The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: "Moving In and Out"

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Another week on Secret life and another flurry of drama. In "Moving In and Out" it seems everyone is against Amy's decision to move in with Ricky, particularly her miserable sister Ashley. Quite frankly, why does Ashley even care?

Ashley's not exactly fond of her sister so why is she suddenly so concerned about her moving out? I'd like to believe that it's not out of jealousy, that maybe there is some real concern there, but only time will tell. Besides, it looks like Ricky and Amy are wavering on the decision anyway so that should quell everyone's discontent for a bit.

How Adrian Rolls

I'm fairly sure I tuned out during some parts of the show since it's turned into a major whine-fest. It's the same old drama, can't anyone actually speak their mind? Thankfully Amy finally found her voice and was able to stand up to her family. However, tonight's champ in the cajones department belongs to Adrian.

Even though her complaints are semi-ridiculous "I used to be the sexiest girl in this high school and I don't know if I am anymore" at least she's honest and funny. She's never been afraid to show who she is. And even though it was mean, she straight up owned Amy in their fight by the cars.

That's what teenage girls are really like. They are catty and competitive. Friends one minute, enemies the next.

They are not, in my opinion, like Madison who begs her boyfriend to go to church because she heard people with "the spirit in them have crazy sex." What? Where are some of these lines pulled from. I hate to be so negative, but sometimes it's all just too much.

Maybe it's because I watched Secret Life after I watched Gossip Girl tonight, but I'd like to pause and chat about all of these young marriage storylines. Regarding Secret Life, these kids need to pump the mother-effing brakes, take a beat, and evaluate. You're in high school.

I've acknowledged that this show is just a PSA with a longer script and at times it's even enjoyable and intriguing, but writers- you must inject some form of realism if you want your audience to remain invested. Yes, Secret Life has had a long run but if it doesn't shake up its stories I don't see it holding it's viewership.

Do these kids go to class? Do they worry about assignments and papers and tests? What about college? It seems like everyone is whiny about it when realistically it's an amazing privilege. High school kids play sports, are involved in clubs, go to parties, drink beers, hook up with different people (not always involving sex), they are young and exploring, not everything is a big obsessive, analytical process.

Until this show is wiling to acknowledge that teens have OTHER interests than just obsessing about sex, it's not going to be taken that seriously. Deliver a realistic message. If you want to talk about the "secret" life of teenagers then writers PLEASE talk about all aspects of that life.


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it seems like they are trying to slowly move away from the whole sex plot, finally. This show has very great potential and I hope the writers start throwing in more high school based things. I've been watching secret life since episode 1 and I've yet to see the teens go to a hardcore high school party where there's drinking and fights and dancing. I guess though that it is probably on abc FAMILY but I still like the show


this show is COMPLETELY STUPID! except the interactions between Amy & Ricky, those are always good. I wish everyone would CHILL the EFF out about sex. And why is it okay for Ben & Adrian to be happy, but Amy & Ricky can't be happy. Why did he look so sad after Amy left? GAAAAH this show is annoying!!!


I am AMAZED at the sex obsession for primetime,not only are the high schoolers obsessed, but so are the parents. Poor George, he is on the prowl for anyone in a skirt. I am the mother of two college age students and in high school my children were involved in band, track, cross country, tennis, golf, choir, to name a few activities and they had social lives that did not revolve around sex. We had conversations about sex, but not every waking second. These characters are not role models for the high school viewers. I am not sure I know many teenagers who think getting married and having a baby is ok. No one is trying to go to college and no parent is pushing anyone to do better. The reviewer is correct- the writers need to be more realistic and create some characters and storylines that can make a difference. Bottom line, kids are going to think about sex and they are going to have sex, but they need to find other interests in their life-otherwise they will only become baby machines.


I sooo completely agree with you. This show is so unrealistic.. I mean the storylines they be coming up with are ridiculous. Smh i stop watching the show for that reason. I just come here to see what went on because i would like a reason to watch it but its the same old mess. And they really need to stop repeating storylines!

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