The Good Wife Review: All Alicia Breaks Loose

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I can sum up my thoughts on "In Sickness," with one statement: Julianna Margulies just won herself an Emmy.

I was so captivated by her performance, that I have a difficult time really putting into words how I felt about it. She's always been great, but tonight she went from great to absolutely spectacular.

Alicia F. Pic

I loved the montage of her packing up Peter's belongings and then getting herself primped and primed for court, all set to the music blaring from her son's iPod.

The only thing that could have made all that better would have been to have a Waiting To Exhale moment with Alicia stuffing his things into his car and setting it on fire and then walking away, leaving it burning behind her.

A victim no more, Alicia is finally taking control and looks fabulous doing it.

How heartbreaking was the scene between Alicia and her children as she struggled to explain the situation between she and Peter without unnecessarily giving them the sordid details?

When Grace spoke through tears "You need to protect us more" and Alicia collapsed into sobbing, I was nearly right there with her.

At the time, I did find it a little ironic that Alicia was trying to explain to the kids that sometimes when something could hurt the family it's ok to not tell the whole truth, yet she's angry with Peter because he didn't tell her about Kalinda.

My first thought was maybe he really was trying to protect her feelings, since this was the first true friend she had made since the scandal first broke and all her other friends deserted her.

Then that final confrontation came.

After Peter realized he couldn't manipulate her emotions anymore (What Peter?? She wasn't flattered that you would give up your JOB for her?!?) he had the audacity to lash out at her regarding Will? His true colors revealed themselves in that moment, and all I can say is good-bye and good riddance.

If that final scene between Cary and Peter is any indication, though, things are gonna start getting ugly not just in the personal life but in the professional as well.

Speaking of Cary, he's a lousy interview. You basically beg for an opportunity to come back and then you balk in their faces at the offer? I like Cary, but think he's got a massive ego problem, and his rivalry with Alicia isn't doing anything to help it. Time to let it go, Mr. Agos.

I do not like Jackie. Even her "compliments" are backhanded insults. "I've come to appreciate…aspects of you." Her meddling has just gotten to be too much, and I was proud of Alicia for standing up to her, especially for not responding in kind to her curse (although you know she wanted to). Personally, she's a character I'd like to see packed up and sent back to whatever WASP-y hive in suburbia she emerged from.

The case they were working involving the liver donor was almost a side attraction to the force that was Patty Nyholm. Turning right around and hiring L&G seconds after going toe-to-toe with Alicia before a judge? That was fantastic.

Martha Plimpton makes me laugh every time she shows up, especially with the various ways she uses her baby to her advantage. (Using the baby monitor to leak sensitive information was pretty smooth.) She was a nice distraction from the tension in Alicia's situation, not to mention the patient's desperate situation and heartrending plea to Alicia "I don't want to die."

I love that Alicia and Eli get along so well. He treats her with so much respect. In fact, he's about the only one who does anymore, Will and Diane aside. Wouldn't it be delicious to find Eli siding with Alicia and telling Peter where he can go?

I'm not going to speculate on what is to come anymore than I already have. Suffice it to say I'm enjoying where the show is heading and am looking forward to a splendid season finale that will hopefully knock my socks off even more than this episode did.


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I'm concerned for Alicia. Although Eli is friendly now, he's the one with the ammo. He knows about Will's message. His job is to protect Peter.


Diane and Will offer to Cary was laughable. It wasn't just professionally unacceptable, because they pretended that he should lose an entire year of job at SA like it was nothing. But it could also turn out to be a big mistake. The second one. Cary's not just one of the people they fired, he's was a great pain in the ass for them at S.A.. Probably they thought he had no chances with Peter so they felt they could offer him a lower position but, ops, it looks like he'll continue to be a pain in the ass for them, more now than ever. And I can't say I feel sorry for them.
And Cary was fired "because of Alicia", because she followed Diane's advice and used her connections (Eli) to get the job. I don't blame her but I also don't blame Cary if he wants to be sure that it won't happen anymore.


I think Julianna M's performance was one of the best ever. It was not so much about what she said but the manner for which she presented a great range of complicated emotions. When she gazed over at Kalinda while she was in the emergency court session in the hospital, there was a momentary loss of focus. One could only guess what was going through her mind. After reading some of the other comments surrounding this episode, I think that in real life even if a person was faced with similar circumstances and they opted to give their cheating spouse a second chance that there would be limits to this. One of course would be 100% disclosure so that they could work through everything and move forward. Someone expressed displeasure at Alicia giving up on her marriage but the truth is, Peter had done this all by himself long ago. One person can not do the work of two in any relationship. He got (finally) what he deserved. I think the entire cast of "The Good Wife" are incredibly talented actors. I can't wait to see the confrontation next week between Kalinda and Alicia. I will miss them as friends and have suspected that Alicia was one of the few people Kalinda ever let her hair down with. Can they somehow mend? If this was friendship was in real life, I somehow doubt it.


What an episode! I LOVED how Alicia packed Peter's stuff with care and moved it into his new apartment. She even paid 3 months rent. Even in her anger, hurt and disgust, she has treated him with more respect than he's treated her, their children and their marriage. I could not believe he had the nerve, and even thought he had the right, to attempt to blame her decision on her feelings towards Will. I wish she would have blatantly said she didn't sleep with Will but I understood that she probably felt like she didn't have to. I agree with the review. Peter showed his true colors -- he's an A$$! Not sure what the angle will be with Cary, Peter and Alicia but if the writers intend to keep the love triangle going Peter should use the information against Will -- not Alicia. If he uses it against Alicia, then I can't see why she wouldn't divorce him immediately! We'll see how that plays out. I like Cary, a lot, but his whining about Alicia has become VERY annoying. He's made a new career at the State Attorney's office and if he didn't like the offer L&G made him, he did the right thing by speaking to Peter to ensure his future. He's holding a grudge against Alicia for something she didn't do and has no control over and it's childish and stupid at this point. Cary, please grow up. Writers, please develop him beyond the character out to get Alicia. He has so much potential!!! Jackie is a very disrespectful b*tch. No wonder her son is such a jerk. Glad Alicia remained calm and collected as that is the grandmother of her children. But boy, she got under my skin. LOVE Alicia and Eli's relationship. I think it's great that he respects her beyond being "the candidate's wife." It would be great if they became friends and he gave Peter a dose of reality on Alicia's behalf.


As you can see i'm from the old school and the name of The Good Wife never fit the show, from day one there has been no real communication between Alicia and Peter. Right from the get go she should have divorced him and moved on with her life, instead we have been put through 2 seasons of one big lie from all concerned.
I noticed alot of people think Julianna Margulies! Most deserving of an emmy, I disagree a couple of scenes where she finnally does something beside sit there and let people run all over her with hardly a line isn't Emmy material.
Finally the big question is will there be another season or be chopped by CBS, there are 2 shows on the hot list to go and TGW is in jeaperty. To go on with the title and things falling apart doesn't give us much action towards moving on in the TGW mode.


I totally agree with you! Julianna Marguiles deserve an Emmy.. The scene where she packed peter's stuff and took Zack's iPod was perfect. I was waiting for seeing something more about Alicia and Will in this episode but I guess we will have to let the things calm down... And Alicia has to confront Kalinda yet...
About Peter I have always known he was a jerk so... He deserve it!! Even more I would have been glad if she had burnt all his things as you say.
And Cary, are you kidding me? Get it over!! Ok, you're the bad guy but at least you had style...
Can't wait to see next episode, this show is absolutely amazing.


They could've called this episode, "Men With Chips (on shoulders)." Peter - well, now we know who you are when your swarmy overtures come up empty and unmoving. The real Peter comes out, son of his nasty mom Jackie, a down-putting jerk who really sees himself as a 'victim' on par with what he'd done to Alicia. But what makes it even better is that Alicia is guilty, not of adultery per se, but of thinking about it - and it isn't lost on her. The way this show navigates how compromising real relationships can be is truly admirable. And Martha Plimpton was the perfect escape valve for all this intensity. I've loved her since she was a kid starring in "Hotel New Hampshire."
Of course, I'm looking forward to the confrontation between Alicia and Kalinda - these two actors in top form. I've liked their friendship, and would want them to find some way to mend, but man, I just don't see it. I thank my coworker for turning me on to this show. It really is the best show network TV has running right now.


I was left saying wow, just plain wow. I didn't agree with alicia staying with Peter but I understood it and thought he had changed. I wanted smack him for the way he spoke to her after all that he had done to her up to this point. Besides Alicia the person I feel terrible for is Kalinda. Cary & Peter teaming up will be interesting. Loved how they handled Eli & Alicia too. Just one of the best performances I have ever had the pleasure to watch.


What a performance by Julianna Margulies! Most deserving of an emmy. I think her only true friend, who understands her, is Eli. I have grown to like him and the character that he plays. And, so glad that she finally told Peter's mother to take a hike, but she did thank her for helping when it was really needed. You know, marriage should be a life long committment (I've been married 40 yrs) but if my husband cheated on me like Peter did, which was a public humiliation for Alicia and her entire family, I'm not sure I could or would have taken him back ever. He knew all along that she could possibly find out about Kalinda. I'm eager to see how the relationship between Kalinda and Alicia plays out. Keeping the indiscretion a secret was not a good idea. I'm glad she threw him out, enough is enough. Can't wait to see the next couple of episodes and wonder what the season finale will bring. I just love this show!!


I was truly rooting for Peter until this episode. I was hoping that Alicia would reconsider kicking him out when he came to her apartment, but when he turned on her, I saw a different side of him. I agree that the middle of the night apartment search and moving really stretched credulity. And, she went to court the next day having been up all night while enduring emotional devastation?! That's just too, too much to accept.

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Patient: Thank you.
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