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One thing I have learned about fighting crime in Chicago, it’s a marathon not a sprint; you better be ready to go the distance. - Teresa Colvin

The same could be said about the amazing season of The Chicago Code; it was a marathon, but we were rewarded for going the distance in this week’s series finale, "Mike Royko's Revenge."

Chicago Code Finale Scene

Knowing that this episode was written and filmed before anyone knew the show was not renewed I was watching to see where season two would have hooked in:

The Wysocki Family are not perfect cops: I believe this would have been a major plot point if the show had gone into a second season. The lesser ripple would be Vonda because she has been comparing herself to an image of her father that wasn’t true. The bigger ripple would be Jarek realizing the hot water into which his brother’s “ready, fire, aim” mentality can land you.

The scene at the end, with Wysocki and Elena being close again, was nice; it looked like watching the video from his brother allowed Jarek to let go of the thrashing and mind-numbing rage he had been keeping caged inside since he died.

While he still doesn’t know who shot his brother, he now knows that his brother knew things were going bad and was trying to take steps. And given that he had a ton of papers in front of him, I think the hunt for his killer was still on.

All of this would mean the Wysocki family would have been dealing with multiple levels of emotional growth, exploration, and anguish. Personally, I would love to have seen more of “Pops” Wysocki (Chelcie Ross). It would have been awesome to see the paternal influence that helped shape Jarek.

All work and no play, makes Colvin a dull girl: FBI Division Chief Cuyler (Adam Arkin) made a valid point that Teresa can’t let the job be her whole life. However, given that she was picking up strangers in hotels, it is just too tempting of a target for a creative writer like Shawn Ryan not use it to introduce some mayhem in her personal life.

The student is now the master: Evers was right in the pilot when he said if he could survive riding with Jarek Wysocki he would be able to write his own ticket. I don’t think he realized it would be due to the fact that he would get so good! From the trick with the phone at Killian’s hotel to the shot of him telling stories to the other officers, Caleb Evers is now an officer to be reckoned with, and the perfect partner for Jarek Wysocki.

Gibbons is down, but not out: While Gibbons may be behind bars, it could have easily been another full season before he was convicted. Even then he has enough connections and people that believe in him that he could have still caused some damage from prison. Gibbons is one of the best bad guys that has ever been brought to the screen. Delroy Lindo has done such an amazing job of portraying him. He truly believed the things he did were for the great good.

I commented after the first or second episode that he was so charismatic that his assistant Lilly was a puppet he could control for his urges. I had no idea when I made that comment how true it was, considering her actions with Killian.

I would have given this episode a perfect rating except two things. First, (other than discussing vacation spots) there was no mention of Isaac and Vonda's relationship; we got no closure on that at all.

Second, they did a weird series of shots where Vonda was standing guard over Chris (Liam) at the hospital with Isaac, then she was at her grandfather's, then she was back talking to Isaac at the hospital as if nothing had happened.

But aside from those minor oddities, I was very happy with how the series ended. I thought it was very poetic that the path that Ronin Gibbons put Jarek Wysocki on (hoping he would kill Killian), led him to the evidence that Wysocki used to indict him.

What did you think of the series finale? Did you see any other plot hooks that might have carried into another season? Let us know below!


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This show was a horrible disappointment coming from the creator of The Shield The acting was pathetic and corny except for Jennifer Beals & the Alderman, I hated the Alderman just like I hate Goefry in the Game of Thrones - The rest of the characters I could careless about, Wosacki's partner is such a stereotypical douche horrible actor trying to play a rookie inexperience detective After watching the movie The Departed I find the undercover cop in Chicago Code was just plain pathetic & I did not buy his horrible acting for one minute The car chase in the first episode was so ridiculous, no cop would confront a madman with a gun on a suicide mission and convince him to 'surrender' -The intro song was horrible I recommend you watch real shows like The Shield or The Wire if you dug this show even for a little bit. God I feel sorry for these geniuses that claim this show was 'really good'


Chicago code show is awsome, and deeply hurt that that was the last season, why everytime yall put together a great new show, something the people want yall up and disarm it like that thats messed up, yall should be ashamed of yall self, yall see all these comment these people leaving yall need to get it together stop being lazy and do yall job and get this season 2 out because i wanna know what's going to happen next.


we'll the series be back on tv me and my consitchues enjoy the show and hope it returns


who the heck makes these decisions to cancel shows. Chicago Code was one my husband and myself really looked forward to every week. Fantastic actors and great plots. Only goes to prove that the networks do not have people working for them that understand what people want.


I'm pretty sure Vonda and Isaac, in the first scene at the hospital, were talking about where it would be good to have a honeymoon. They weren't in agreement, but in the second hospital scene, they agreed that Mexico would be good. That seems like a pretty solid teaser for a much more developed relationship if a second season comes along.
Here's hoping!


Someone needs to pick up this show. It was really good!!!!


I agree with other peoples opinions that it would have been a terrific show to have continued on, I am not a TV watcher but this was something that I looked forward to every week because it was something new and fresh and was done in such an excellent fashion. I agree with an earlier posters opinion that Gibbons was one of the BEST "villains" I have seen on TV in a LONG time and indeed I think it was driven by his charisma and the fact that he did have a sincere feeling that his actions functioned as the greater good and being a native of Chicago I can attest to this being a sad but accurate representation of Chicago politics, just take a look at the Blagoyavich trial which is coincidentally going on at the same time. The one good thing I can say about it only being around for this one amazing season is that it won't get drawn out and ruined by trying to create things that don't seem real for the sake of extending the show like happens with others like House, or any number of others I could cite...


there are soooo many unanswered questions..i watched this show faithful like a nun for about gibbons trial???how about lily's trial???how about killians daughters trial???how about vincent wozsockis evidence box what else was in there???what about all the police officers who gat arrested closing the show??what ever happened to the russians who vincent wozsocki was working with???and killian didnt "die" he was just in the what if he lives???what does that mean for everybody??this is just a few things off the top of my head....i demand a season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I loved the season and the finale. But I found the last season of Teresa willing to have a one-night stand too our of character. And I am not saying this just because I was tremendously jealous of the guy, which of course I am. And the smoothness with which she performed her pick up act was very suggestive that this was a regular thing she did. Posing as a conference attendee and having one-night stands with strangers every weekend doesn't seem to fit the integrity and honesty of the character. Either way, I will miss this show, and seeing her beautiful face on the screen.


Who was Superintendent Colvin at the bar with toward the end of the show? That wasn't the FBI agent was it?

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The Chicago Code Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Cuyler: I will stop fooling around if you will grant me one date, with flowers and candles, and Sheakspearian sonnets.
Colvin: You know I can't do that
Cuyler: I know you feel like you have to be your best, but you can't let the job be your whole life Teresa.

So the one guy who is going to put you away is the same guy who killed my brother; awfully coincidental.