get Vonda capped first. Honestly Vonda, what do you see in him?

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The Chicago Code Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Reporter: Superintendent, can you may corruption a thing of the past here in Chicago?
Colvin: Can we make corruption disappear? Probably not; can I put the fear of God into people and make them think twice before stealing from my city? Absolutely.

Colvin: That was subtle.
Wysocki: Subtle is for plastic surgeons and poets.