The Mentalist Season Finale Spoiler: Jane vs. John!

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The Mentalist will air a two-hour season finale on May 19. But the exciting news doesn't stop there.

According to producer Ashley Gable, the episode "changes everything." In what way?

"There is a confrontation between Jane and Red John like we've never seen before," she tells TV Guide, adding that Red John's mole in the CBI will be revealed.

And Gable should have a pretty clear idea of what happens, too: she penned the first hour of the finale.

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i cannot wait for the finale!!!!! All i gotta say is there better be a bunch more seasons after this... like someone said,"We really don't need RJ to have a good show." & hey, we have survived up to this much with not as much RJ. Basically, as long as all the CBI team members are still signed on to do another season!!!


I know who the mole is...clue: he is the boyfriend(fiance) of one of the cops!


What i like best is when jane helps people or gives them a lot of money by a surprise at the end of the show

Blair lover

do you think there will be s04 or not ?? i hope so


I hope that we will all be reasonably satisfied to see an end to this "mole" thing. Now that Lisbon knows about it, she might be able to help Jane find out and it will lead to this confrontation with Red John. Is this a final one, we'll see but it's for sure there will several more seasons and we don't really need R.J. to have a good show, just good writers and the expertise of Simon Baker.


Yay! I'm really glad to hear there'll be at least 3 more seasons. I don't like it when most of the shows I watch all end by the first or second season.




well it is simon baker has been sighned for like three more seasons! so we can look forward to at least that much longer with patrick jane and the wonderful cbi team members!


This rather sounds like The Mentalist is counting on being back next season, even though I don't think there's been any official word...that's exciting!

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