The Good Wife Review: All Alicia Breaks Loose

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I can sum up my thoughts on "In Sickness," with one statement: Julianna Margulies just won herself an Emmy.

I was so captivated by her performance, that I have a difficult time really putting into words how I felt about it. She's always been great, but tonight she went from great to absolutely spectacular.

Alicia F. Pic

I loved the montage of her packing up Peter's belongings and then getting herself primped and primed for court, all set to the music blaring from her son's iPod.

The only thing that could have made all that better would have been to have a Waiting To Exhale moment with Alicia stuffing his things into his car and setting it on fire and then walking away, leaving it burning behind her.

A victim no more, Alicia is finally taking control and looks fabulous doing it.

How heartbreaking was the scene between Alicia and her children as she struggled to explain the situation between she and Peter without unnecessarily giving them the sordid details?

When Grace spoke through tears "You need to protect us more" and Alicia collapsed into sobbing, I was nearly right there with her.

At the time, I did find it a little ironic that Alicia was trying to explain to the kids that sometimes when something could hurt the family it's ok to not tell the whole truth, yet she's angry with Peter because he didn't tell her about Kalinda.

My first thought was maybe he really was trying to protect her feelings, since this was the first true friend she had made since the scandal first broke and all her other friends deserted her.

Then that final confrontation came.

After Peter realized he couldn't manipulate her emotions anymore (What Peter?? She wasn't flattered that you would give up your JOB for her?!?) he had the audacity to lash out at her regarding Will? His true colors revealed themselves in that moment, and all I can say is good-bye and good riddance.

If that final scene between Cary and Peter is any indication, though, things are gonna start getting ugly not just in the personal life but in the professional as well.

Speaking of Cary, he's a lousy interview. You basically beg for an opportunity to come back and then you balk in their faces at the offer? I like Cary, but think he's got a massive ego problem, and his rivalry with Alicia isn't doing anything to help it. Time to let it go, Mr. Agos.

I do not like Jackie. Even her "compliments" are backhanded insults. "I've come to appreciate…aspects of you." Her meddling has just gotten to be too much, and I was proud of Alicia for standing up to her, especially for not responding in kind to her curse (although you know she wanted to). Personally, she's a character I'd like to see packed up and sent back to whatever WASP-y hive in suburbia she emerged from.

The case they were working involving the liver donor was almost a side attraction to the force that was Patty Nyholm. Turning right around and hiring L&G seconds after going toe-to-toe with Alicia before a judge? That was fantastic.

Martha Plimpton makes me laugh every time she shows up, especially with the various ways she uses her baby to her advantage. (Using the baby monitor to leak sensitive information was pretty smooth.) She was a nice distraction from the tension in Alicia's situation, not to mention the patient's desperate situation and heartrending plea to Alicia "I don't want to die."

I love that Alicia and Eli get along so well. He treats her with so much respect. In fact, he's about the only one who does anymore, Will and Diane aside. Wouldn't it be delicious to find Eli siding with Alicia and telling Peter where he can go?

I'm not going to speculate on what is to come anymore than I already have. Suffice it to say I'm enjoying where the show is heading and am looking forward to a splendid season finale that will hopefully knock my socks off even more than this episode did.


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Now that the season is coming to an end serious thoughts should be for CBS to either cancel or rename the show. It can't go on with the same old dialog as THE GOOD WIFE, it started out as one but is ending with pure frankness to what this was all about. Maybe they can move to afternoons in place of the soap operas that are being canceled after all these years, the story lines are simular and would keep the viewers entertained with intrige of who is sleeping with who. In this day and age when morality has been thrown out the window what the hell, nobody today seem to be taking marriage seriouely anymore just jump in the sack thats good enough.


I totally agree with you @ Melissa. And @Rhonda, I'm also a married woman (10 years) with children, and my parents divorced when I was young. You just have an opinion, we may not have the same as yours (and I do understand both Alicia's position and her children's one), and still it doesn't mean it's a bad one.
@DW My point was just to say that Cary was not insulting by L&G. He can think that it is unfair, ok, but come on ... insulting is something else.
I love this show ;-)


DW you are right on with the Cary role, if anybody had an ax to grind it is him. He was thrown out because Will liked Alicia and Dianne liked Eli's business Will also, then with all this crap they are trying to offer him as a second yr assoc with benefits is down right insulting. He has alot more than 2 yrs and may be over 3 yrs of experience than Alicia, don't forget she really never got into the game until this happened where Cary worked in some law business after college and has alot more to offer.
Lockhart & Gardiner and still playing the unethical backstabbing way of doing business. No wonder the writers keep swaying the story line away from the real title.


@Emma-Cary is surely no one is on this show. All the characters have good and bad traits and are morally and ethically challenged. It's part of what makes the show great. Cary actually has more ethics than most of the others as shown by Diane asking if he could "come back over to the darkside". Anyone who has had done to them what Alicia & L-G did to Cary about the job last year will relate and defend Cary. I see this all the time at work and Cary's reactions are both understandable and justified. He shouldn't just roll-over for Alicia or L.G. Great show huh?


@Ronda, I fully agree that this is a fictional show. We need to remember that the writers are going to come up with plot points to make the drama more exciting. So in real life, would Alicia have glossed over finding out about the Kalinda thing in the name of giving him a 2nd chance? Maybe, maybe not. But I think that, like someone else said, it was more the straw that broke the camels back. I think she is not sure if she is in love with him anymore and is feeling hurt and betrayed. So maybe she truly did intend to give him a 2nd chance, and as time went on, felt her feelings had changed. Who knows? But I don't think that you can universally assume that her children will hate Will (after all, I can't remember a scene in which they have met him, have they?). I would hope that they are old enough to understand that both parties may have contributed to a breakup and their parents deserve happiness, even if it may not be with each other. I acknowledge that this is an optimistic view, but what I am trying to say is that I don't think her children are naive enough to think that it is all Alicia's fault that their parents separated. They know their father's contributions also.


Yes I do, when you give somebody a 2nd chance that doesn't mean take it back because another part of the puzzle comes up from the past. Knowing deep down you want to bury it and move on, but by playing the NO card to everything is a tip off that you are hiding something also. If there still is a spark just sit down and put all the cards on the table from both parties and stop making excuses back and forth.
Either way you are both making a mountain that will litterly tear you all apart for the world to see and hear and destroy you both. I know this is fictional but in this day and age young people tend to see this as real life, that is why there are so manny single mothers between 30 to 45 yrs old today.
Most of this comes from going back to work after having children and forgetting the home front which causes manny problems because they didn't take time to sit down and work out a working schedule for both parties. Plus to make sure you both know your priorities of what is number one, family first work second and stick to it no matter what. PS I am an older woman married for over 40yrs with one child and a great husband who agrees with this, have worked all but 3 months after child birth and have no regrets and total honesty.


@Ronda, Yes, I am a mother of 2 and happily married for almost 10 years. My point is that marriages are complicated and your children are inevitably not going to know everything that happens between you and your spouse. Which is ok. I think, as annoying as most of us think her children are on the show, they are old enough to understand and hopefully want their mother to be happy. Alicia is a smart woman. She is not going to go parading around a relationship that is sensitive. She will hopefully take her childrens best interest at heart. But just because she is a mother does not mean that she forfeits her right to having some happiness in her life. I agree that she needs to take her childrens concerns seriously. But Peter certainly didn't when he cheated on her, and you still defend him. So why is Alicia subject to different standards?


@Melissa- I presume your not a mother by the way you say she doesn't have to defend her being attracted to someone, I disagree you can't go on with any relationships with teenage children wondering if you were the cause and they don't like the person. It will cause a major backlass with them and complete heart break to you, bekieve me I have seen it close hand from a friend who did the same thing and is suffering badly from it that has cause alot of serious problems.
As for dating after seperation I believe it is inappropiataly wrong till after the divorce, major complications from family and friends plus co-workers can destroy your self-esteem.


oke, I'm in. I thought Jeffrey Kirkpatrick was a women before when I read this review. why? because he wanted easy about Cary's feeling. I'm man I think what Cary's doing, is great. He broke when L/G took Alicia, just because Alicia had great connections with big peoples. I'm man, so I think I need something more to deal with that fact. so, I like Cary, He's really exist in this world, in reality. Maybe Alica's smarter than him but He knows how to play. I love Alicia, I like this show. The writer's great, they're smart. they dont put so much drama in this show because of that, I'm really enjoying to watch what Alicia's doing in her life. I know peter, he will bring alicia back to him with using her feeling about kids and family. Peter wont ever have Alicia's heart again but They will never divorced, if that happens, Good Wife's ended. Alicia's smart, sometimes, we dont like what she does in her romances but in the end, we will understand and adore her more than before.


@ Ronda-I really don't think Alicia needs to defend being attracted to someone else to her children. Despite wanting to, she never slept with Will. And if she chooses to date him AFTER they are separated, then there is nothing wrong with that. Did Peter defend his dalliances with multiple other women to his children? I highly doubt it. Why is there such a double standard with the way that Alicia needs to act in regards to her children but not Peter?

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Patient: Thank you.
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