The Mentalist Season Finale Preview: Welcome, Red John

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The season finale of The Mentalist will be both sweet and scary.

First, the sweet: Look for Lisbon to show off her bridesmaid dress for Van Pelt's upcoming wedding.

Now, the scary: Patrick Jane will come face-to-face with Red John. It will be a confrontation like we've never seen before. What else do you even need to know in order to tune in? Get an early glimpse at the episode below:

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I loved the season finale! I was on the edge the entire episode. I'm glad that Red John was not someone we've seen before... and also that they wrapped up the Red John story. I was satisfied with the closure... and really enjoyed the episode. Looking forward to the fall!


I literally hate the Red John storyline. The script will probably have an inconclusive plot.


** as per my prior comment, I might be thinking of Director Bertram?? Whoever the guy was that worked with the team and quoted a poem in a fairly recent episode.


I think Red John is connected in some way to Grace Van Pelt's fiancee (maybe he is Red John or Red John's son ??) and/or that her fiancee will get killed in the finale. I really doubt she will get married to him because we all know she truly loves Rigsby. I also thought that their former boss, Virgil Minelli (not sure if that is the correct name) might be Red John because he had access to everything and left abruptly, and the real clue was when he quoted a poem out of the blue in one episode. But, I thought I read recently that ed John will be portrayed by a special guest star so that implies that we have not seen the person yet. So confusing -- I hate the suspense! I prefer to know who it is and then watch how it all plays out. I sure hope we are not left still guessing all summer who Red John really is and what happens to the main team members.


I love it how they always leave Red John for the season finales. I haven't really enjoyed the last couple of episodes so I hope this is worth the wait.

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