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One thing I have learned about fighting crime in Chicago, it’s a marathon not a sprint; you better be ready to go the distance. - Teresa Colvin

The same could be said about the amazing season of The Chicago Code; it was a marathon, but we were rewarded for going the distance in this week’s series finale, "Mike Royko's Revenge."

Chicago Code Finale Scene

Knowing that this episode was written and filmed before anyone knew the show was not renewed I was watching to see where season two would have hooked in:

The Wysocki Family are not perfect cops: I believe this would have been a major plot point if the show had gone into a second season. The lesser ripple would be Vonda because she has been comparing herself to an image of her father that wasn’t true. The bigger ripple would be Jarek realizing the hot water into which his brother’s “ready, fire, aim” mentality can land you.

The scene at the end, with Wysocki and Elena being close again, was nice; it looked like watching the video from his brother allowed Jarek to let go of the thrashing and mind-numbing rage he had been keeping caged inside since he died.

While he still doesn’t know who shot his brother, he now knows that his brother knew things were going bad and was trying to take steps. And given that he had a ton of papers in front of him, I think the hunt for his killer was still on.

All of this would mean the Wysocki family would have been dealing with multiple levels of emotional growth, exploration, and anguish. Personally, I would love to have seen more of “Pops” Wysocki (Chelcie Ross). It would have been awesome to see the paternal influence that helped shape Jarek.

All work and no play, makes Colvin a dull girl: FBI Division Chief Cuyler (Adam Arkin) made a valid point that Teresa can’t let the job be her whole life. However, given that she was picking up strangers in hotels, it is just too tempting of a target for a creative writer like Shawn Ryan not use it to introduce some mayhem in her personal life.

The student is now the master: Evers was right in the pilot when he said if he could survive riding with Jarek Wysocki he would be able to write his own ticket. I don’t think he realized it would be due to the fact that he would get so good! From the trick with the phone at Killian’s hotel to the shot of him telling stories to the other officers, Caleb Evers is now an officer to be reckoned with, and the perfect partner for Jarek Wysocki.

Gibbons is down, but not out: While Gibbons may be behind bars, it could have easily been another full season before he was convicted. Even then he has enough connections and people that believe in him that he could have still caused some damage from prison. Gibbons is one of the best bad guys that has ever been brought to the screen. Delroy Lindo has done such an amazing job of portraying him. He truly believed the things he did were for the great good.

I commented after the first or second episode that he was so charismatic that his assistant Lilly was a puppet he could control for his urges. I had no idea when I made that comment how true it was, considering her actions with Killian.

I would have given this episode a perfect rating except two things. First, (other than discussing vacation spots) there was no mention of Isaac and Vonda's relationship; we got no closure on that at all.

Second, they did a weird series of shots where Vonda was standing guard over Chris (Liam) at the hospital with Isaac, then she was at her grandfather's, then she was back talking to Isaac at the hospital as if nothing had happened.

But aside from those minor oddities, I was very happy with how the series ended. I thought it was very poetic that the path that Ronin Gibbons put Jarek Wysocki on (hoping he would kill Killian), led him to the evidence that Wysocki used to indict him.

What did you think of the series finale? Did you see any other plot hooks that might have carried into another season? Let us know below!


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They cancelled this show?? This is great TV!! I'm so disappointed. I'm not sure how the network made the decision, but they should definitely reconsider. It was well written and well acted. Very sad to say I will have no reason to turn on my television on Monday night.


very bad mistake to kill the show.
what an amazing powerful and unique show!


I thought the final shot of Vonda and Isaac made sense, and gave a sense of their relationship. In that final scene, Vonda has tears in her eyes and Isaac suggests that they go to Mexico, which I read as responding to her need to get away in order to think about the news about her father. (As opposed to the first scene, where his suggestion of Vegas has more to do with what he wants than what she does, and they're both smiling and joking around). I saw it as a way of showing us that their relationship is growing and strengthening, and that they're going to get through this thing together. I agree that the second season could have been great, though, and I'm so sad that there won't be one. I would have loved to see Gibbons' trial, and the public response to Colvin's arresting him just as he was about to effect her resignation.


As a series finale goes, it was GREAT............It is still VERY disappointing that it won't be back, as I considered this to be an equal with NYPD Blue; that's how good this series was.
Big mistake by the network.

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The Chicago Code Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Cuyler: I will stop fooling around if you will grant me one date, with flowers and candles, and Sheakspearian sonnets.
Colvin: You know I can't do that
Cuyler: I know you feel like you have to be your best, but you can't let the job be your whole life Teresa.

So the one guy who is going to put you away is the same guy who killed my brother; awfully coincidental.