The Mentalist Season Finale Spoiler: Jane vs. John!

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The Mentalist will air a two-hour season finale on May 19. But the exciting news doesn't stop there.

According to producer Ashley Gable, the episode "changes everything." In what way?

"There is a confrontation between Jane and Red John like we've never seen before," she tells TV Guide, adding that Red John's mole in the CBI will be revealed.

And Gable should have a pretty clear idea of what happens, too: she penned the first hour of the finale.

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Did you the loyal fans notice...when Hightower
escaped the Director quoted to Lisbon and the chubby guy a poem by........?
The SAME POET as the one RED JOHN quoted to Jane. Also it was the Director Gayle Bertram that told Lisbon and the others that Hightower was having the affair with the young agent that was killed.


To me, this was a great ending and perfect way to begin a new season. Great work CBS! Great work actors! The best show on tv!


you know what? I was really glued to the chair facing my computer,but the ending left me like,"there's something missing,it doesn't ring true" No emotion,no firecrackers,no knots tied up,empty. Hope there's going to be more seasons,because the ending was just a waist of wonderful characters played by very good actors. They absolutely must be in next season,otherwise it will ne a letdown


Fourth season has already been confirmed. People need to learn to use search engines


There has to be another season. They have only caught one of the moles in the CBI and we have to see how Patrick's hiring of an actor to fake Red John's death, will actually draw Red John out into the open. You do know better than to take these things at face value, don't you?


I hope that this was not the last season. I thought it was a great finale to the end of red john. I don't think that his death should be the end of the show though. If anyone gets an update as to whether or not they are going to go on with the show please post. A die hard fan!


Well, after reading several things and seeing some pictures a couple of months ago,Plus just being a real fanatic of this person, I KNOW who will be playing the part of Red John in the season finale... BUT don't want to spoil it for you..ONLY 24 hours until we all will know!


please make s04 please?


Somehow I think Lisbon will be the mole and Red John ''herself'' ..


like Pat put it above, my money is Craig O'Laughlin as the mole,BUT.... on the other hand, How could he be since HE is with the FBI and not the CBI? It's interesting, I'll be waiting the episode. By the way, Gale Bertram has something to do there too, Perhaps, RED JOHN is in fact O'Laughlin and Bertram is the mole. We'll see...

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