The Vampire Diaries Season Finale Review: The Choices We Make...

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It was all about choice on the season finale of The Vampire Diaries.

While Damon's fate was never really a question this week - yes, this show kills off more characters than any other on TV, but the odds of Damon dying are lower than Lindsay Lohan turning down a drink - we were left to wonder just how the brooding, sarcastic Salvatore would be saved.

And the answer was an exchange I never saw coming, just one of many choices that highlighted "As I Lay Dying." Let's review them all, along with their consequences...

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Stefan trades a sibling for a soul. Might as well start with the biggest of them all, right? The series gave us a glimpse into Stefan's dark past on "The Dinner Party," but I never dreamed we'd see that side to him again. Remember his conversation with Elena on that episode?

Elena: He described you as a monster.
Stefan: That's what I was.

And that's what he now is again. It was shocking to see Paul Wesley with blood tricking down his mouth this week, a sight only made more disturbing by the faint smile on Stefan's lips as he embraced the beast that had been bottled up for so long.

A noble act to save his brother? Perhaps. But Katherine pointed out the other side to that seemingly benevolent coin upon delivering the cure to Damon: didn't Stefan also abandon Elena by doing so? And how many innocent lives, starting with that girl Klaus served up, will now die as a result of Stefan's decision?

No matter how much you love Damon, you have to wonder: is his life really worth all that?

Damon chooses to accept his fate. Oh, the cruel irony. Just as Stefan was paying the ultimate price for what he deemed to be his ultimate mistake - turning his brother - Damon was realizing that he has no one to blame but himself for the events in 1864.

He was manipulated by Katherine back then, he made the decision to love her anyway and it was that triangle which sealed his and Stefan's future. An amazing job, as always, by Ian Somerhalder, bringing every painful emotion to the forefront as Damon lay dying.

Elena plants one on Damon. Because he was literally on his death bed? Out of pity? True feelings? Only she knows for sure. Actually, she probably doesn't.

Bonnie decides to save Jeremy. My biggest problem with the show is how it has occasionally used Bonnie's powers as a crutch. There seems to be a spell for every scenario, as we witnessed last week when she suddenly discovered a way to save Elena.

But, wow, it's hard to complain too much when the spell results in such a What-the-Hell-just-happened-and-what-could-it-possibly-mean development as we saw to conclude this finale. Jeremy sees dead people?!? Are Anna and Vicki actually alive again? Are they merely visions? Will they be joined by others?

Caroline's mother accepts her daughter, fangs and all. A nice family moment here, and one that also leaves the door open to storylines on season three. Will Liz now use the power of her position to defend the supernatural beings in Mystic Falls?

A few more observations from an incredible final episode:

  • Jeremy has now died twice. Might he eventually be revealed as a cat? Seven more lives to go, buddy.
  • You've gotta love the spirit in Mystic Falls. The only busier people than the vampires in this town must be the costume shop owners.
  • RIP, Elijah. Probably. We think. As we've seen, it takes A LOT to kill this guy.
  • Will Alaric adopt Elena and Jeremy? There was definitely a fatherly vibe to the way he cared for the latter.

So, the only piece of good news following such a riveting finale? We have plenty of time to discuss it before a new episode airs. Do so now in the Comments section and/or our Vampire Diaries forum!


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To Holly:
I thought that maybe he was turned into a Vampire but he was dead and wasn't drinking the blood.
Maybe I am wrong though. Caroline did put his mouth to it and so it was in his mouth but I don't think it was circulating around. I think he is going to feel weird by seeing all these dead people. Julie Ples was right though when she said even though you kill someone off, in the VD there is ALWAYS a way to bring them back. God I hope they bring Jenna back! How fun would that be for her to haunt him.


I just had an epiphany!
Basically, you see how when bonnie was trying to bring back jeremy and she was begging emily to do it for her and then said something along the lines of "please, i love him" or something like that... and then emily said there would be consequences.. then jeremy's two ex gfs come back somehow and heres the thing.. i think the consequence is that the dead witches are bringing back to life the dead people that jeremy loved because bonnie brought back the person that she loved.. i dunno if im making sense but yeahh- thrilling stuff :D


Amazing episode, really! Anna's back? thank you! Jeremy didn't die! We'1l get to see a different side of stefan....that's great. Really! It shows character deepth, I was so tired of old,poor St.Stefan. I was so glad that he admitted it was his own fault! And how he said elena would like himback in 1864...ah It shows how much being a vampire, and all the things he'd been through had changed him. I also loved how elena said she liked him just the way he is! even if he does bad things, he's a good guy deep inside. The episodes don't lie XD ( he killed, but he also saved lots of people. Liz, for example. He could've killed her twice, but he didn't♥). elena kiss! I loved it, of course. But I liked it also because they din't make it clear why Elena did it. AS the review said, maybe elena herself didn't know. She might be finally accepting that she has feelings for damon. And let's face it, if she didn't what would be the fun in it? A love triangle woudn't survive that! lol ( And well, in my opinion, I'd love if she and Damon got together, their chemistry and understandment are too much to ignore. I don't feel any of that when she's with Stefan....)


Can anybody sort of tell me if Bonnie brought back herself and Jeremy back from the dead, why could n't she would have done the same with Elena, I mean there was so much tension and then Damon fed her blood and John had to die.How can Jeremy be alive now and noone is dead in his place?


Yeah Stefan abandoned Elena for to save Damon, but he`s his brother and I believe Klaus said it was for 10 years. So if Elena and him are meant to be together than in 10 years they will find a way back to each other. I can`t help but wish that the show jumps ahead to when Stefan is free of Klaus and how his return effects everyone`s lives.

Amy jackey

I knew last week when i saw a picture of damon standing in the sun that he was trying to kill hisself and I was right. I also was right that klaus was going to backstab his brother. I was pissed off when caroline's mom shot jeremy. I'm mad that stefan is bad again. Hope next season they can find another way to kill klaus


Do you remember in the second series of books where Stefan was captured by those fox brothers and sisters, and imprisoned in that tower/prison. Elena,Damon and Bonnie had to find him. Season 3 perhaps?


This was the worst episode of VD yet. Elena kissing Damon out of pitty? What the hell was that all about? So forced and so stupid. Also, I hated the fact that Stefan again put himself in a stupid situation to save his stupid brother, that doesn't deserve it at all. Elena belongs with Stefan and has no business kissing and having feelings for Damon.
If Stefan becomes the bad vampire next season and Damon the good one, I won't be watching this show again, cause it won't make any sense at all. Such a dissapointing finale.


As for Damon Death Bed Remarks to Elena concerning Stefan, Damon did choose Kat, Stefan did not make him, however, the issue was DEEPER, Damon did not choose to be a VAMPIRE, Stefan Loved Damon so Much, He could not see a Life of Eternity without His Bro Damon, thus He forced Damon to be a Vampire! Damon Hated Stefan, Torchered Stefan over the Years, However, Damon has Never stopped Loving His Brother either!!! Damon & Stefan~~~They are the BEST Bros EVER!!! I see a DAMON~~~ELENA and maybe a Stefan & Kat~~~somewhere down the road~~~However, let the road be LONG, I want MANY MORE SEASONS of VAMPIRE DIARIES~~~~it's the GREATEST SERIES EVER!!!


AWESOME AMAZING EPIC~~~~So PERFECT that they chose the BIGGEST EPIC of ALL TIMES: GONE WITH THE WIND~~~VAMPIRE DIARIES is the EPIC TV SERIES~~~BEST ONE EVER!!!! LOVE the DAMON & ELENA MOMENTS! It was REAL~~~ELENA wanted to KISS DAMON, Damon is her TRUE LOVE~~~She just hasn't figured that Out YET!!! Kat gave Elena something to think about!!! DELENA is COMING~~~SLOW is GOOD, TRUE LOVE does not Happen overnight~~~the Stefan and Elena was like a FAIRYTALE~~~just don't Happen, Pain, Suffering, FIRE & PASSION makes for REAL LOVE~~~NO ONE does that BETTER than DAMON & ELENA!!!! It was RHETT & SCARLOTT in GWTW, DELENA is the MODERN LOVE STORY! STEFAN loves Damon as Damon Loves Stefan, he did what he did for several reasons: Yes, the Love of his brother, but also, this BAD side (EVIL) Stefan has always been Hidden deep inside, As Klaus reminded Stef, Remember that whole town U WIPED OUT back in 1917 Stefan? That is the Stefan I Want Back! Deep down, Stefan Loves being BAD, he fought it for so Long, saving Damon gave him a Chance to RIGHT A WRONG He did in 1864 to Damon, to clear his Guilt of that! The Other reason he chose to go with KLAUS is because Stefan LOVES the Adventure and the BLOOD~~~He can use Damon as the MAIN REASON, and get to be EVIL! I think a 3rd reason Stefan made his Choice was because of KAT, deep down inside, He is still in LOVE with KAT, just as She really does LOVE Stefan! Stefan wanted to be close to Kat, perhaps to protect her and to sort out his feelings for her! Damon & Elena were just BEAUTIFUL!!! IAN, NINA & PAUL are My FAVORITES!!! One Last thing~~~Kev & Julie really Threw a Big One in there at the END~~~Really unexpected: Yes, Jer dies again and is brought back, However in Jer's own words~~~I FEEL different!!! ? Then during the night he Wakes up from deep sleep, seeing a SHADOW in the Hall~~~~calling out, going down stairs~~~and OMG~~~Not ONE BUT TWO of His Past DEAD GIRL FRIENDS , ONE in Front, the Other Behind HIM????!!! Ehat is UP with This??? Thanks that Kev & Julie have found a way to keep Steven McQueen in the series, Finally Jeremy will have a REAL Story!!! Just think people, Bonnie is a WITCH, and Now here is Vicki and Anna back from the Dead, or GHOSTS? Will Jer Special Powers be seeing DEAD PEOPLE and talking with them? That means he can go back to 1861-1864 period, we can see many Dead People that have Lived in MYSTIC FALLS! Kev & Julie~~~U Guys are the BEST~~~Dark Shadows was my Favorite VAMPIRE, Ghost, Witch, etc series, but U have Made VD the GREATEST SERIES EVER! What an EPIC!

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