The Mentalist Creator Asks: Was That Red John?

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If it didn't air the best season finale last week, it almost definitely delivered the most memorable scene:

To conclude the final 2010-2011 season of The Mentalist, Patrick Jane confronted the man who murdered his family (played eerily well, in an unexpected cameo, by Bradley Whitford) and shot Red John dead in front of multiple witnesses.

Or did he?

Is That Red John?

In his first interview since the finale, The Mentalist creator Bruno Heller told Entertainment Weekly that all may not have been what it appeared in that final few moments.

"The question remains: Was that Red John?" Heller asks. "The viewer is supposed to be convinced. Patrick Jane is certain it’s Red John. Some people are not so certain. Thing is, Red John is a master of the mind game. If Red John wanted to die, maybe this is how he wanted to die. Or maybe he just wants Jane to think he’s dead."

Even if that was Red John, Heller says we'll see the "beginning of a whole different story," as Jane wrestles with killing his greatest enemy. For more from the creator, read his complete interview with EW.


Red John was sitting right next to one of his lackeys (Bradley Whitford). He wanted to see Patrick's face, when he finds out Lisbon has been killed. In the overhead shot of the mall seating area you see that only one table is in the solid red circle formed by the floor tiles. One man sitting at the table (wearing a red sweater) as soon as Lisbon tells the false Red John that his plan failed he warns Red John by using a pre-arrainged phrase. Red John stands and walks away, then Patrick confronts the false Red John and kills him.


this another trick by RJ. he played jane into killing a not-so-innocent man, but definitely not red john. this is red john winning another round of their perverse mind game. i smell a cult-political organization behind the red john plotline


I think it could be RJ just because Red John is a showman first and foremost - this would be the best way to go out - quite literally - with a bang. This is the way he would have wanted it. I think...


this wasn't red john. red john is the former head of cbi virgil minelli. in one episode red john was talking to jayne on the telephone. he sounded the same as virgil minelli. would be the perfect person to be him. having jayne right by his side in the beginning, watching him suffer and not knowing that red john was right there beside him all the time.


I don't think that was Red John. RJ likes to make a scene ( leaving bloody smiley faces on the wall), this is definately not the way he would want to show himself to Jayne. I believe RJ's plan has worked as now Jayne has killed an innocent man, will go to prison and everyone will think RJ is dead.


I don't believe that this is the end of the Red John plotline


This episode had me on the edge of my seat all of the way through. I did not even think that might not be red john.


That last scene was so enthralling that I didn't even stop to think that it wasn't Red John. The whole 'I'm not the devil' thing was so perfect, and although I'd never imagined Red John being like that I loved it. But I think I'd love another twist just as much. It's now going to drive me crazy until next season. Amazing finale, just perfect.

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