The Chicago Code Season 1

"Mike Royko's Revenge"

Wysocki faces family issues on the series finale of The Chicago Code. He and Colvin also put everything on their line in their fight against Gibbons.

"Greylord and Gambat"

It's part one of The Chicago Code season finale. During "Greylord and Gambat," Colvin and Wysocki build their case against Gibbons.

"Black Sox"

Caleb investigates a supposed hate crime; Gibbons learns of Teresa's plan; An anonymous package to Vonda reveals secrets about the Wysocki family.

"Bathhouse and Hinky Dink"

Colvin and Wysocki get set to finally take on Alderman Gibbons and their effort to clean up Chicago yields some unexpected results when a deadlocked jury acquits a corrupt city official tied to the mob and Gibbons.

"St. Valentine's Day Massacre"

Superintendent Colvin is blamed for the city's rising crime problem by the Mayor after five merchants are killed in a restaurant in Lincoln Park.

"Wild Onions"

Teresa finds herself back on the street this week. The episode is titled "Wild Onions."

"Black Hand and the Shotgun Man"

Wysocki and Evers negotiate a deal with a drug dealer on The Chicago Code this week. Read on for a full recap.

"The Gold Coin Kid"

A high-class call girl is found dead on this episode. Caleb investigates the crime and continues to prove himself to Jarek.

"O'Leary's Cow"

There's a murder in Chinatown on this episode of The Chicago Code. Colvin, Caleb and Jarek must therefore consult with local businessmen.


Gibbons returns to his old neighborhood this week, as we learn even more about the Alderman. Meanwhile, Jarek and Caleb track down a bomber.

"Gillis, Chase and Baby Face"

We go inside the world of Alderman Gibbons' this week, as the cat-and-mouse game between him and Colvin continues.

"Hog Butcher"

The focus of this episode is on who killed Teresa's driver. The answer ends up surprising both Colvin and Wysocki.

We meet the Chicago Superintendent of Police and a detective named Jarek Wysocki on the series premiere of The Chicago Code. They set out to take on corruption.

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